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[I]s it fear that if we do not sing and praise and build countless temples in their names, they will cease to exist?

The Legend of Sheba, Tosca Lee

Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, American Gods - The Secret of Spoons (S01E02)

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

hey whats up mikeyway how u doin u noodle legged motherfucker?

um hi patrick

ya so i heard ur with pete?? whats that abt huh u kno petes mine u lil bitch

patrick dude chill. me and mikey arent a thing what r u doin

bullshit gerard and i are buds he tells me everything

gee wtf

i cna explain

srsly mikeyway stay after from my bf

dude patrick srsly stop mikey and i havent fucked in seven - ten. ten years

lol i knew it frank owes me ten bucks

dude gerard get off the phone also say sorry to mikey, patrick

im sorry mikey

it’s ok patrick

k but u guys what if we just had a threesome…you can fight over my hot bod in bed

pete what the fuck

frank come here this shit is gold also u owe me ten bucks

what the fuck


So @ddsorrel showed me this old picture of Damon and Jamie, and we couldn’t stop laughing about how it was totally something 2D and Muds would do, so I had to sketch this. This time it’s colored because I’m trying to push myself to not be so sleazy when it comes to art I make for my own enjoyment.


when you go to collect what you think could be an item and instead end up chatting… i’m dying