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Will u b disappointed if Allura ends up with Keith and Shiro with Romelle just like in Voltron Defender of the Univrse? Kuron or Ryou will probably die so Shiro can take back Black Lion so if Romelle shows up shes probably ending up with Shiro

i don’t get why people keep using DotU as “proof” that VLD will turn out a certain way, i mean…

after S3 there was meta everywhere saying the new line-up was permanent and Shiro wasn’t going to fly Black ever again and Keith was the new Black Paladin and we all just had to get used to it. and a primary source cited for why this was how the show was gonna go was “oh that’s how it was in Old Voltron”.

i know this for a fact because i wrote a bunch of posts about how VLD (the show we all watch and which is in fact not the same show as DotU, i know, wild concept, but they are different shows) had set up Shiro as the only true Paladin of the Black Lion. i got blasted for that a lot, mainly by people throwing DotU in my face and screaming “THIS IS HOW IT’S GONNA GO DOWN JUST ACCEPT IT”.

how’d that turn out again? oh wait, i remember - Keith left to join the Blade of Marmora and Ryou flew the Black Lion and i got to post this meme a lot:

i don’t think any of the scenarios you’ve alluded to are remotely likely:

  • Keith isn’t into Allura and if they were supposed to be set up as the show’s romance then Keith wouldn’t keep leaving Allura to die.
  • Ryou probably isn’t going to die: 3x05 was his character introduction episode, a whole episode just for the audience to connect to him and root for him. that’s a lot of wasted effort for a character that’s just gonna get killed off, which to my mind suggests Ryou is sticking around for the long haul. see also: {the fact that he has a different character design to OG Shiro} so if they’re both in shot together you can easily tell them apart.
  • we don’t even know if a version of Romelle exists in VLD, but if she does - again - there’s no reason to assume she’d be paired off romantically with anyone? let alone Shiro? i mean if you wanna use “Old Voltron” as your source then i’m pretty sure Romelle ended up with Ryou, not Takashi.

can we stop wheeling out DotU as some kind of ironclad guidebook to how VLD is gonna play out. especially since half the people citing it as evidence didn’t even watch it and get the details wrong anyway.


Better than the original but also why tho?


“Part of our jobs as soldiers is to connect with the people that we’ve liberated, and who better to lead the charge on that end then the Immortal Flames Ala Mhigan Brigade, due to these men and women’s great efforts we’ve managed to bridge the gap and show the people we’re here for them and we’re here to make sure that Ala Mhigo can get back on its feet one day.”

[ -Taps mic- Is this thing on?
Oye, it’s a bit saddening when I see fanfics or artwork portraying Dark as this… sleazy, boundaries breaking, lust driven asshole. Saw an excerpt from what I’m assuming is a fanfic in the Dark Link tag— ‘ol boy kept constantly trying to get Zelda to kiss him, and she wasn’t having it, but he couldn’t take no for an answer. It was borderline creepy. Maybe I’m just biased because I have a personal connection to Dark Link in general (for obvious reasons), but… why? I get he’s supposed to be the “evil version of Link,” and embodies all of Link’s negative emotions and qualities, but… why that? Why slap this super extreme, negative reputation on him? I dunno… just… irritates me a bit, I guess. ]


watched the 13th warrior recently and doodled these guys.  it was fun drawing essentially the same character but adding as much variation as possible.

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In a world where Symmetra has interactions
  • Zenyatta: You recite the mantra of illusory life and death, yet work for a corporation motivated by physical gain.
  • Symmetra: A mind unburdened is easier to enlighten, wouldn't you say? A cleaner, better world is the first step.
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can someone so hyperactive be quite possibly the most balanced one here?
  • Tracer: Dunno! I just like to let loose and enjoy life, I guess!
  • --
  • Sombra: You should get a life outside of your work.
  • Symmetra: You should live your life entirely outside of yours.
  • --
  • Zarya: Could you make a construct so heavy I could not lift it?
  • Symmetra: I would have to ascertain there is something you cannot lift, first.
  • --
  • Hanzo: I want to ask you: Is the path you walk in life one you know is right?
  • Symmetra: I can only believe it is right. Though even that...
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can you so gratuitously waste money blowing up your mech?
  • D.Va: Chill out, I got sponsor money for days!
  • --
  • D.Va: It's kinda weird chatting with somebody my BFF hates.
  • Symmetra: And his feelings should affect yours because?
  • --
  • Symmetra: ... I mean, a peg leg, really? I could make a prosthe--
  • Junkrat: Don't even think about touchin' me!
  • --
  • Doomfist: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are complacent, and unchallenged.
  • Symmetra: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are chaotic, and dead.
  • --
  • Mercy: I know you might not hear this much, but, I truly admire your ideals of a world to benefit all, Ms. Vaswani.
  • Symmetra: But it is your selfless desire to help others that is to be praised, Doctor Ziegler.

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I can't wait to see the finished Rick & Morty piece you're working on as I am completely in love with your art style! Also, is there a Miami Rick to go with your Miami Morty somewhere? x

Thanks, mate! Here you go


My wardrobe from college fits Amanda way too well

(I also gave her my phone case because I’m self indulgent as f u c k)

dnd character idea i wanna try:

a priest orc– not a half orc, i mean 100% locally sourced GMO free Buff As Shit Orc that cut off all familial ties to follow their dreams to become apart of a priesthood, to heal others, to become a better person and haul around a bigasse mace called Thoughts & Prayers