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I wanted to actually talk about this? I know it’s probably silly and all but a lot of artists seem to have the same kinda vibe as me sometimes and I wanna let you all know it’s okay to not improve as quickly as others and it’s okay to have a hard time w some stuff and then like?? I dunno I hope this video can vaugely be of some help though and thank you so much for believing in me.

theres this teacher at my school and she’s just Unfortunate because she’s a stereotype feminist millennial who doesn’t actually know the facts behind her ‘arguments’ for equality

what I mean is she’s the Extremely White Feminist that makes the entire movement look bad

but anyways thats more sad than awful, the reason she’s awful is because she’s so young, fresh out of college trying to teach high school. she argues with her students and essentially has the attitude of an emo teen in 2005 (which i guess she was but that doesnt make it any less Unfortunate) and always tries to make points by trying to out-teenager us. Well call her ms L.

for example the first time i was made aware of her existence she had walked into my homeroom class (leaving her own freshman homeroom class unattended) and started chatting it up with my teacher. she mentioned that one of her students asked if she was going to a funeral (because she was wearing all black) and i just waited, praying she wouldn’t say the dreaded Edgy™ response were all familiar with, and sure enough, she said she answered with “Yeah, YOURS”

bear in mind at this point she didn’t even sound like a teacher. somewhat louder than i had anticipated i said, “jesus is it 2005??” Which a few people thought was funny, except for ms L. She glared at me, and then asked my homeroom teacher, “what are these, sophomores?(year 10) making those jokes?” and tried to stare me down as half the class piped up, JUNIORS ACTUALLY WERE JUNIORS WERE ALMOST ADULTS, and I didn’t break eye contact when asking, “a year above you, apparently”

needless to say she didn’t quite like me, but i figured since i wasnt a freshman I wouldn’t have to deal with it. if only?? one day in my drawing class, (my favorite class then, my teacher was addressed as mom and she apathetically acknowledged me as her child) so ms L. came in, again apparently abandoning her class, to just talk to my teacher/mother. at this point we were just putting together legos for a perspective drawing, so everyone was chatty below the level of Loud teachers dont like (my mother was pretty lax) so im talking to my friend about i dunno, a meme or some shit, at one point i said,“ like, excuse me, dude-” and this teacher calls me out, out of everyone who’s talking, and says, “Yeah, excUSE me! Do your work!” With that stupid teacher-smirk on her face. Within a second the class got quiet, but without missing a beat i simply said, “Yea, excuse you-” put my hand innocently under my chin, “-Youre not my teacher”
and so promptly the class goes fucking insane, my mother/teacher is giving me the disappointed “please just TRY to be civil” look, and ms L. is shooting me daggers, beet red, asking my mother if she let ALL her students talk to her like that, without bothering to listen to her response

until the students who were like, applauding my not-even-roast, piped up that i was one of the best students in the class, and that I always listened to OUR teacher, and after a few minutes of this, she left

most recently, though, i was trying to tell my teacher/mother something at our science &art fair (tier one school haha) and ms L, OBVIOUSLY as an adult has like, higher jurisdiction over me to talk to my teacher/mother, and starts talking about something my mother obviously​ doesnt care about, so she says “look at my students drawings arent they.. Beautiful…” and then they start talking about how one of them looks like so-and-so, from a show, and im still waiting just to ASK A QUESTION TO MY MOM-TEACHER so im like, “oh are you talkin about like… Game of thrones…” And my mother goes ,“yeah! do you watch it?” and i go, “oh…no…never..” and ms L. Literally says the cringiest thing a human could say.
“what is your life??”
and im ready for her to leave so i look her in the eye and say, “arent you supposed to be a teacher?”
my mother, looking mortified, tried but could not say anything before ms L. again scoffs at me in the most disgusted, offended way possible, and walks away

she still hates me lmao

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do you know where we can find the spoon calendar images that someone mentioned in one of the asks? i'd like to see the new images!

The images usually end up floating around Tumblr posted by various people, Secrets of the Slate’s official art tag is a good way to keep track of them. You can also keep an eye on Spoon’s official Twitter, they usually post low-res preview pics just to get an idea of what the poster looks like (they also have a Sarumi header right now ^^).

Chocolate Bars and Lucky Stars

Title: Chocolate Bars and Lucky Stars

Pairing: College AU - Sam Winchester x Reader

Words: 1663

Warnings: mostly fluff, light cursing, mentions of divorce, a tiny bit of self-loathing, angst?

A/N: This was written for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge. I restarted this story who knows how many times, but I think I kinda sorta like it now? I dunno, feedback and constructive criticism would be much appreciated! It’s also the first Sam fic I’ve ever written, so I really hope I did alright!

“Ugh,” you groan. “I hate Shakespeare.”

You slam your textbook shut and spin your chair around, turning toward Sam, who is sitting cross-legged on your bed with all of his notes and textbooks spread out haphazardly, the eraser end of his pencil in his mouth.

“C'mon, Y/N/N. It’s not that bad. Just a few more exams, and then we can go home for spring break,” Sam tells you.

You groan once more. "I just don’t understand why we’re analyzing his crappy writing. I already suffered through it in high school,” you complain, turning back to your desk to glare at your notes.

Sam quietly chuckles, a small grin appearing on his face, and shakes his head at your frustration.

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Dante: How has your weekend been? Done anything interesting?

Vivian: Not really … It’s actually been kinda crappy. Threw that party, which was an utter disaster. You’re lucky you couldn’t make it.

Dante: Aw, I’m sorry, hon. Is there any way I can make you feel better?

Vivian: I’m already feeling better just being here with you.

Dante: Good. C’mon, let’s go inside and I’ll buy you a cannoli.

Vivian: Thanks, but you don’t have to.

Dante: What? But cannolis are your favorite.

Vivian: I know. I just … I dunno, don’t feel like having one right now.

Dante: Huh. Well, okay then.

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Hey bendy. What's an evil devil?

Bendy: A devil dat…does some real fucked up ,and prolly illegal,  “Activities”like….I dunno….Eatin babies or something?…that's beyond evil ain’t it? 

I feel like writing hurt/comfort...

For my Apple Strudel of my Eye series…
I just dunno WHAT. 
Sportadork overreacting again?
Sportadork having a good reason to overreact?
Robbie being the one to over-worry?

And if any of those?  What?  

I just want to write hurt/comfort or whump FLUFF.  I need FLUFF. I WANT TO WRITE FLUFF.  


Any ideas?

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SVTFOE really breaks a lot of tropes (ex. Perfect Princess, Jerky guy, Socially Awkward Geek, Helpless princess, etc). Do you think that the show has really tackled its biggest trope yet? Is there a trope you personally want to see subverted or overcome in the future?

Great questions! Star is doing a good job at portraying characters in a unique way that doesn’t usually rely on stereotypical character types, which I think is really important. The way I process story stuff always starts with character; so if a character isn’t believable or multi-layered, I feel like the story just becomes a flat fairytale. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s different than a story.

There are still some characters that are stereotypical in this show; for example in some episodes there’s a mouth breathing nerd boy, and personally I find those character types a little old fashioned (and maybe kind of offensive? eh I dunno). But characters like that in this show seem to be showing up less and less, which I think makes room for stronger, more interesting ones!

One of my favorite characters in SVTFOE is Queen Moon. She seems to be a stuffy, unrelatable authority figure when we first meet her–but as we’ve seen in more recent episodes, she has another side of her that is the complete opposite!

If I had a wishlist of tropes I wish would evolve or change entirely, I’d say… Mad Scientists, Nerds, The Stoned Kid, the Bookworm… oh and the Wacky Artist who wears berets. These can all be great characters, but they’re just very flat on their own. If we add an unexpected quirk or flaw, we instantly get a more interesting character… For example, Rick from Rick and Morty is a Mad Scientist with a drinking problem. That’s already fraught with conflict! Great character.

Having said all this, I should point out that stereotypes–as unhealthy as they can be in real life–actually DO help sell visual storytelling very quickly without any verbal or text explanation. So if we’re going for a super quick visual gag, then yeah, a mad scientist with crazy white hair and goggles will do the trick. I’m just talkin’ about how if we give these characters more screen time, they can be more than just the stereotype. Give them life!

But also, break all the stereotypes.

And there you go! Haha.

Ahhh, I’ve finally finished Horizon Zero Dawn tonight and I’m gonna tell you, it’s definitely in my top 10 favourite games ever :)

I dunno if I like the game so much, because of its storyline or gameplay, because both are top notch. But it must be the storyline that made me come back to HZD every evening in the last 3 weeks. I guess it was refreshing to play an open-world game where the story is really at the first place… It reminded me why I appreciate The Witcher 3 so much.

Because how creative you have to be to combine pre-historic / roman empire vibes with robo-dinosaurs and make it all sensible? Because HZD’s storyline absolutely makes sense.

Sure, at some point I was laughing at all the ‘I refuse to die till I talk to you’ or ‘it’s absolutely impossible for the bad guys to get here before me, but here we go’ or ‘we could easily explain everything here, but we’re not gonna do that because you still have a few more places to discover’ video games cliches - they were overused. And the beginning it was kinda hard for me to get into the story since Aloy’s every important question was ignored. So I was getting irritated… just like Aloy. So it was even more satisfying to become more and more important persona in this universe. From an outcast savage to… well… you should just play the game to find out ;) Plus Aloy is a very likeable character and I absolutely love how her relationships with most of the NPCs are written (especially male ones - very refreshing).

Like I mentioned before, the gameplay is extremely satysfying too. From hunting to crafting and even collecting things. Okay, I admit I got a little bit tired of collecting metal flowers and digging in ancient debris, because I suddenly decided to get them all to get a platinum trophy (which I did) - but the variety of the world and challenges to overcome, made it worth it :D

So yeah… If you weren’t sure about this game before (like me), I recommend to give it a try, because you might be pleasantly surprised.

Now cover your eyes, because of big spoilers! Do yourself a favor and don’t spoil the game for yourself.

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WIP Bitching Nightblogging Edition

I’m simultaneously convinced I’m the worst writer ever to put words down on paper, yet I’m also wording uncontrollably because it’s fucking 2am and I don’t give much of a shit if it’s good or not anymorr and it simultaneously is and isn’t and I dunno man I lost the ability to read like half an hour ago??? shit fucking wacky.

anyway here’s the expected ^datez 4 d'weeknd, fam:

*Pulsion, because tf it was supposed to start updating again in March starting. Not sure what happened

*Hämärä b/c idfk people are asking about it and I’m panakin?¿¿¿? But like in a good, healthy way. If I have to see it in my drafts for a nanosecond longer I’m gonna fucking nuke my Google docs.

*Padwanan Rex cuz it’s short n easy like making dinosaur mac n cheese.

*Those k-i-s-sing requests because they’re fun and one of them was Vaderkin and awoke an eons old need within me to write a fuckmetricton of Vaderkin and it turned into six pages and part of me wants to right more but I have so many gotdang wips I can’t have more to bItch about…!!!!. $! $ there’s also a lot of spiritassassin 2. Idk if I’ll put these on A03. might