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I have so many drawings from Season One of Milo that haven’t been posted yet… AUs, fake screenshots, teenager shiz and beyond and stupid comics…. They just sit on my computer looking pretty XD Mostly cuz I’m waiting for more of season one to be released first.

I was thinking of maybe selling some small booklets of those at some point. Dunno if anyone would be interested in those? A zine or somethin

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Do the comics count as canon? Also I think that pic of Peridot with freckles isnt drawn by Zuke (doesn't look like their art style) and Lapis was blushing slightly in it sooo... does that kinda confirm (even though it already has been) that Zuke wasn't just "sneaking in" lapidot?

Yep, the comics are canon unless directly contradicted by events in the show (as confirmed by the Crew: http://annadesu.tumblr.com/post/162415591819/how-do-you-know-the-su-comics-are-canon)!

As for the “freckles” pic… yep, that’s not Lauren’s style!

Honestly, this picture is yet more evidence that the rumour about Lauren Zuke being fired for sneaking Lapidot into the show is total bullshit.  I could literally make a post along the lines of “why the Zuke rumours are fake: the masterpost” at the drop of a hat now XD  Anyone who still believes that nonsense is incredibly stupid and/or painfully ignorant.  It’s as simple as that.

Also - Peridot doesn’t have freckles.  You know what that means, right?  It means the picture was most likely drawn before Peridot’s character design was finalised!

It’s almost like… I dunno… Lapidot has been planned from the very start or something~

I just found a half finished story with Kaylee and hidden that I’m gonna work on. Its pretty dialogue heavy though and I’m not as confident with writing dialogue.

Regarding that one Doomcio post i supposedly reblogged

So if anyone hasn’t noticed, yesterday my cousin decided to come visit me the day after my birthday and we were playing video games for most of the day. I went to the bathroom for a few minutes to work on my Widowmaker cosplay and she got ahold of my tablet and started reblogging a bunch of random stuff. One of those reblogs was a fanart of Lucio and Doomfist in an intimate yet fluffy situation (i dunno how to describe it)

I had seen this piece earlier, and all i did was give it a like and saved it to send to one of my internet friends because she was new to tumblr but wanted something to ship.

I dont know what exactly she was thinking at the time but she decided to reblog that work and add something related to the fujoshi side of the Overwatch fandom and try to ruin me in tumbt and maybe hopefully get me shut down by my mom.

A few hoursafter she left, i got an anon message about her post and at first I was confused. Then i took a look and then there it was

I deleted the post and i changed my password so nothing should come from my cousin anymore

But i want to apologize to the artist for this and to everyone who saw it for my cousins untimely action

Did anyone else see Ender’s uh, “dance moves” for lack of a better phrase, in the pre-game show?

He brings me such joy.

Anyway I’m pretty sure we’re gonna lose this one. Though I was 100% sure we’d lose the first two so, what do I know?

That’s the thing that’s awesome (and yet terrible) about baseball; you never know what could happen.

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The AMA is over! Lots of cool information. C:

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Let's have Kirishima talk about his best friends.

ask my character about anyone in their life! // ACCEPTING.

        My best friends, huh? Man… I dunno where to start. Kirishima absently rubs a calloused palm against the line of his jaw, teeth dragging across his lower lip. As someone who thrives when surrounded with people he cares about, Kirishima has never really been short on friends. That certainly hasn’t changed. Starting at U.A. was a turning point, however. The beginning of a new chapter in his life that was proving to be both exciting and terrifying all at once. They’re barely six months into their first year and already he’s found himself pushed to his limits, his abilities tested, and new friendships formed. It’s been crazy. Unbelievable. One of the best decisions he’s ever made.

        Back when I first started at U.A. I only really knew Mina from middle school, but even then we weren’t that close, y’know? So it was… More or less a fresh start surrounded by people I didn’t even know. It was nice. Kinda intimidating, because everyone had such awesome quirks and I wasn’t sure if I’d fit in… But then I met Kaminari. He was pretty much the first person to talk to me after we got placed in our classes and I guess you could say things sorta led from there. He’s was a really cool dude, started talkin’ to me like we’d been friends for years and we pretty much hit it off right away. Sure, he ain’t exactly the smartest of the bunch, but man— he knows a lot’ve stuff about things I’ve never even paid attention to! And have you seen how strong his quirk is? It’s awesome! He’s been workin’ really hard on it, too. Makes me wanna try even harder! Kirishima’s voice softens as he adds,  He was the first friend I made here. He’s a real bro, y’know? Sounds kinda sappy, I know, but I dunno what I’d do without the guy.

        Well… I guess I can’t not include Bakugou, huh? I wasn’t sure what to think of the guy at first. He was always yelling about stuff and it was kinda scary. But… He’s actually pretty cool once you get past all the anger and screaming. The dude really wants to be a hero. Not just any hero, either! The best. And… If I’m bein’ honest? I think he can do it. Well— I know he can. I’ve never seen anyone so determined before. He’s strong— like, crazy strong! He’s pretty much mastered his quirk and he’s so awesome with it, which inspires me to wanna do better, y’know? If I can keep up with him, I think I could pretty much do anythin’. Kirishima trails off, a small smile lifting the corners of his lips upwards. …It’s not very often y’find a friend who can push you to try harder, I think. And Bakugou’s just that kinda guy. 

        “ Ah! I can’t forget Jirou! She’s been awesome, man. I mean, she’s gonna be teachin’ me how to play guitar, how cool is that? I know she seems kinda distant and stuff, but she’s always been real with me, y’know? She just… Tells it like it is, and I appreciate that. She doesn’t compliment people for the sake of it, or say shit she doesn’t mean. ” Kirishima tilts his head to the side, a small chuckle escaping his lips as he adds in a quieter voice, But between you and me? I think she wants people to think she’s this cold, aloof kind of girl, but beneath all that she’s a lot kinder than you first think. Perhaps even kinder than she thinks she is. She’s always got time for me, y’know? She’s a really important friend. Hopefully she knows that. 

        “ I’ve known Mina since junior high, but we kinda only started getting close at U.A. That’s my fault, I guess, but I’m still glad we’re friends now! She’s, uh… The only person who knows that I like K-dramas, and she’s been really cool with it! Probably because she likes them too, which kinda makes sense. She can be pretty dramatic, but that’s just Mina for ya. That much hasn’t really changed. He laughs, a smile stretching across his mouth for a moment. It fades quickly, shoulders lifting in an awkward shrug. “ Still… She’s the only person who really knows what I went through back in junior high. I convinced myself she might not wanna be friends when we started at U.A. together. I kept her at arms length a lot, y’know? Turns out she’d worried about me. I didn’t really expect that, but… I’m grateful. It’s nice to have someone like her. I’ve still gotta apologise to her, though! 

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//I reblogged that net neutrality too, tho comments are saying the post is from 2014, so I dunno whether or not to believe this has happened yet. \\

// DANG, you right!!!! I was on mobile so I didn’t think to check. Wow, I feel stupid now. I deleted it. Guess it’s best to not spread it more. 

OK so if anyone reblogged the Net Neutrality is Dead post with the orange pic from me, please delete it and spread the info! It’s not recent.

plot twist, hinata is a transmigrant of hamura and acquires power and steals the show. loljk! Sorry this was sketchy, it’s been on my mind since the Kaguya thing happened on Naruto. Cuz SH parallel ftw!! XD

Plus it’s pretty cool to see her in real action and not naruto-kun naruto-kun. And I dunno maybe Naruto would notice her for real and maybe Sasuke too? lol

I sorta ship you and Hamura too, srry Hinata. HamuHina anyone??

It’s pretty clear Hamura’s the ancestor of the Hyuuga, no one can tell me otherwise!!! Of the 2 sons, he has the byakugan. (I’ve said the following before tho) Byakugan is one of the 3 great dojutsu, along with Rinnegan and Sharingan, and by great it means from the lineage of Kaguya. I’ve actually posted a theory/chart back then that Hamura is the Hyuuga ancestor and it wasn’t clear yet (at that time) if Hamura posseses the Byakugan and now, we all can see he does!! And I’m very happy about that!!!!

I gave Hinata a sun cuz Naru and Sasu got full and half moons, and Hyuuga=sunny place, towards the sun (i think)

sigh~ I wanna read julywintertheories just for the sake of  my SH feels

Watch Tyler, the Creator Get Down to His New "Pillowtalk" Remix
Tyler, the Creator shared a video of him dancing to his new remix of Zayn's "Pillowtalk."

Video via YouTube

By Jessie Morris

Tyler, the Creator is not playing around with this remix of Zayn’s No. 1 single “Pillowtalk.” The Odd Future rapper kicks things off by strumming out some deep chords on his guitar: 

As the song starts going harder, Tyler starts letting loose, eventually letting go of his guitar altogether so that he can dance to the remix. 

By the time the hook comes around, Tyler has lost all control and uses pretty much everything around him as a stage as he sings along to that insane hook of Zayn’s. 

Many might remember that Tyler actually reached out to Zayn to collaborate together back in 2015 after Zayn had left One Direction to pursue a solo career.“HI @zaynmalik I HAVE BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTALS AND YOU HAVE A VOICE LETS FIGURE THIS OUT MY GUY . EPIC ALBUM CUTS THO NO RADIO SINGLES,” Tyler tweeted at the time. Zayn seemed happy to team up and tweeted back, “Sounds sick BRO let do some shit.“ 

Unfortunately, the two still haven’t collaborated and it’s because of Zayn bailing on studio sessions, according to Tyler. When someone asked Tyler on Twitter why the two haven’t officially worked on a track together, Tyler responded, "CAUSE THAT NIGGA FLAKED ON STUDIO SESSIONS TWICE.” Recently, Zayn also had to pull out of a scheduled performance due to anxiety.

As for Tyler, he says he recorded this remix back in March and hasn’t mixed the track yet, but had it on his laptop. Considering what Tyler was able to do with Zayn’s song, it’s a shame these two haven’t teamed up together sooner. We can only imagine the music these two could actually make if they got in a studio. For now, check out Tyler’s remix of “Pillowtalk” above. Tyler also noticed that his video was being blocked in some countries, so he got a fan to post the song up on SoundCloud for anyone that wants to hear it.

Dunno if anyone has posted this on tumblr yet, but I found this on the LIS forums - 1080Players did an interview with Hannah Telle, Max’s voice actress. She talks about a lot of interesting stuff, especially the voice acting process and how she landed the part of Max, and she says that we’re going to love Episode 5. It’s half an hour long, but totally worth listening in to if you have the time.

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