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sometimes I wonder why i was born but now i know that it was so i could witness this

My mom came into my room and told me that my uncle was in the hospital. So i got all freaked out and asked her which uncle it was and then she said it was Uncle Greg.
AND THEN SHE SAYS “so yeah hes in the hospital right now but ray is with him.”
And naturally i ask “whos ray?”
And she says thats his HUSBAND.

Why I don’t like Ota/yuri

See my issue with Ota/yuri isn’t that it’s a ‘pedophilic’ ship with a strange power imbalance, apparently. Frankly I’m more annoyed at the fact that people call a 15 year old and an 18 year old possibly dating pedophilic, thereby devaluing the word. Pedophilia is by definition someone of 18+ years attracted to people that are prepubescent aka I’d say 0-13 tops. Therefor the relationship, however uncomfortable you might find the age difference, is not pedophilic. Stop using that argument, please.

Frankly I’m also the kind of person that is all for ship and let ship. I believe that fiction is supposed to be your gateway to explore certain things in a safe manner, sometimes things you don’t even desire in real life, but find interesting enough to write about. If every author actually stood behind the things they wrote, well I’d steer clear of Stephen King and R.R Martin, just to name a few. So really my issue with this ship isn’t about fiction vs. reality or how 'problematic’ such thing would be in the real world.

What really annoys me about Ota/yuri is the fact that we have a canon, healthy gay relationship within that anime! Like I’ve never seen such a well developed, realistic, not rushed and happy gay relationship on TV, let alone in anime and manga culture. But instead of being happy about that, focusing on that little flicker or positive representation, the fandom latches on to a fifteen year old that had to understand what Agape even means! And then connected it to his grandfather! 

Yuri never considered love an option. He’s the same fifteen year old who was too focused on providing for his family, who is so driven by his passion for skating he never looks left and right. He didn’t care for friends or other connections, only to reach his goal of winning and he freaking succeeded by working hard and having rock solid focus. I love that about Yuri. I love that he’s mature for his age on one hand, but also very childish on the other. He’s a realistic representation of a 15 year old.

That’s when Otabek comes in and shit goes down the drain. Listen, when I was 15 all my friends were 18+. I remember acting extra dumb around them, because I felt I had to prove myself. So that whole scene with the club and shit? I can relate, but not in a romantic sense! I’m so tired that every platonic relationship these days has to be turned into a romantic one, especially when people have to reach for it. Otabek and Yuri literally had less than five minutes of screen time. Why Ota/yuri? Where? 

Frankly I also think that Yuri would benefit from a friend more than he would from a boyfriend. Especially someone older, more mature and mellow like Otabek. I’d love the idea of them as friends much more, had the fandom not completely fetishized their relationship by now, effectively ruining it for non-shippers. It’s like Johnlock all over again. People complain about tiring romantic side plots and how we have to little platonic loves but then pull an Ota/yuri. Like?

What I’m also not a big fan of is the idea that if one couple is gay, all the main couples have to be gay, something most commonly found in yaoi and fanfiction. Which in itself wouldn’t be as big a problem - although it just reminds me that yaoi and fanfiction aren’t for representation of LGBT but for the pleasure of their heterosexual, female consumers - if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone also dated within the same circle. It just seems to unrealistic for every relationship to be romantic, on screen and within the same friends group, but maybe that’s just me. I’m just so tired of these fanservice dilemmas and I fear Ota/yuri will become a prime example…

I'm so mad that Ymir died in a flashback, off-screen, so insignificantly... I was already thinking that lately the manga’s storytelling has gotten pretty lousy, but this takes the cake.

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Hey guys, do you remember that dude that makes animated chapters? He also made one for chapter 94! The translation is from mangastream i guess and much better! Enjoy!

Arme Thaumaturgy and Apostasia

Ain is proud to be a Celestial: he is proud of being the Goddess’s creation, the chosen one to go down to Elrios to fulfill her mission. It is his driving force. It is what got him out of the rift; he didn’t succumb to the chaos, he held out knowing that he has her will to uphold and it was up to him to see her wish fulfilled.

He is disappointed by humans because of their greed… probably questions the Goddess’s intention of saving them at some point. Regardless, he pushes on… to restore the broken El. He comes across discarded Nasods in Altera, and thinks about his own fate. After all, he too will disappear when he’s served his purpose. There is literally no other reason for his existence.

Going back to the realm of the Gods? “I was created by answering the Goddess’s call.” He was created for the sole purpose of restoring the energy to the unstable El. When he is done doing that, there is no reason for him to continue existing. It’s more likely he will literally, and more straightforwardly speaking, physically die and no longer exist even as a spirit, not in Elrios, or in the realm of the Gods.

Ain knows this. Arme Thaumaturgy knows this. 

No, I cannot think about things like that… I must go on.

This is what he tells himself… and pushes back his fear and doubts behind him. He seals them in the deepest part of his mind. As Arme Thaumaturgy, he accepts that he is a mere tool, an instrument of Ishmael, tossed away when he’s no longer useful. He comes to accept his fate. Did it make him sad? I don’t know, but I like to think it did. 

Nowhere in the lore or the job description does it say he is devoid of emotions; I think he becomes more cynical and apathetic because he’s seriously disappointed in humans. That’s the only reason. It doesn’t say anywhere he can’t feel emotions.

He seals his fear and despair within himself. He probably doesn’t even want to think about it, because the mission at hand is more important than his own feelings. It’s sad. It’s sad he would just have to accept that it is his fate to be used and discarded with no other purpose in life. He probably wouldn’t even give himself the chance to ponder on the subject.

For Apostasia… He was consumed by his grief and shattered faith. 

What made him fall wasn’t just because the Goddess didn’t answer his plea for help. 

The Seed of Chaos was placed in all three Ains - base Ain when he was in the Henir’s rift of Time and Space. This Seed only grew because of the anxiety about the future and his fear of being tossed away when he is no longer useful.

He began listening to Henir’s whispers of temptation when the pain became unbearable. I can give you relief… I can release you from your fate… When Apostasia accepts the inevitability of death of all things and the meaninglessness of everything because everything is bound to return to nothing, he finds peace in that fact. It’s not just him that will return to nothing… It’s everything.

Okay now imagine Arme meeting Apostasia.

Disgusted? Probably. Angered? Most likely.

But deep inside, Arme Thaumaturgy would be horrified, not because of what Apostasia has become, 

but because Apostasia is what he himself would have become if he succumbed to his own fear and despair that he locked away.

When Arme meets Apostasia for the first time… It will be as if he found his own dead body - a version of him who got consumed by the very fear Arme struggled to overcome.

A version of himself who drowned and killed himself because of his inner demons.

I… was able to lock them away to overcome them… but you… you, Apostasia… you fell… Our demons consumed you… You didn’t survive….



Concepts Photos for Steampunk AU I’m planning~

Any opinions on if i should continue this?

(Sorry for the rough sketches <3)

Do you ever kinda… forget that you’re… not straight? Like, I don’t forget that I’m pan but I’ll see something that’ll be all “straight people are so offended by this” and i’ll be all “ha! i’m straight and i’m not offended!” before pausing and going “wait. I’m not straight! Ahahaha! Thank fuck.”

I dunno. I think I’ve spent too long hiding that I’m queer… whoops.