dunno how to spell his name


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RULES: Choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

  1. Boku no Hero Academia
  2. Bleach
  3. Magi

The first character you loved:

  1. Izuku! What a qt
  2. Probably Rukia (or maybe Ichigo idk??)
  3. Alibaba

The character you never expected to love so much:

  2. Hiyori!
  3. Judar (or Judal idk how to spell his name)

The character you relate to most:

  1. Ochako maybe? Or Jirou
  2. Rukia, maybe
  3. I dunno

The character you’d slap:

  1. Endeavor. I would slap him so hard he would die to death
  2. Byakuya
  3. I dunno :o

Three favorite characters (these are in order of preference):

  1. Ochako, Izuku, Kirishima
  2. Rukia, Hiyori, Tatsuki
  3. Morgiana, Kougyoku, Alibaba

A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  1. Not really anyone I love all of them
  2. Hmmm maybe Ichigo… I like him still but less
  3. Sinbad

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

  1. Todoroki 
  2. Orihime! I did not really like her at the beginning but I love her now she’s so awesome
  3. Titus Alexius

3 OTPs:

  1. Tsuchako
  2. Ichiruki
  3. Alimor

I’m tagging: @scribe-senpai @azuresage @roseschnee @ochaiko @genciio @homebounddude and @foxdemonkurama. No pressure to do this of course!! 

Dante headcanons

- smol, he’s only 5'6

- is very meme trash, whenever there’s a new meme you can bet Dante already knows about it

- Dante and Zane are secretly friends because there both meme and LazyTown trash

- to add to that they both cry about wanting stephan kal to be okay (dunno how to spell his name)

- Dante has canines as sharp as knives

- is literally an angel that will comfy is friends until they feel better

- has dyslexia and finds it hard to read and write

- adores animals

- doesn’t think before he speaks and is brutally honest about EVERYTHING

- loves Travis

- is pansexual

- always has messy hair

- is an amazing cook but often gets distracted and burns the food

- gene visits Dante a lot and Dante thinks it’s just gene being a brother, it’s actually just gene cockblocking Travis

- Dante is super cuddly

- Dante has terrible memory and often puts things down and can’t remember where he put them

- literally never stops playing we are number one remixes

- gets sick very easily

- not a morning person, he is so sour I’m the mornings that even the lemons are jealous

- works online as an artist

- has two very good online friends

- has crippling insomnia that makes him randomly pass out

Reasons to LOVE Blue Excorcist

Rin Okumura is the son of SATAN and he’s one of the best guys I’ve ever seen
Like -
*He loves cooking for other people to make them happy
*He beat the shit out of some dudes because they were abusing animals
*He’s sensitive
*He’s super sweet to his crush Shemi ( I dunno how to spell her name so I hope I got it right, correct me politely if it’s wrong)
*He’s massively protective of his friends, even the guy who hates him
*He’s sworn to kill Satan someday and is hardcore serious about it
*He’s nice and hardcore strong at the same time

*He’s easily embarrassed
*His arguments with his twin are hilarious as hell

*He adopted a demon cat that used to belong to the priest who raised him
*He’s very enthusiastic about like everything
*One of his friends tried to kill him once and he wasn’t even mad, he just acted like it never happened and was super nice to the guy who tried to murder him
That’s so hardcore nice

And his twin Yukio is just as cool

*He’s extremely fond of Rin and tries to protect him
*He fights off armies of terrifying demons like it’s nothing
*He’s super polite and thoughtful
*He admires Rin a lot and the flashbacks of them as kids are too cute omg
*He’s willing to die if it means Rin is okay
*He can be kind of a jerk at times but he always does the right thing in the end

I just finished season 1 and I cannot find season 2 and I wanna watch more so bad
And their voices in English Dub are so cool

p-aurisan  asked:

Hmm.. Favorite food prompt? Where Craig tries Tweek's coffee for once. I dunno what's Craig's favorite food though. Another prompt, maybe Tweek taking care of Stripe for one day?

headcanon: craig’s favorite food is cheez-its. yes, cheez-its. he always gets the ones with letters on them so he can rummage thru the bag and spell his name and then eat it like the dork he is


These mirrors, according to my theory, are showing the “truths” behind each character – Blue’s (Sorry, I dunno their canon/fanon names yet except for ol’ Lewis) eyes are missing cuz when Lewis turned into this Skull Ghost thing, it showed how Blue was put under some sort of spell by him, as if making her forget everything she’s seen, most likely so that she wouldn’t get hurt; Yellow’s arm is missing cuz of his same arm being chomped off by Red after being possessed by what I believe is a spirit of jealousy (“Green-eyed monster”); Red’s gets broken cuz he’s obviously more than meets the eye, and everything about him is a lie, which is mostly evident with him taking on a different and more powerful form when ripping off Yellow’s arm to stop the possession from growing worse. and fully controlling him.

This music video is so perfect and metaphorical and has every element I love to death in a story slash song. Dear gosh, I’m still listening and rewatching this I just love it, okay? You should totes watch it. Like, right now. I swear, it is worth four and a half minutes of your life, just do it.

I really don't think Cas was asking them to torture the angel dude

What a great title.

No but first of all, Castiel wouldn’t need the Winchesters to torture his prisoner (I dunno how to spell his name so let’s call him Show-Off Guy). Cas knows plenty about torturing things and has shown evidence of this repeatedly. And wouldn’t any of the angels strolling around their base have much more experience on how to make an angel talk than two humans? Besides, Show-Off Guy appears completely unscathed when the Winchesters see him for the first time, even bragging about his resistance to torture. If Castiel had already tortured him, they would already have evidence of his resilience, and he wouldn’t need to say that. He would say something like: “Your boyfriend already poked me before, what makes you think you mud-monkeys can make me talk?” More likely that nobody actually hurt him at all, which is in line with Castiel’s rhetoric about ending angel on angel violence. Castiel isn’t a hypocrite. He wants his operation to follow his humane ways. He even seemed upset when their prisoner was killed. However, angels are stuffy creatures, and while there’s plenty of blunt force to go around, their lack of imagination is a hole that only humans can fill. So Cas figured that his friends could probably think of an unconventional way to crack that nut, and he was completely right. 

I think the problem here is that to Castiel, Dean is still this guy:

Dean is the one who keeps Cas in check, who pulls him back when he goes too far, who gets outraged when he kills strange-haired demons or threatens to wipe out small cities. This is the Dean that Cas is thinking of when he asks the Winchesters to interrogate Show-Off Guy, while Dean, Sam, and the audience immediately remember Dean utterly losing his shit back when he bashed Gadreel’s face in. And compared to Sam’s point of view (and ours) Dean probably doesn’t seem that bad. Dean’s still cracking jokes. He’s still smiling. Lately he pretty much only smiles when he’s around Cas, but how the hell would Castiel know that?

And lastly, Dean is the one who brings up any possibility of violence. “So you’re done with the rough stuff and you want us to be your goons?” Castiel relents, clarifies that they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to, probably under some sweet but misguided notion of, “No you’re not my goons. You’re my best friends and I love you.” And like Sam and Dean, we assume that Dean is going to rip that angel to shreds because he doesn’t seem capable of doing it any other way right now.


A/N: Such a fun (and long) one shot! :)

Universes // Sam x Reader ; Jared x Gen appearance

Words: 4419

Warnings: Length??

Request: The last anon gave me an idea what if like in a different fic the end up there and the reader likes sam but instead of them married there sam is married to fake ruby (Gen) and the reader is hurt cause she knows about sams past and has feelings for him. Maybe a dean and reader friendship where he tries to comfort her telling her it’s not real. Something like that if you can maybe >,<                                

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I was just wondering if you could maybe draw what you think Jeremy looks like. If it's ok with you.

I do hope the wait was deserved, dear anon; for I finally concluded who my take on this dude would be >:3

basic stuff ‘bout em’

  • he can literally be summed up with this (infact that’s usually how he survives the nights; he listens to dubstep and stuff while doin all the junk with the Freddy mask’n all)
  • very rarely puts away his tunes even when out’a work
  • chill as f*ck like a bawss
  • Bonnet has a super clingy one-sided fangirl crush on him
  • has a deep, but kind voice
  • yeah he spells his name with 3’s in place of E’s. I dunno why either and I guess neither does he.