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I probably should warn you all I draw a lot of Rule 63.

Actually really happy with these guys. I had baby Ani and Padme too, but didn’t like ‘em enough to put up.

deal my cards, trust the fates
they tell me how to make mistakes
I say left, he says right
I’ll play the game, he’ll win each night.
goosebumps travel ‘cross my skin
will I ever let you in?
wish i may, wish i might
you’ll get your wish you wished tonight
then there’s me, left out so cold
this hollow shit is getting old
each time i turn, a new surprise
burnt inferno, then stinging ice
your touch ease fire like gentle rain
yet the truth is oh so plain
i can’t love you, you can’t love me
so ask me again if we’ll succeed
love they say has many shades
i ask if they’ve ever been made
hollow hollow, nothing inside
forgot my soul, no heart besides

anonymous asked:

Rlly hard questions: 1. Would you rather eat a fried spider or chocolate covered beetles 2. 5000 bucks or 3 kittens? 3. Out of all your online friends who would you most likely date if you had to 4. Out of all your irl friends who would you most likely sell to Satan if you had to

1. Either sound ok ! I actually like bugs, I think the cronch is fun
2. Money,, I’m sorry but ?? Get a cat and have left over money
3. If I had to date a pal?? Huh I mean like, I dunno tbh. I’m not a “dating type” hm…. I mean I would have to be someone who likes me back and like?? Hm. I dunno. I would date them all tbh? I feel like I trust them all enough. I kno i can’t date some omg yea but like? Huh.
If I had to pick one it would be Shane just for the fact people thought me and him were dating bcjdjff
4. All of them?? Can I do that???

Hey writers and show runners- maybe lesbian/bi fans and viewers wouldn’t be so “obsessed” or “insane” about f/f ships if hm I dunno, we actually had any god damn representation in television. Wait let me rephrase that, any representation that doesn’t end in getting shot, being stabbed, getting hit by a bus, committing suicide, being cheated on, or ending in some other horrible way you guys make up for “shock value”. Think about that.

  • salazar slytherin: *is the founder of the slytherin house*
  • salazar slytherin: *can talk to snakes*
  • salazar slytherin: *make slytherin house's symbol a snake*
  • salazar slytherin: *builds the chamber of secret*
  • salazar slytherin: *is the only one along with his direct heirs that can control the monster inside the chamber*
  • salazar slytherin: *I'll say it again: slytherin, talk to snakes, build the chamber of secrets, snakes, control the monster, because he can talk to snakes, slytherin founder, who love snakes....snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!*
  • harry: Hm, I dunno.. It might be a good idea I go in the forbidden forest and ask to this giant spider friend of hagrid if he is the slytherin monster