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Bae. Smutty power bottom Jimin hcs. But with //insert drum roll here// rough daddy Jungkook. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN 🥁 also traumatized Hobi. ILY

+ When you have two Doms in your sex life, things get pretry rough. But then again that’s kinda how both Jimin and Jungkook like it.

+ Jimin has a habit of just randomly shoving Jungkook against walls for make out sessions that are way to wet for a public walk way in their dorm. They kiss while Jimin runs his hands up Jungkook’s torso while Jungkook gets a fist full of Jimin’s hair while also getting a ass full.

+ Jungkook is the one to push them towards a bedroom but they stumble cause Jimin refuses to break contact. Once inside Jimin shoves Jungkook till he falls on to the bed (floor, chair, desk, etc) then strips his own shirt to hand on the knob before slamming it shut. Jungkook has taken his shirt off by now (Cause one time Jimin rip his shirt and as hot as it was Jungkook was worried he’d run out of shirts to wear!)

+ Jimin straddles Jungkook and Jungkook pulls him into as another wet make out sessions while they grind against one another. It’s not unusual for Jimin to shove Jungkook on to his back while he grinds their crotches together. Jungkook licks his lips as he starts thrusting his hips up so Jimin bounces a bit.

+ They’re loud too. Moaning and growling like no one could hear them. They don’t care if people can if they’re horny enough.

+ Jimin can be impatient which is funny to Jungkook cause Jimin is usually the one who is outside of sex, calm and collected, but once horny he wants it fast and rough. Jimin lifts up his hips and grabs Jungkook by the throat as he unbuttoned the younger boys pants. Jungkook just smirks as he twists Jimin’s nipples making the elder moan.

+ Jungkook is always naked first and Jungkook is fine with that. Cause he love how Jimin licks his lips when Jungkook’s cock springs free and wet on the top. Jungkook loves how Jimin pupils blow and how his boyfriend doesn’t miss a beat to jerk him off.

+ Jungkook leans back and thrust his hips up into Jimin’s hand as Jimin leans forward to lick, suck, and bite Jungkook’s nipples. Jungkook moans and one hand goes to tug on Jimin hair while the other grips a pillow. Jimin hand lowers to play with Jungkook’s balls then goes back to jerking. Jungkook loves it! Jimin doesnt let him cum though.

+ Jimin eventually strips his own pants off and straddles Jungkook’s chest to put his cock near Jungkook’s lips. Jungkook licks Jimin’s top before Jimin shoves his cock in. Jungkook let’s Jimin fuck his face for a minute before he flips them so Jimin is on his back and Jungkook can bob his head. Jimin thrusts up as he pulls harshly at Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook grabs Jimin’s ass and squeezes hard.

+ Jungkook also doesn’t let Jimin cum even though the elder hisses. Jungkook just smirks as he licks up Jimin body so they can go back to making out. They let hands roam and the roll around the bed (and if they fall off they don’t stop) till Jimin eventually is on top and sits back but pulls Jungkook up with him to get back to kissing.

+ Jungkook makes a move for the lube first as Jimin sucks on his neck. Jungkook pops it open and covers his hand with it before fingering Jimin. Jimin grind’s down as he pushes Jungkook back a little to suck on his nipples. Jungkook knows Jimin doesnt need that much prep cause Jimin likes a little burn. Jimin pulls Jungkook’s hands out before grabbing the lube and covering Jungkooks cock with it.

+ “up.” Jimin demands as he smacks Jungkook’s thigh. Jungkook smile cause he knows what Jimin wants. Jungkook gets up and walks a bit away from the bed before guiding his cock into Jimin’s ass. They both groan as Jungkook slides in.

+ Jungkook leans Jimin forward a bit as himself bends his knees. Jungkook has one hand around Jimin’s waist and the other around his shoulder. Jimin has one hand around Jungkook’s shoulder and the other in the younger boys hair. Jungkook fucks Jimin and they moan.

+ “Fuck Kookie just like that! Fuck!” “You like that Hyung? Like how good my cock is?” “Shut up and just fuck me!” “So bossy.” “I am the boss, so just fuck my pretty ass with your unworthy cock you brat!”

+ They fuck like that till Jungkook gets tired and then they go to the bed where Jimin flips them so he can ride. Jungkook jumps his hips up and Jimin slams down. They both are super loud and so nasty.

+ Jungkook cums first but Jimin follows a thrust later.

+ After care is Jungkook’s job and they’re actually really domestic once they’re done. They cuddle and whisper I love you and kiss and giggle.

+ They never notice how Hoseok sat on the couch covering his ears with a pout and a text message to Namjoon about them being animals

The Tickle Train (Septiplier tickles)


Notes: This has tickling (duh), and its septiplier (double duh), please be respective.

Prompt: Mark and Jack have to take a train for their trip, but Mark gets a seat first… and the car is filling up.

The Tickle Train

“Are you kidding me!?”

“Jack, calm down okay, it’ll be fine, you can just sit on my lap.”

The irishman stared indignantly at his boyfriend, turning redder by the minute. Mark had caught a seat on the train they were on, but Jack had fumbled around so much trying to make sure they had all their luggage, he didn’t get a seat in time. So he was standing and holding on to a pole in the middle. He didn’t like the middle… more and more people flooded the train car and they weren’t even close to their stop yet! Damn his fear of planes…

“W-Why can’t you sit on my lap?” Jack whined, huffing as he was being shoved more and more and soon was knocked onto Mark’s lap anyways. 

Mark smirked and hummed, “Well, I can’t, I seem to have a leprechaun on me.”

Jack quickly slapped him in the shoulder, crossing his arms like a child and pouting. Mark wrapped his arms around Jack’s waist, and nuzzled him close. The people around them smiled fondly, and continued to sway to the bouncing cart.

Jack continued to ignore Mark, embarrassed like no tomorrow… and since his earlier outburst, people were staring at him more and more, even more so that he was sitting on another grown man’s lap. But there was no way for him to stand now anyways… but he still didn’t like being the center of attention like this. Slinking down a bit, he tried squishing into Mark more to cause less notice of him.

Mark noticed though. Kind of hard not to. “Hm? What’s wrong, Jackie? It was your idea to ride the train~” he teased and rested his head on Jack’s shoulder.

The green haired lad went beet red, matching the hair that brushed his cheeks. “I-I just don’t… I uh…” he stuttered to try and find a clever retort, but couldn’t, and soon whimpered, claming up even more.

“Aw, c'mon, where’s the bubbly man baby I love soooo much?” Mark purred, narrowing his eyes deviously. Oh he knew where he was, and how to get him out. As Jack squirmed with his embarrassment, the tuber acted, pressing his hands a little tighter against Jack’s tummy.

Jack let out an undignified squeal, then slammed a hand over his mouth, eyes widening as people turned to him in shock. They soon gave him a look and turned around once more. Tittering anxiously, Jack shoved at Mark’s hands, shaking his head as he tried keeping his mouth shut. 

Mark giggled, letting his fingers wiggle more and more on his sensitive ribs. “Hmmm, such a shame there’s sooo many people, hmm? You don’t wanna laugh and make eeeeveryone staaaaare~” He purred and cooed into his ear, taunting the poor squirmy man. 

The irishman knew that was easier said than done, and was really going crazy as his boyfriend shoved his hands into his armpits. ‘I’m cold’ he claimed. Bullsh- 

“PfhehHHH-” Jack quickly replaced his hand against his mouth as Mark dug in more and more, vibrating his fingers like mad. Jack squeezed his eyes shut, his resistance breaking more and more as the bouncing cart certainly didn’t help his situation. 

Mark, who was admiring his squeaky child, soon murred out, “Uh oh, I’m gonna doooo it~” And he repeated it a few times, building a horribly wonderful bubble in Jack’s stomach. W-What was he gonna do?

“But hey, I know you just wanna laugh sooo badly… so just let it out….” he taunted, and went for his finishing blow, digging his hands into his right side and placing his stubbly beard on his neck, and letting a nice raspberry attack his senses.

Welp, Jack cracked. He exploded into laughter, foolishly moving his hands to fight off his strong boyfriend, his mouth streaming adorable cackles and squeals. “MAHAHAHARK!! NOHOHEEHEHE!! YOU AHAHAHASSHOHOLE!!”

Jack couldn’t believe it, what a douche bag! Letting him go insane in front of all these-


As Jack finally cracked an eye open, he was startled to find the train was stopped and the car was empty.

Mark belted out a laugh, stopping to ruffle Jack’s hair. “The train ride ended like five minutes ago! You really think I’d break you like that in front of all those people? I’m not a monster babe!" 

Jack bowed his red face, rubbing his arm awkwardly. "I uh… I’m sorry…” he then realized and stood up quickly, adjusting his shirt and squirming in embarrassment. 

Mark laughed, standing and planting a kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek. “Like I said cutie, I’m not a monster…”

Jack offered an embarrassed smile and quickly grabbed his bags, scurrying out the door, in hopes Mark would follow.

Mark then slid his bag over his shoulder and snickered, eyes flickering red for a moment.

“… yet.”


How I gained 40lbs in 2 months.

I’m about to get very personal with all of you and I believe it will truly help me find peace with my past. A lot of you have been following me since Day 1, so a little over 2 years now. You may or may not know my story and how dark and scary my life had become. I talk about my binge eating and just how bad it got but words are not as powerful as imagery. I want you to see my 2 month / 40lb weight gain in the darkest time in my life. Be kind, this isn’t easy to do. I’m doing this for the girls who are sitting behind their screens feeling alone because they don’t think anyone could possibly understand what they are going through. I’m doing this for all my followers who don’t believe recovery is possible. I’m doing this for anyone who struggles with depression, loneliness, anxiety, BED, EDNOS, and everything in between. 

It all starts with this scale pic. 

November 11th 2013

I weigh in at 179.8lbs and my last week training with my trainer. I remember it was starting to get really cold and I couldn’t keep with my schedule anymore. I would leave my house at 6am to be in the city by 9:30am, leave work at 7pm and not get home till 10ish. I would go home, change and head to the gym but I was exhausted and started to binge from hating my life so much. 

November 15th, 2013. A selfie I took in the Gap fitting room on my lunch break. This is what my body looked like. I was running at night through my sketchy neighborhood after work to run off what I binged on the train. I would carry a flashlight in my right and mace in my left and would pray that no one would hurt me. I was obsessed. 

This below pic is from what my friends and I call “sushi night” aka when I lost my shit and started partying too much. November 17th, so it’s safe to say I was in the low 180’s based on the scale pic. I drank so much that night I threw up sushi all over my best friend’s bed. I share this gross fact only to share just how much I was spiraling out of control and FAST. 

This is Dec 15th at our friend Joe’s house. I remember going to 7/11 with everyone and getting ice-cream and oreo’s after the train and feeling really sad and depressed that night. I remember crying hysterically in my room because I had to borrow that shirt from my sister Rebecca because I was so bloated from binging and nothing fit. I look like I’m in the low 190’s here. I was drinking and eating my sadness away.  At this point I stopped blogging which made me feel even more alone. 

Dec 28th. 

My friends came over and we all exchanged gifts at my house and made brownies.  I’m easily 210’s from how my face looks. How CRAZY is the change in my face in a matter of a month?  I just came back from Vermont and I remember binging SO HARD while I was stuck in the mountains with my family.  I literally gained like 15lbs in a matter of 2 weeks. I’m smiling but I was dead inside. 

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN… the worst night of my life. New Years 2014. It was Jan 1st and I talk about that night a lot on my blog.  It was the night that the guy got stabbed front in front of us in Times Square and I was so blacked out we almost didn’t make it home.  I remember being 220’s or maybe even 230’s. at this point and  I couldn’t fit into anything in my closet. That morning I had to run out to the store and buy a XXL because my stomach was so big. 

Life hasn’t been the same since November 2013 and it took me 1 year and 3 months (up until now) to slowly make my way down again. It took me 15 months to overcome the depression and binge eating that destroyed me in only 2.  I’m closer to recovery today and truly happy again. As you can see in these pics I gained 40lbs in 2 months from my food addiction and BED. Binging isn’t a joke and when I wear people refer to overweight people as “lazy” or “unmotivated” I want to punch them in the face. There is so much sickness that could be going on internally that you know nothing about. Aside from the two friends you see in the above pics, no one knew how sad I truly was. I smiled like everything was fine but what no one knew was that I was eating so much I would lay in bed and cry myself to sleep because my stomach hurt so much. 

Seeing these pictures and looking at how close the dates are to each other gives me chills because I forgot just how bad it got so quickly. I didn’t think I would ever be okay again.

I’m not perfect but I’ve been binge free now for 2 months and thats huge for me. I moved, started a new job, started dating and have a new life in Brooklyn.

It took me over a year to go from binging every single day to binging every few days, once a week, once every two weeks and eventually not at all. Recovery isn’t easy and you will absolutly slip up from time to time but you must wake up in the morning with the intention on taking the day one bite at a time. I’m so happy now and will lose the remainder of the weight I’ve gained in time when it’s right for me. For now, I’m working on being happy right in this moment not when I lose 10 more pounds or I wake up and suddenly have achieved all my dreams. Life is happening right now and I don’t plan on missing any more of it. 

This is me today.

Cheers to surviving what I thought I couldn’t and coming back a stronger and happier version of myself. 

My comeback is going to be epic. Just you wait and see. 

(Parts of) TV Themes
  • Doctor Who Theme: "ddddooooooooowwwwweeeee oooooooo....weeeeeeeeoooooooo..."
  • Sherlock Theme: "dunnnnn....dunnnnn...dun...dun.....dunnnnn...dunnn...dunnn...dunnnnn...."
  • Orphan Black Theme: "bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew bew (ooooooohhhh....ooooohhhhweeeeooooooo)"
  • Game of Thrones Theme: "dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnn dunnnnnn dun dun dun dunnnnn dun dun dun (dun dun dun dun dun)"
  • Law & Order Theme: "(buh buh) dun dun dun dun dunnnn... (buh buh) dun dun dun dun dunnnnn....dunnnnn...dun dun dun dun dun dunnnn..."
  • Parks & Recreation Theme: "(dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun) dadadada, dadadada, dadadada, dadadada, (dun dun) dadadada (dun dun) dadadada (dun dun) dadadada...(dun dun) dadadada..."
  • The Office Theme: "dun dun, dun dun dundundun, dun dun dundundun, dun dun dun dun dundun dundun (DUNNNN DUNNNNNNNN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN...DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN)..."
  • Supernatural Theme: "PEW! Shrullppp shrullppp shrullppp shrullppp shrullppp..."
  • The Simpsons Theme: "Da da da da da da da da dadadadaaaa..."
  • Breaking Bad Theme: "Bewwww....bewwwww....bewww, bewwwwwwww..."
  • How I Met Your Mother Theme: "ba ba ba ba baaaaaa ba ba ba baaaaaa..."
  • Star Trek Theme: "doooooo dooooooooooo...do do do doooooooo..."
This Chaos, This Calamity (Part I)


“You don’t have to do this…”

Mr. Jefferson calmly walked over and Max flinched as she barely registered another needle glinting from the too-bright lights. He crouched down and smiled. 

Mr. Jefferson, now her own personal demon, ran his fingers through her short hair. Max struggled to keep her eyes open, blinking often and slowly shaking her head back and forth, but the drugs still held a vicious hold on her.

“You and your friend stuck your nose into business that wasn’t yours, Max.” 

Oh god, Chloe. 


Max let out a raw scream, tears cascading down her cheeks.

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What if: Fandom AU | Only Lovers Left Alive x Iron Man AU / Frostiron | Part VIII
Inspired Music: The Taste of Blood - Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL
Bad Moon Rising - July Talk

SUB-PLOT (Cont.):
Weeks pass after Tony had broken ties with Adam, days without any contact from the vampire he hoped would give him a call that would end the silence between them. But slowly as the months passed, Tony couldn’t help but worry, in spite of the fact that he had left Adam to his own devices. He starts to have doubts about whether he had made the right choice and decides to see him, against his better judgement, just to see if Adam is safe and well.

Having visited Adam’s house more times than he can count, Tony uses the hidden key to enter the house. But what Tony finds inside will consequently change his life forever.

Fic #6

“Adam, buddy… please… stop.
Tony whispered, his voice barely audible. His grasp around Adam’s neck was slowly loosening, his body becoming heavy and limp. The pain digging into his neck - Adam’s fangs- were still strong, drawing his blood away. But even that feeling was numbing. Everything was just cold, so cold… Tony closed his eyes, hoping against hope that Adam will be able to hear him through the frenzied state he was in. The darkness swallowed him quickly, relieving him of the present.

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