i’m whisper laughing because my housemate is asleep

hanging out with my best friend at the mall yesterday
  • me and noah: *hooked arms, singing screen by tøp*
  • me and noah: *walking by hot topic while singing "we're broken people"*
  • like 9 people inside hot topic: wE'Re bRokEN pEoPlEeEeEe
  • me, noah, and 9 people: yEAH
  • me and noah: *run inside hot topic*
  • whole store: *begins singing tøp together*
  • me: *looks at noah* noah if this isn't proof that music brings people together then idk what is
  • noah: lets go run around downtown and sing trapdoor and see who sings along
  • me: oh yes
  • me and noah: *run outside to the car*
  • all of hot topic as we're running away: nO COME BACK
Mine. (Tyler Joseph x Reader)

Summary: Typical jealousy cliche. You wear a sexy dress to a party and your boyfriend, Tyler, doesn’t like it. Especially when some guy hits on you.

Warnings: N/A

Female Reader 

Words: 442

“Ty? Can you come zip this up for me?” You called down the stairs to your boyfriend. Tonight you were going to your band’s album release party, it was your third album and you were excited. 

A few moments later your could hear Tyler running up the stairs. He entered the room and whispered, “Woah.”

“Like what you see, love?” You asked, turning to face him. He nodded, looking at the dress. Then he made a face. “Something wrong? Is it ugly? Am I ugly?”

He shook his head quickly. “No, the dress isn’t ugly and you certainly aren’t ugly. It’s just the dress is a little too sexy.”

“What does that mean? Too sexy?”

He turned you around and zipped the dress. “You look great, it’s just all those guys there are going to be staring at my girl.” 

You sighed, turned around to face him, then pecked his lips. “Exactly, Ty, your girl. I’m yours. Only yours.” 

“Don’t forget that.”

“Y/N!” Brad, a friend of a friend called you over. 

You glanced at Tyler as if asking for permission to leave his side. “Go on, just remember who’s you are,” he whispered in your ear. You nodded, and then made your way over to Brad and his friends.

“Hey, Brad! How are you?” You asked.

He smiled, “Good, good. This is Cam, a friend of mine.” He pulled a man forward. Cam was handsome sure, but not like Tyler. Yeah, Cam has bigger muscles, but he seemed already seemed like a douche. 

“Well hello, sexy,” Cam said, obviously tipsy.

You took a small step back, “Um, thanks? But I kind of have a boyfriend.”

“Well, I don’t see him around here…why don’t we get out of here?” He smirked. 

That’s when you felt a strong grip on your waist. Tyler. “Who do you think you are? Hitting on my girl? Stay away from her. She’s taken. She’s mine.” Tyler then whisked you away, towards the door. He grabbed the bassist of your band’s arm and said, “We are leaving a little early, Y/N isn’t feeling well.” With that, he pulled you out the door, into the car. 

“Tyler it was nothing-” 

He scoffed, “It was something. It was another man trying to take what’s mine. Who’s are you Y/N?”

“Yours, Tyler, yours.” 

He slammed the door behind you, pushing you up against the wall. “Mine.” He growled in your ear, before attaching his lips to your neck. You were in for a long night.


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Author: Mouse
Reader: Gender Neutral 
Warnings: None, I hope. 
Word Count: 425
This is my first thing I’ve written on this blog, so constructive criticism is highly appreciated! 

You had been sitting under the shade of this large oak tree for God knows how long, trying to sketch the clouds in the sky. It was a nice day outside, not too hot and not too cold, and not too many people. You were sitting cross legged in your front yard with your sketchbook in hand and earbuds in your ears. A shadow suddenly loomed over you, causing you to tilt your head up and pause your music.

“Hi, um, this may sound like a strange request, but I was wondering if you would be interested in listening to my band for a bit, just to, uh, see how we sound?” The man in front of you asked. He seemed shy, rubbing the back of his neck and avoiding eye contact. Before you could reply, he spoke again, “Y-you don’t have to, it would just be, uh, helpful to have another set of ears.” You smiled up at him.

“Sure, what’s your name?” You asked, standing up and closing your sketch book. You could barely hear a sigh of relieve from him.

“I’m Josh. What’s yours?” He gave you a smile and shook your hand before walking over to his house.

“[Y/N].” The two of you reached a house and Josh knocked on the glass door.

“Hey, man! You finally decided to show up!” The guy who answered the door said, pulling Josh into a hug. The two of them chatted in the doorway for a bit while you awkwardly admired the brick on the wall. “Who’s this?” The guy asked.

“Oh, this is  [Y/N].  [Y/N], meet Tyler. Tyler, meet  [Y/N].” Tyler studied you for a moment before shrugging and holding out his hand.

“Nice to meet you,  [Y/N].”

“Likewise, Tyler.” You nodded.

“She’s here to listen to some stuff, y’know, so we can get another opinion.” Tyler gave Josh a knowing look while Josh glared at him.

“Sick. Let’s go.”

A few hours later, you were sitting cross legged on a couch chatting with Josh about his music. Throughout the performance, he had glanced up at you a few times from behind his drums, to which you shot him a comforting smile. He smiled back before ducking his head to cover a blush.

“So, um, what are your plans on Friday?” He asked shyly, averting his eyes from yours.

“I don’t have anything planned, why?” He was silent for a bit, trying to steady his breathing, before all his words came out in a big rush.

“Do you wanna go get coffee with me this Friday?” It took you a few seconds to process what he said, but once you did you smiled.

“Of course!”

Beside, Carcer was a nightmare.
Vimes was used to the other kinds of nut jobs, the ones that acted quite no mall right up to the point where they hauled off and smashed someone with a poker for blowing their nose noisily. But Carcer was different. He was in two minds, but instead of them being in conflict, they were in competition. He has a demon on both shoulders, urging one another on.
—  Terry Pratchett, Night Watch