I’m sorry I haven’t been here for a long time
many people are asking me about another stickers shop instead of Redbubble and I chose Society6, cause Zazzle has a really complicated tax rules, and CafePress removed all my prints like Redbubble
I created this Halloween and Christmas stickers for you, they are available on Society6 here - https://society6.com/lis-alis 
I hope you’ll like it

Also I deleted all my stuff from redbuble and my acc has been unrestricted, but i don’t know should i try to upload something again or not…

 P. S. If you see this post and want to report about copyrights immediately, please, don’t. It’s just a little stickers for fans, ok?

rainbowdracula  asked:

I think what we're seeing is a communication breakdown between Keith and Shiro, caused by their personal baggage and fears, so it's not anyone's fault but it's still sad because they're so close. Hopefully next season we see them confront this breakdown and make their relationship stronger...I love healthy communication in my shows ;o;

1000% agree!! these guys are funny because they’ve been called the closest relationship on the team but they’re also super terrible at actually soothing each others REAL troubles cuz they’re never really honest about them. Maybe they feel like if they speak the truth they’ll scare the other person off. But the important thing is they’re still trying to comfort each other despite their bad communication issues, and that’s why I like them so much. I feel like we’re gonna hit a big hurdle soon, but when they get over it they’ll be closer to real equals where Keith can have some more faith in himself and stop relying on Shiro, and Shiro can open up to Keith as a man and a leader who can support him as a partner.