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Just got back from a 4 day mini break. I decided to do the whole AFI / Deftones UK tour which consisted of London - Manchester - Glasgow.

Nice to get away on a little road trip, I met some lovely people and visited some places I’ve never been.

Normal service will now resume as usual, back to the drawing board.



Open and inviting: A master-suite addition offers the opportunity for a wet-room shower space.

This bathroom redesign in a 1905 Austin, Texas bungalow added a dramatic soaking tub and rain shower as focal points for a wet room.

See more photos and full details in the October 2016 issue of This Old House magazine.

Photographs by Casey Dunn

Lazer Team - 2015

Rooster Teeth

Going to talk about this and add a bit more explanation behind the design and concept of the poster. Obviously lazer team is a comedy/action film, but I wanted to look at it from another angle, the quote from the trailer. Using that as the base, looking at old military documents and creating a more serious and obscure poster. The blocked out text is taken from military documents where sensitive or classified info is blacked out. Obviously I can’t black out parts of the quote so decided to use it as a design focal point, Keeping the quote revealed. The blacked out text would make no sense but it brings the aesthetics and is the main idea. It’s a bit different. A sideways take on the trailer and the premise of the film.