dunn's river


Rio Chico (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) :: Fourteen acres overflowing with luscious vegetation, flowering bougainvillea, crystal-clear streams and waterfalls springing directly from the same mountain source as nearby Dunn’s River greet you as you drive along the meandering entryway to Rio Chico, your own stunning island estate.

Stroll aimlessly through gardens laden with classical Italian sculptures, exotic blossoms and the mingled scents of Eden. Escape entirely to secluded niches tucked away throughout the magical property. Dine splendidly on gourmet fare created expressly to your specifications by your own International chef. Surrender to the discreetly attentive care of your butler. Gaze out from your massive verandas at the breathtaking vistas of silky white sands, crystalline sea and the bright, orange glow of another glorious Caribbean sunset.

After awaking in one of Rio Chico’s eight opulent suites, spend the day reclining on your private terrace or by the pool with family and friends by your side. Energetic afternoons can be spent indulging in any number of activities on site, including snorkeling through the coral and windsurfing on the waves right off your private beach.