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Useless [Dear Hank and John] - ANIMATED
FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST GABY DUNN!! Do you have a bit from the podcast you'd like to see animated? Let me know in the comments and maybe it'll happen! Don't ...

NEW VIDEOOOOOO! This one features special guest Gaby Dunn! Go check out her stuff and Hank’s if you haven’t done so already! Also check out my last video where I talk about my win/fail Slenderman costume. https://youtu.be/YLbE-tp33hs

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@crucialandinert replied to your post “@crucialandinert replied to your post “HEY WHO WANTS TO HEAR A REALLY…”

Can we Discourse about tiny!Donalds height? I like him as tall for his age but just painfully thin. This headcanon comes from Zach saying he doesn’t remember when he got tall, and feeling like baby Donald always stuck out and could never be as inconspicuous as he longed to be because of his giraffedom. I’m a teensy person myself but my bestie is a 6'4" redhead and I always felt bad that he is always stared at and singled out wherever he goes unless someday he visits Norway I guess.

That is Very Good; I feel like chronic malnutrition in early childhood might have stunted his growth a little but once he moves in with Gin and Toni and starts eating properly again he has a growth spurt and becomes essentially a baby giraffe (his body’s initial response to getting enough food is not “store it as muscle and fat” but “TIME TO REACH MY FULL HEIGHT POTENTIAL” so for a while he’s just a skinny lil beanstalk)

(that’s what happened with one of my friends in high school, they went from tiny little wisp that barely came up to my shoulder to tall gangly beanstalk in a matter of months)