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#177 - “I know that I’m stood here bleeding all over you, and this is probably the wrong time, but I kinda like you.”


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Go was funnier than Amy, though, so it was a mismatched battle. Amy was clever, withering, sarcastic. Amy could get me riled up, could make an excellent, barbed point, but Go always made me laugh.

first 7 eps

so far I’ve watched the first 7 eps of S2, here’s some of my general thoughts so far:

-lol wow I forgot how much I dislike the theme song
-injured Vanessa again? not digging it. give her a real plot please
-need more Jax and Miles interaction
-need more Julie and Scarlett interaction
-loving the increased amount of Dunn sisters screen time
-Jax and Bianca are cute (though not as cute as Jax and Miles) but it’s hard for me to be pro-Jianca when they got together because Bianca lied and meddled and his relationship w/ Jenna, and now Jax has gone and kissed some other girl over summer break….
-Please keep Miles and Alya broken up. Yeah, let him have time to get over his feels and stuff, but I don’t need to see them eventually get back together (though I wouldn’t be that surprised). They are good musical partners and friends and they care about each other, but the romantic chemistry isn’t there. 
-Beckett is an interesting character. the Helsweel plot twist wasn’t too surprising but I like having a character foil all the other high strung dancers
-I hope we find out George is autistic and he’s not just being coded that way. 
-Sasha has a multiple episode story line independent of C & V! finally. also….his unofficial crush on Beckett :) (I mean the show hasn’t said that as of now but I mean….)
-Jenna’s still kinda annoying but at least she’s slightly more fleshed out as a character so far this season

oh and what happened to Denzel?? Did they say at the end of S1 and I just forgot?

the signs as gone girl characters
  • aries: amy's infinite wildness
  • taurus: noelle, the false pregnant friend
  • gemini: nick dunne, the asshole
  • cancer: desi collings, the oldie sweetheart
  • leo: margo dunne, the sister
  • virgo: detective rhonda, the smartass police
  • libra: andie, the affair
  • scorpio: amy dunne, the amazing amy
  • sagittarius: jeff, the badboy
  • capricorn: tanner, the nice defenser
  • aquarius: greta, the badgirl in love
  • pisces: officer james, the cutie officer