dunn sisters


So. I decided to make a masterlist of all my stuff. You can def tell my older stuff from my newer stuff by well. The length. The quality. Yeah. No, my beginning was not all that great, BUT I THINK I’M GETTING BETTER (Hopefully???) Anywho. Yeah. Here this is. Idk if I did it right but. Yes. 


AJ Styles



Baron Corbin

-Flickers of Gold

-Flickers of Gold - Part 2



Dean Ambrose



Dolph Ziggler 

-Us Against the World (Breathe)

Finn Bálor

-But You Didn’t (Home)


Enzo Amore

-Fuckin’ Moron

Roman Reigns


-Lipstick Stains

Sami Zayn

-Jitter Bug

Seth Rollins



-Stolen Raspberries

Xavier Woods

-Warrior vs. Princess


AJ Styles

-Sex With…

Aleister Black 

-Bar Fight

Baron Corbin


-Cuddle Headcanon



-Sex With…

Braun Strowman

-Sex With…



-Sex With…

Corey Graves

-Sex With…

Dean Ambrose


-Sex With…

Finn Bálor 

-Cupcake (Prompt #87)  

-Lost (Prompt #43) 

Jeff Hardy 

-Sex With… 

Kenny Omega

-Sex With…

Mark Andrews

-Sister (Pete Dunne)

-Sex With…

Mojo Rawley

-Proposal/First Date 

Pete Dunne






-First Kiss



-Road Head

-Sister (Mark Andrews)

-Sex With…


-Going into Labor 

-Wrestler GF

Roman Reigns

-Sex With…

Sami Zayn

-Blind Date

-Sex With…

Seth Rollins

-Sex With…

Tama Tonga

-Sex With…

Tyler Bate 

-Booty Touches



-Eating Out

-First Time

-Friends? (Prompt #50 & #85)

-Sad Dog Videos


Tyler and Trent


Tyler, Trent and Pete


Whimper List

Raw Top 5

Kinkiest Diva’s/Superstars


Go was funnier than Amy, though, so it was a mismatched battle. Amy was clever, withering, sarcastic. Amy could get me riled up, could make an excellent, barbed point, but Go always made me laugh.

the signs as gone girl characters
  • aries: amy's infinite wildness
  • taurus: noelle, the false pregnant friend
  • gemini: nick dunne, the asshole
  • cancer: desi collings, the oldie sweetheart
  • leo: margo dunne, the sister
  • virgo: detective rhonda, the smartass police
  • libra: andie, the affair
  • scorpio: amy dunne, the amazing amy
  • sagittarius: jeff, the badboy
  • capricorn: tanner, the nice defenser
  • aquarius: greta, the badgirl in love
  • pisces: officer james, the cutie officer