7-Minute Prologue for Dunkirk to Screen Before Rogue One in IMAX? | Nolan Fans
Our friends over at Trailer Track uncovered a tweet (now deleted) earlier today from The Minnesota Zoo IMAX Theatre stating they’ll be screening a 7-minute prologue for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk in front of showings of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
There was candy and the ‘candy lady’ told them that Harry is a Haribo lover and so the Urker extras nicknamed him Harry-Bo. And there was the case of Harry rummaging through some extra’s stuff. The extra offered him their apple or waffle, but Harry wanted the Finding Dory cookies.
—  Last Episode: Diary of an Extra” - via Het Urkerland / translation by @merlinski

critch_: And that, ladies and gentleman, is a wrap for me on Dunkirk! Twas a hell of a ride, but I got to meet and work with some really awesomely talented people. Not gonna lie, though, despite what we all may think this guy’s actually a pretty great kid. Great dirty jokes and sweet as all get out. All around class act. …and yes, it did kill me to ask. 😉