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man i love watching like success in reverse narratives. i started watching the get down recently and it’s just like seeing this huge musician looking in hindsight at being a teen in love and being on the cusp. like, i know it sounds super goofy and silly but one of my favourite cinematic moments is the first three minutes of space jam where this kid is like, ‘hey dad, i wanna play basketball’ and his dad is like, ‘you’re pretty good son, but let’s go to bed now’, and the transition into like every dunk michael jordan has just made. it’s so golden and warm and familial and then it segues into something huge and loud and triumphant. i hope i can make that sort of transition someday, but my life isn’t a movie and i can’t really get that in editing. i wonder if i’m on the cusp of something. or if i have been for a long time. or if i ever will be.

Mitsuhide is not playing

Continuing from this post with @jemchew, I start Chapter 6 of Mitsuhide’s route today.

Maybe Mitsunanny’s route is boring, I don’t know– I’ve only just started, and since Nobu was the first lord I played, I skipped the prologue even though I can’t remember a thing about it –but this lying liar first said this:

Next thing you know, you get attacked and he goes straight to dunking people headfirst into the ground like how you dunk a cookie into a glass of milk.

Below: Mitsuhidethebodies’ favorite snack:

He’s completely silent the whole time, mind you. 

You, dying of thirst while he does it:

Meanwhile, Nobu:

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So Mitsuhide gathers you into a princess carry and runs straight to his bedroom. Not the kitchen or the grand hall or the infirmary– his bedroom! 

As he tends to you, he reveals that he wanted to keep you close even though he showed no signs of thinking anything like that. So far, all you’ve done is sip tea occasionally and nap in the sun, on the engawa, like little old ladies.

When you say that you feel happy when he helps you out, he starts blushing out of nowhere! 

He replies that you help him as well, and what does he do next? He threads his fingers through your hair, combing it affectionately!

Mitsuhide moves fast! I think this may be the fastest meet-cute in the game.

Girl, get some water, you thirsty derp:

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not call another man kind, or Kenshin will come for you! 

So Mitsuhide finishes cleaning the imaginary dirt on your leg, and you shy away from him. His natural response is to glare at you, as one does. 

Then he tells you to sit still because you have a “wound” on your hand. in his mind? So you give him your hand, and as he cleans and bandages it, you start to blush.

That’s where I left off yesterday and I’m actually having fun seeing how quickly Mitsuhide loses his composure around you. 

You have this rigid workaholic, following orders to the letter, just shy of Mitsunari-levels of devotion. After only knowing you for a little while, he’s already comfortable enough with you to be nodding off in broad daylight, being jealous of a lovable old man for no reason, and decimating your attackers without hesitation.

Mitsuhide is certainly interesting. I don’t know if I will find his route to be boring, but as a character, I’m liking him even more!

anonymous asked:

Aw I loved that ideal date hcs, can I request the same for Kuroo, Yaku and Iwaizumi? ^^ please and thank you!


  • despite looking like a trash kitty, kuroo would love to have a study date with you
  • quite, relaxed, and he gets to read
  • plus; kisses behind books, maybe some making out breaks, reading random facts to each other, holding hands across the table
  • he 10/10 lets you wear his hoodie
  • kisses amongst the letters he could never put into words


  • beach date beach date!
  • he lives for the warm summer and ice cold drinks, and of course he packs a picnic
  • kisses that taste like raspberry lemonade and sand
  • him dunking you underwater 
  • finding sand everywhere days later and smiling at the fond memories


  • a simple walk around the botanical gardens would be the ideal
  • holding your hand and excitedly pointing out colourful flowers and beautiful plants as you walk around
  • him handing you his jacket when you get cold
  • kissing on a bench next to a pond
  • him picking a daisy from the path to put behind your ear

These boys are too sweet! I love them too much!

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