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[ Day 21: Draw your character’s inventory ]

[ Day 22: Draw your character befriending a new NPC ]

Just because I didn’t get these done on time doesn’t mean I’m not gonna do them.

Rowan has a wild inventory. He’s got so much random crap from bandit loot and rewards from a group of Rangers. Imagine if he was like Lesdyn and Isroan aka looting everything in the crypt.

And then we’ve got him and his twisted mirror image, Pedusi. A good dude who I’ve wanted to get drawn for a while. He kinda counts as new. I still can’t get over how Pedusi and Tamwen are literally just a twisted reflection of Rowan and Lesdyn. I’m looking forward to seeing some more weird parallels between the groups.


Updated sports anime maps! The first one is more of current popular sports animes and the second one has older sports ones too! I considered putting them all on the same map but that’d be way too messy on one picture ;((

Thanks to @mew318 for Haikyuu, @hetaliabunny for Diamond no Ace, @stephie-senpai for Oofuri, and @fencer-x for the Prince of Tennis help!!

***Edit: Saisei is from Kanagawa, not Tokyo

Japan prefecture map from wiki

Full size/clearer HERE