Now that it’s live and airing, I can finally tell you all how excited I am that I was lucky enough to be cast in a Dunkin Donuts commercial!

Being from Rhode Island, this isn’t just a cool commercial where I got paid to eat something delicious. This is a big deal. In my home town, there was once six Dunkin Donuts. SIX. I think at one point, two shared a parking lot. For real. I’ve known people who would drive fifteen minutes in a foot of snow to get their second large-iced of the day. THEIR SECOND.

My home town, by the way, is the shape of a lobster claw, is only 20 square miles, only 22,000 people live there, and it’s basically impossible to ever be more than a fifteen minute walk from the water. That’s fifteen minutes if you’re walking slowly. It kind of doesn’t get much more new England than that.

So when I say this is a big deal for me, it’s a really big deal. Thanks to Mom, Dad, my Sister and all my friends and family back home, who have supported me all my life. This one’s definitely for you.

- Chris