Name: Emily
Favourite anime (manga): Death Note (obvs), shingeki no kyojin (I’m totally in it for Erwin/levi ngl), gurren lagann, black butler, hetalia, fma
Zodiac: Gemini
Favourite anime quote: Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the kamina who believes in you!
Favourite drink: tea
Movies I am looking forward to: I wanna see mad max!!
Favourite Bands/Artists: alice francis, stray cats, beat circus, diablo swing orchestra, flogging molly, squirrel nut zippers, dunkelbunt, stromae, caro emerald
Say something in all caps: WRONG LEVER

thanks analystproductions!

It Don’t Mean a Thing
”Just love the lust, you’ll have the leap without the fall,”

Absolutely Me / Caro Emerald 
Sing! Sing! Sing! (Swing)
Rum N Coca Cola / DJ Joe Laurent
Don’t Get Me Wrong / Odjbox ft. Lucinda Belle
Bad Boy Good Man / Tape Five
Cinnamon Girl / Dunkelbunt ft. Boban I Marco
Gimme That Swing! (Mr. Edwardz remix) / Starbuck Johnson 
Beatophone / Caravan Palace
Dirty Laundry / Bitter:Sweet
Charleston Follies / Stereo Swing
Miss Kiss Kiss Bang / Alex Swings Oscar Sings
Jolie Coquine / Caravan Palace
Drink You Sober / Bitter:Sweet
Washington Square / The Correspondents 

[14 songs, 54 minutes]

Am schlimmsten ist es, eine Person zu lieben und trotzdem lebe wohl zu sagen.
—  dunkelbunt