Derrick Jones Jr. has joined Wayne Selden in trying to persuade us that we need to be paying much more attention to the D-League.

darkseraphscorner  asked:

Had an amusing thought about the 40K Space jam idea involving the loyalist marine teams. Only the Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Salamander's have active teams. The Ultramarines quit because no one else would follow the rules to the book, the Imperial fist could never get a game because no one could beat their defenses, the Raven Guard kept sneaking players on and off the field, the Iron Hands where caught using to many Bionics and the White Scars refused to play cuz there are no bikes.

For some reason I can totally imagine the Scars team owning it in white wife-beaters with the red scar jag emblazoned on the front, slam-dunking with their long moustaches blowing in the wind. 


The Warriors’ ongoing game of “can you top this?” continued Monday with a perfect 70-or-so-foot lead pass from Draymond Green to Steph Curry, an in-stride-mid-air-no-look-over-the-head pass from Steph to Kevin Durant, and a lefty-corral-and-alley-oop flush by KD … and continued with, y’know, SIXTY POINTS IN TWENTY-NINE MINUTES BY KLAY THOMPSON.


The Atlanta Hawks signed Dwight Howard to protect the rim. But they never thought about who would protect him from Victor Oladipo.

The first bit of Gabriel Reyes characterization we’ve seen and he’s a massive fuckin’ dork, I love it. 

Puts a ton of effort into his halloween costume for a party with his friends, probably sews it himself, shows up fashionably late in a dramatic af entrance, apologizes for being late, and is all smiles =D 


…And, things don’t go quite as expected, for anyone involved!

The moral of this story is: don’t try to suplex anything that’s at least partially liquid!

Next part will be along next weekend!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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