Blake Griffin has done pretty much everything for the Clippers in the playoffs. That includes dunks.

Free! ESC’s KnB & Slam Dunk Cast Crossover

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Free! ESC will include a vast of crossovers including: Kuroko no Basket and Slam Dunk for Book 1: Crossroad of Talents.

Haikyuu!!’s story arc will be explained in Book 2.

Book 1: Crossroad of Talents
- Introduction to the Basketball Arc

Generation of Marvels 

The Generation of Marvels were a group of elite athletes from different villages that began the formation of “Basketball”.  The concept of basketball was created by Dr. Naismith through a Compendium called “Naismith Basketball” before it grew popularity. Despite how it is a book of rules on how to play the game, there is a hidden poem that foretells the rise of Six Special Players.

These six players below have unique abilities that are later “amplified” upon reincarnation to Eternal Swim Chronicle’s Present Timeline as Generation of Miracles. However, there is a “curse” in the prophecy that one of them will bore a descendant who is rather the “son” and not a “reincarnated self”. Meaning that only 5 of the 6 players will be reincarnated.

The Marvels Include (that connect to their “future” selves in Generation of Miracles)

G.O Marvels Ancestor - G.O Miracles Descendant

Ryouta Miyagi (Shohoku) – Kise Ryouta (Kaijou)

Minori Kishimoto (Toyotama) – Daiki Aomine (Touou)

Nobunaga Kiyouta (Kainan) – Atsushi Murasakibara (Yousen)

Toru Hanagata (Shoyou) – Midorima Shintarou (Shuutoku)

Eiji Sawakita (Sannoh) – Seijuurou Akashi (Rakuzan)

Kaede Rukawa (Shohoku) – Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin)

Generation of Miracles

In the “Alpha Timeline” (aka the world where KnB happens), they are a group of boys in Teiko Middle School, becoming an all-star basketball team. Gifted with their own talents, they were victors for the junior high school nationals.

Time passed and they separated their ways, only to confront again during high school in the Kuroko no Basuke timeline.

Now, in the “Gamma Timeline” (aka ESC), they are descendants to the Generation of Marvals; reincarnated to fulfill a new destiny. They are the current leaders of Sportsbrooke and recite the rite of the “Princess Goddess” to keep their city safe from all harm.


LeBron James promised to be more aggressive in Game 2. He kept his promise – just ask Jimmy Butler – and now Cavs-Bulls is tied 1-1.

“What makes a word a pop word? First of all, we’re not talking mere clichés. Most pop phrases are indeed clichés—that is, hackneyed or trite. But a pop phrase packs more rhetorical oomph and social punch than a conventional cliché. It’s the difference, say, between It’s as plain as the nose on your face and Duh, between old hat and so five minutes ago. Pop is the elite corps of clichés.”

- Leslie Savan, Slam Dunks and No-Brainers

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