When the competition isn’t doin’ it for you and you’ve got to dunk on your own teammates

mzn-1 asked:

وش حيث الأنون يسألون وحنا لا ض1 .. سؤالي لك يا أخت العرب .. أبطال إنميات ( شخصيات رئيسية ) أعجبوك , سواء بإنميات طويلة أو قصيرة, مع ذكر السبب / السبب مهم ض1 .. يارب سؤالي واضح ذذ

تو ما نور الآسك *^* ق1 ق1

وسؤال جميل … كجمالك ^^ ق1


يب فيه كثير أبطال انيميات أعجبوني و بعضهم دخلوا الفيفروت

أببدأ باللي دخلوا الفيفروت

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can u imagine.. lying on top of jasper. like not even in a sexual way, just laying on these rock hard abs but then her big bara chest is like a nice firm pillow with the perfect amount of squish on it and these huge beefy arms are wrapped around you and you know they could absolutely crush you to death but instead they’re just holding you protectively oh god rip me

Our final four’s all filled out already.

Peanut Butter Polka Dot Bars
Reese’s Pretzel Snacks
Slam Dunk Cookies
Fan Favorite Snack Mix

things i want to see in the 100 season three:

  • commander lexa
  • lexa smiling
  • lexa laughing 
  • lexa crying
  • lexa telling clarke more about costia
  • lexa being a lovesick puppy around clarke and being really bad at hiding it
  • lexa being turned on every time clarke breathes
  • lexa learning sky people culture and slang
  • heda
  • the commander
  • L E X A
  • please i just want lexa
  • lexaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa