It was only a few heartbeats later, as Dunk and Ser Kyle were helping Glendon Ball off his horse, that the first trumpet blew, and the sentries on the walls raised the alarm. An army had appeared outside the castle, rising from the morning mists. “Egg wasn’t lying after all,” Dunk told Ser Kyle, astonished.
From Maidenpool had come Lord Mooton, from Raventree Lord Blackwood, from Duskendale Lord Darklyn. The royal demesnes about King’s Landing sent forth Hayfords, Rosbys, Stokeworths, Masseys, and the king’s own sworn swords, led by three knights of the Kingsguard and stiffened by three hundred Raven’s Teeth with tall white weirwood bows. Mad Danelle Lothston herself rode forth in strength from her haunted towers at Harrenhal, clad in black armor that fit her like an iron glove, her long red hair streaming.
The light of the rising sun glittered off the points of five hundred lances and ten times as many spears. The night’s grey banners were reborn in half a hundred gaudy colors. And above them all flew two regal dragons on night-black fields: the great three-headed beast of King Aerys I Targaryen, red as fire, and a white-winged fury breathing scarlet flame.
Not Maekar after all, Dunk knew, when he saw those banners. The banners of the Prince of Summerhall showed four three-headed dragons, two and two, the arms of the fourth-born son of the late King Daeron II Targaryen. A single white dragon announced the presence of the King’s Hand, Lord Brynden Rivers.
Bloodraven himself had come to Whitewalls.

–The Mystery Knight

Art by Mike S. Miller, WIP for the graphic novel edition of The Mystery Knight. (Coming July 2017.) Can’t wait to see it in color!

(Also, just FYI, Mike Miller is having a sale on prints in his online shop. Use the code 25FOR25 for 25% off, minimum order $40.)

Things I just freaking adore about Race to the Edge.

  • Hiccup gets dunked in a pile of fish. He is armpit deep in fish. We literally see Hiccup dunked in a pile of fish.
  • Ruffnut and Tuffnut talking about how much they mean to each other. They’re serious. They’re emphatic. They’re such caring siblings. There are feels everywhere.
  • Fishlegs gets hypnotized into believing he is this buff, tough, heroic dragon wrangler, which makes Snotlout squealy over him.
  • Snotlout kisses Fishlegs.
  • If you translate Snotlout’s diagrams in “Quake, Rattle, and Roll,” you realized he’s talking about and drawing about how to give people  wedgies.
  • Viggo completely outmaneuvers Hiccup. We’re accustomed to seeing Hiccup outsmarting others, not getting owned by someone else’s plot.
  • That moment when Astrid and Stoick have that serious nighttime talk at the start of “Astrid’s Team.” Great, deep bonding moment and did a good job realistically highlighting Astrid’s insecurities.
  • Dagur and Fishlegs bonding over being Gronckle riders.
  • Astrid and Heather kicking butt together as a dynamic duo. And like, everything about their friendship.
  • “Toothle! Plama blat!” Like literally? Banning the letter “S” just to bother Snotlout? Incredible.
  • Tableboy Hiccup.
  • Ruffnut and Tuffnut demonstrating how competent they can be.
  • What even is “The Zippleback Experience” I don’t know.
  • We got a musical episode. There is a musical number where Snotlout brags about himself. Think about it.
  • Oh also Death Songs are completely awesome.
  • And Razorwhips.
  • Gothi swears like a sailor and won’t hesitate to use her language to complain about the chief and chief’s son. There is no filter on this woman!
  • How on earth did we get in this tangle with Tuffnut marrying Fishlegs and Ruffnut?
  • Princess Outpost Hiccup.
  • Fishlegs leading the Catastrophic Quakens against Viggo’s fortress was so legit. Fishlegs holds up this might hammer like he’s actually Thor and then just wreaks havoc.
  • Tuffnut and Chicken.
  • Hiccup and the riders being JUST DONE with Johann.
  • There are times when the story gets serious, tense, and dramatic, but they also have fun and give us plenty of moments and episodes where they don’t take themselves seriously. “Big Man on Berk” has no attempted seriousness. None at all. None.
  • Viggo’s opening dialogue is some of the coolest lines I’ve ever heard in this series, and it gets so deep. It’s a wonderful character introduction, a revealing and thoughtful exposition.
  • Queen Mala and the Defenders of the Wing and their unique culture is pretty darned awesome.
  • Hiccup and his flight suit tests. What a nerd.
  • Astrid’s design is gorgeous. So is Hiccup’s. Actually I mean I like how all of them look.
  • The animation is so good for a television series??
  • I just. I’m so happy thinking about RTTE right now.

The first bit of Gabriel Reyes characterization we’ve seen and he’s a massive fuckin’ dork, I love it. 

Puts a ton of effort into his halloween costume for a party with his friends, probably sews it himself, shows up fashionably late in a dramatic af entrance, apologizes for being late, and is all smiles =D 


…And, things don’t go quite as expected, for anyone involved!

The moral of this story is: don’t try to suplex anything that’s at least partially liquid!

Next part will be along next weekend!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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