remember in consumed when daryl kept insisting “they were safe” in the room they were sharing. that no one needed to go on watch. they could just do their thing. go to sleep. go to bed together. in the same mattress. did anyone ever stop to think that “this place is locked up pretty tight” is daryl basically saying “please carol………………….daryl jr has been waiting since season 2 for you and i just realized it now end my agony” 


a knight of the seven kingdoms (the tales of dunk and egg)
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Big takeaway from Team USA’s blowout exhibition victory over China: You really, really don’t want to lose DeAndre Jordan on an inbounds play.

Sydney, 2000: Vinsanity. #50Days50Moments
Kevin Garnett’s face says it all. USA’s #VinceCarter famously leaps over France’s Frederic Weis to throw down an unforgettable #dunk during the #Olympics Mens #Basketball Preliminaries at the Dome in #Sydney, #Australia | September 25, 2016 | 📷: Darren McNamara / Allsport | #GettySport #Rio2016 #RoadToRio #🏀#🇺🇸
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How skilled of a fighter was Ser Duncan the Tall? How much did his lack of formal training affect his abilities?

Initially, Ser Duncan was only so-so, as basically a half-trained kid whose size gave him reach and weight but not much accuracy. And through the events of Hedge Knight, Sworn Sword, and Mystery Knight, he’s definitely learning through the school of hard knocks, although he seems to be much better with the sword than with the lance as of Mystery Knight.

But we know from the WOIAF and the TV show that Dunk got much better at both with time:

“King Aegon V himself rode out to meet them, with his three sons by his side. In the Battle of Wendwater Bridge, the Blackfyres suffered a shattering defeat, and Daemon III was slain by the Kingsguard knight Ser Duncan the Tall, the hedge knight for whom “Egg” had served as a squire…Peace was restored only after the Kingsguard knight Ser Duncan the Tall faced Lord Lyonel in a trial by battle…Ser Duncan of the Kingsguard defeated Lord Lyonel in single combat.”

“…Raised to Lord Commander of the Kingsguard by King Aegon V, his former squire. Led the honor guard that escorted Maester Aemon, formerly of House Targaryen and the Kings uncle, to the Wall. Defeated all challengers at the tourney of Pennytree, which Aegon V held in his honor and named a commoner as the Queen of Love and Beauty. Rescued the daughter of Lord Damon Lannister from Pyke, after her ship was taken by Greyjoy raiders…”

We also know that Dunk was defeated at a tourney by a 16-year old Barristan Selmy, so if you have to get beat, get beat by the best. 

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.  How come I haven’t read this book earlier? George R.R. Martin, if we can’t see the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire in short future, can we have more stories of Dunk and Egg? I really enjoyed my little adventure with these two every day before I go to sleep. Made this little drawing just because I love the book and these two so much.

au where hux and kylo are competing against each other in cutthroat kitchen, and end up as finalists against each other. hux has to cook with his utensils ducktaped to his wrists, but kylo can only use canned ingredients and must use stove that only goes to his knees. a set of gifs goes viral after the show airs. It features Hux staring at kylo’s ass while kylo bends over his tiny stove, screams, and slam dunks a can against the ground

I like gt thats technically gentle, but where the giant is a little too casual or playful. (Based on a post about dipping tinies in sauce, but I’m on mobile and cant link it)

For example:

“Huh? Oh yeah. I’m not doing anything, chill out.” *dunking tiny in some soy sauce* “Really, it’s cool, just soy sauce. You needed a bath.” *slowly brings tiny up to mouth* “Really, not doing anything.” *opens mouth wide, like they’re about to eat the tiny**suddenly just starts kissing them, laughing softly* “haaa gotcha.”

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One where the reader is super athletic/ sporty and Laurens is just so scared to ask her out bc he doesn't think he is manly enough so he tries to prove that he is by trying out for sports. First day of football he almost gets a concussion by getting hit by the ball, for basketball Lafayette is too competitive and dunks on him, in soccer he gets his ass handed to by Angelica, and when he tries to play golf with the reader he almost kills Burr who is on another hole


also, after talking with @mithraiic about a dunk & egg -esque verse with brienne and jon, respectively, i’m this >< close to making an asoiaf au verse where brienne is masquerading as an unknown ser galladon the knight. doesn’t tell anyone who she really is. keeps a helmet over her head so that no one can suspect her sex. you know. fighting. tourneys. MYSTERY KNIGHT. brienne going around with a shooting star above an elm tree over a sunset field on her shield bc she saw it in her father’s armory. all that good stuff. |||:


Local short @thelaziestbro gains copious amounts of leg, finally surpasses smolness and gets last laugh on local popato that first made contact with him by making joke about his height

Get dunked on popato

((I didn’t know whether to make this IC or not but that diglett post tho. Also I remember the first time laziest ever more or less acknowledged me was when he addressed a short joke I made directed towards him

Ah shirt stature. Brings people together))

#NOH366 Day 180: NikeSB Dunk High Premium FiveOneO - “510 Fog Camo” - Black / Olive Khaki - Sunset c.2014

Berkeley x Benny Gold

PhotoCred: @nohardwear

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