My husband downloaded a 2-player video game where each player is a small piece of paper and you must cooperatively snip each other’s shapes in order to accomplish a shared goal. The guys played for a while, cooperating well and getting through the goals pretty easily.

They handed me a controller, after I told them I was not going to play, so I spent the next five minutes aggressively hunting down my friend’s paper piece and snipping him into oblivion until they took the controller away from me. I cannot be trusted.

now they are all playing my way. This is a children’s cooperative game. I just heard one of them shout “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR FUCKING UP MY SHIT” Amazing.


IZ (Pronounced ‘Eyes’)

IZ is short for ‘Open Your Eyes(IZ)

Company: Music K Entertainment

  •  Home of Trot singer Hong Jin Young.
  •  The Ark was formally apart of this Label.

Twitter: @official__IZ

YouTube: 아이즈          

Company Twitter: @musicK_official

Average age of 18 Years Old


Leader & Vocalist Jihoo

Drummer Woosu

Guitarist Hyunjun

Bassist Junyoung

(Everything will be updated as soon as more information is released!)

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