dunk over me

  • Me: Ah yes, love Dave Strider. Love that aromantic asexual guy. Love him. Aromantic asexual Dave Strider. Love it. He's aromantic asexual. Ace and aro David Elizabeth Strider. Love him.
  • Fandom: Noo..... he can't be aromantic..... in love with karkat...... no o o..... dave luvs karkat its canon..... he cant be asexual thats not............ no... its canon .....
  • Me: Love that aromantic asexual Dave Strider.

Today, I had to do some paintin’ and the guy I work with found it funny to dunk a paint bucket over me. Somethin’ about putting it on YouTube. He got quite the talkin’ to by the boss man for wastin’ that paint.

I couldn’t show up at a client’s house like that though, so I had to rinse off with a garden hose. I’m so dang cold.

anonymous asked:

Alright, anon, time for some fact drops. In the kill-all run, Chara is not the one who kills everyone. You are. The Player is the one who forces Frisk, and Chara, to kill everyone. Sans has never once said the word 'demon'. Not even during his fight. When Chara calls themselves a demon at the end, that's because you turned them into one by killing everybody. And, Chara is not evil. They STOP YOU at the end, and destroy everything, and then you sell your soul to play again. You're the evil one.