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170308 NCT DREAM ‘Dunk Shot’ @ MBC Show Champion


These kids Gordon and LaVine put on a SHOW last night! One of the most entertaining dunk contest duels I’ve ever witnessed to date, probably the best overall dunk contest in many years.

I think everyone’s favorite dunk HAS to be when Aaron Gordon decided to take a seat 8 feet in the air LOL (stop the madness!!).

I don’t think he necessarily got robbed because Zach had incredible dunks all around as well, but I think it should’ve been a tie at least. One thing’s for sure though, us viewers were the biggest winners.

Check out the highlight mix here

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Hanzier Hc? where richie and mike first meet at a party and meets again while richie is at a sports game?????????????????????????????///

- alright richie’s the bum who heard in his third period class that there’s a party that friday. richie totally wasn’t invited and neither was his friends but that didn’t stop him from borrowing his parent’s car and going to the house anyways

- 3 beer pong tables outside, a crowd of ppl passing around a blunt, and some drunk doing a keg stand

- eddie pulls on richie’s sleeves and says something like “hey maybe we should get out of here? this isn’t really our scene”

- richie almost, ALMOST says, “yeah, you’re right,” until some beer pong olympian champion fucking dunks a redemption shot and the crowd gathered around cheers

- opposing team groans and says “mike, that’s the 5th time you’ve won tonight!” boy, supposedly mike, is getting tons of high fives and praise. richie can’t back down now

- he eagerly turns back to the losers, and they all in unison with unimpressed faces say, “go ahead”

- he beats mike EASY at his own game in his own house and the crowd is fucking stoked, even the losers. stan owes beverly 15$ because he bet there was no way richie would win

- mike accepts defeat like a good sport and the losers all decide to stay and hang out. mike hangs out with richie for most of the night, arm slung around his shoulder and he introduces him to all his friends as “the new beer pong champ”

- because he never learned his name

- cue a week later and richie is still wearing a plastic crown with sticker jewels that mike knighted him with that very night. richie brags all week and the losers hate it, but they kinda love it, too

- “hey king tozier, are you wearing that dumb crown to my game tonight?” stan plays baseball

- “you, sir, are but a peasant,” richie begins, “but i’m sure you would be more than grateful if i attended your game tonight with all of my majestic being”

- “GOSH shut UP RICHIE” - eddie probably

- richie indeed wears the plastic crown to the game that night. he also is the loudest one in the bleachers, cheering for every hit stan makes. stomping his feet and clapping along with the band draws a lot of attention, you know?

- some one in particular notices him and says “hey, cool crown”

- arrogant richie doesn’t turn when he says “uh DUH why do you think i wore it?”

- he only turns a moment later when the kid clears his throat and richie notices it’s mike, the guy from the house party. turns out they have lunch together and mike overheard richie would be at the game, as richie overheard about the house party

- mike probably buys richie a pretzel at the concession stand and asks for a chance to win the crown back and richie is SMOOTH.. as fuck and says he can have it back if he agrees to go on a date with him

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Dat boi Collin Sexton aka Young Bull is a BEAST! 🙌🏽🐃🏆 #collinsexton #youngbull #movewithapurpose #pebblebrookhighschool #alabamacrimsontide

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I guess I’ll give some of my unpopular opinions and predictions.

1. Curry the best player in the NBA (Listen to what Kerr said)

2. Giannis for MVP (Dedicated to his dad R.I.P)

3. Rookie of the Year - Donovan Mitchell (Especially with Dante Exum out)

4. Dennis Smith Jr. Dunk Contest Champion

5. Derrick Rose break out season. (Finally)

6. Drama with the Cavs all season obviously. (Kardashian curse)

7. New Timberwolves are boring/overhyped. (And their uniforms are ugly)

8. Rudy Gobert DPOY (Rudy deserves recognition)

9. Nick Young 6th Man of the Year. 

10. Devin Booker leads NBA in scoring. 

11. D’Angelo Russell is the most improved. (Maybe All Star year)

12. Wizards vs Celtics Eastern Conference Finals (Wizards are slept on)

13. OKC Thunder NBA champions (Melo gets his first title)

14. Knicks have their worst year ever. (End up with Top draft pick though)

15. Vince Carter/Dirk farewell seasons.

Did I miss anything?


Happy 37th to THIS guy! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😁😁😁😁👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎂💕 5× NBA champion, 2× NBA Finals MVP, NBA Most Valuable Player, 17× NBA All-Star, 4× NBA All-Star Game MVP, 2× NBA scoring champion, NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion, Los Angeles Lakers all-time leading scorer, and 3× Gold Medalist
No big deal 😉