The story about Harry sitting alone at the lunch hasn’t been told properly. Actually all the crew members and extras really like Harry. They all thought he would be a stuck up bc of his fame but hes nice to everybody.

Some fans talked to an extra who said Harry is very chill and took selfies with other actors on his phone.

The security talked to a fan and he said that Harry once sat alone so he went over and sat with him and they joked around.

People on set expected Harry to be a snob  but evryone was surprised how “nice” and “normal” he is, everyone on set is positive about Harry.


Crew members of “Dunkirk” about Harry - 11.07.16

(cr: @harryftirene)


The Knicks 2015-16 season in 6 seconds




It might be over for the Raptors already 


Still think this is the Best Dunk Contest Dunk I’ve Ever Seen


my favorite thing i did in senior year was i cut out these two kids on a vaccination pamphlet in the counselors office and taped them together then handed them out and taped them to the walls in the hallway
i called him dunk