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Mrs. Dun

Josh Dun/Reader *SMUT*

Last night had been wild. It was my wedding night and I had married the world’s greatest man. Joshua William Dun. The only thing that would’ve made the night even crazier would be if we had the chance to actually consummate the marriage. We had stumbled into the room in a drunken mess, but we were both exhausted and decided we had the rest of our lives. It didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous. Not only was it my first time to have sex as a married woman, or my first time with Josh. It was my first time ever. Rays of sunlight shone through to the backs of my eyelids from the blinds of the honeymoon suite we were staying in. I smiled as I felt my husband’s arm wrapped tightly around my torso. I groggily opened my eyes, turning to see Josh staring down at me with one of his adorable trademark smiles.

“Mornin’,  handsome,” I smiled.

“Morning, Mrs. Dun,” Josh whispered, tracing a hand softly over my jaw before placing a quick kiss on on my lips. He pulled away, and continued to steadily study my face. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

“Really? I mean, sometimes it’s hard to remember that.”

“Well let me just say, it’s every-“ he placed a soft opened mouth kiss in a tender spot next to my ear, ”-thing-“ another on my cheek, ”-about-“ another at the corner of my mouth, ”-you,“ after the last word he pressed his lips to mine. While the other kisses had been soft and sweet, this one was rough and forceful.

While Josh’s lips were still moving passionately and roughly against mine, the weight on the bed shifted as Josh moved, now hovering over me, one knee between my thighs, pushing them apart. The anticipation alone was killing me. I moved my hand down the bed, wanting to get straight to it, but before I could extend my arm, Josh moved. He grabbed both of my hands, pinning them both above my head.

Josh sounded like a teacher scolding his student, "Not so fast. I’m in charge. You will obey my orders. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered, nervously biting my lip.

With one hand still holding both of my wrists over my head, Josh started to kiss my neck. He reached his hand behind my back, quickly undoing the strapless bra that had been under my wedding dress the night before and tossing it away. He carefully placed one nipple in his mouth, giving it all the attention it needed and more as he played with my other breast before switching sides. I arched my back as I let out a low pleasure-filled moan, bringing my breasts closer to Josh. Once it was to his liking, he moved back up to my collar bone. There had been quite a few times when we had messed around, and Josh knew exactly where to drive me insane. He nipped and sucked, and I called out his name. That seemed to be what he wanted because then I felt one hand leave the place it had been resting on my side moved, and not a moment later I felt it over my already wet blue panties I had worn for luck. He massaged in circles, chuckling as the small puddle grew. Slowly, he shoved my panties to the side, continuing to move his thumb in circles over my clit, he slid one finger into my vagina. As he noted the pleasure on my face, he slid in another, moving them in a way that made me really want to experience the full thing.

“Fuck, Josh. C'mon,” I prompted.

“I’m in charge here, and if you want it, you have to beg nicely,” he teased.

“Please, Josh. I want you,” I pleaded. He hadn’t stopped his fingers, but they had slowed almost to the point of agonizing torture.

“You want me to what? I can’t hear you.”

“Joshua Dun, please just fuck me,” I yelled at Josh.

“Certainly, Mrs. Dun,” he smiled. He pulled his fingers from me, and in one swift motion he yanked off my panties before taking off his own boxers. His already hard cock sprung forward. Then he looked at me very seriously, “Let me know how this feels. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

“Okay,” I smiled. I was lucky to have a man who cared.

Once that was settled, Josh readied himself before he slowly pushed in. I let out a gasp at the sensation. This was amazing. I wanted him to keep going.

My gasp may have startled him. “Are you okay?” Josh slightly panicked. He loosened his grip on my hands.

“Yes. Don’t stop. Please, Josh.” Josh smiled as he leaned down to kiss me as he continued to thrust in and out. His free hand continued to rub at my clit. I felt the tension rising as we continued. Then I knew it was coming. “I’m. I’m gonna-”

Josh cut me off, “Do it, babe.” As I climaxed, I called out Josh’s name, arching my back as I felt him come too, neither of us caring if we were heard. He pulled out and released my wrists before collapsing beside me and pulling me into his chest.

“I love you,” he whispered, placing a kiss on the top of my head.

“I love you, too,” I replied, placing a kiss on his bare chest, peeking up at him. He was intently studying me again.

“How the hell did you ever pick me?” he mused. I just laughed, snuggled in deeper, and listened to the sound of his heart as we drifted off to sleep.

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spookydun-deactivated20141010  asked:

what is ur favorite song off of dont stop???

tie between reject and wrapped around your finger bc michaels vocal gOD DAMN they are good 

ships i love your hair woah im feelin a mashton vibe, seriously any of them would be lucky to have you 

blog rate lovin the 21 pilots btw 9/10 i love your curser, IT SPARKLES ITS SO CUTE


we dont need no fitness