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Video: Duniven, ‘Fun for a While’

Duniven, the roots-rock outfit fronted by Patrick Duniven, warn that it’s only “Fun for a While” in a new song off their forthcoming fourth album.


Hey there Tumblr Friends :-) Here is  the latest Music Video I Production Designed.  This one was a blast to work on.  I got to work on set again with my dear friends Danny, Travis, and Andrew who I met in mexico while working on the set of “Roadrun.”

This one was especially fun to design becuase  I got build the entire concept from the ground up with singer/songwriter Patrick Duniven. Patrick and the rest of crew the made the day a blast, and I think the video turned out really well :-)

Duniven ‘Answers’ official video. (by Duniven)

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Duniven, “Better Off Like This”

Reminds me of Mr. Dylan, and one of my favorites, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

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KISSING COUSINS - First in The Fire


Duniven, “Stars Far Above You”

All sorts of goodness with this band! Lovin’ the harmonica towards the end