• Other equestrians: this is my horse Gallahad the Great Zippo Dunit Secretariat the Third. I can trace his bloodlines back three centuries. Aiming for Rolex this year. We have a powerful bond. Once he pulled me out of a river and saved my life. He knows how to bow, spanish walk, and do algebra. He only wears $3000 saddles, anything else damages his complexion
  • Me: this is my filthy monster she likes to scream. I think she might like me because i bring her food. Once i saw her eat poop
Xenoblade Comicals MASTERPOST - COMPLETE

So here in this post I’ll be linking all of the comics in chronological order (or at least as best as I can). I’ll try to consistently update this too so every comic is on here. But yeah, it’ll be an easy place to read everything in order (hopefully, hahahah).

Also, from day to day I don’t necessarily post the comics in chronological order, so this post is the best resource if a clear timeline is what you’re looking for.

The links will be arranged in order of story locations (so say the comic was on Colony 9 sidequests later in the game, it’d be under “COLONY 9 REVISITED” rather than “COLONY 9″), so hopefully spoilers will be kept to a minimum (since locations aren’t too bad in terms of spoilers, imo)

If you’d like to read all of the comics in the order that they were posted, click here! If you’d like to find a certain comic, the links below (and other masterposts) may help!

THESE COMICS ARE COMPLETE!! I won’t be making any more of these! Thanks for enjoying them! :>

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