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Part 1 - Josh Dun

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It was an Ohio hometown show so both boys were excited the whole flight back from California, the show actually lead off into a break for them, a week and a half off before the big VMA performance back in California again.
Josh and I had only been dating a few months, we met at a show in Arizona a year ago and I managed to snag a meet and greet there, both boys are visually pleasing but they also have magnetic personalities and smiles that make your knees weak so the first time I met them was a total mess. I tripped on my way in, Josh rushing to my aid to help me up, my face beat red and a bust of laughter coming out from the whole ordeal, it’s one way to make a memorable statement.
The next time I met Josh was at random in a restaurant, I didn’t go to the show when they came back to Arizona so seeing him out and about was almost better, he was doing his best to hide the yellow curls but he’s a dead giveaway, I didn’t want to crowd so I smiled when I finally caught his attention, which followed by him pointing to me and a laugh, which then lead to him approaching me and asking me if I was the “Girl that ate it.” As he delicately put it and that started off the conversation.
He asked for my number and I gave it to him, never expecting to hear from him but within a few weeks he did text me and let me know they were headed back in my direction soon and wanted to know if I wanted to have dinner, it took a scream fest and an almost trip to the hospital for an anxiety attack to reply with a simple “Id love to.”
That was it though, that’s how I met him and how we ended up dating, after that dinner he made a point to see me everyday they were in Arizona and every time after that during the year and a half that lead to me going on tour with him and Tyler. It was very discreet between us, he usually met at my place or a friends or I came up to his hotel. We never slept together though, it wasn’t awkward but it was almost like an unspoken thing between us that we weren’t ready for that. He was a famous drummer and I worked in a library, I didn’t see it really lasting, I was hopeful nonetheless but I still was apprehensive about sleeping with him and then him bailing out after.

“Scarlet!” Josh called out in a sing-song voice while he was seated at his drum set on stage at the empty arena.

We were here for a sound check for the show tonight, I sat in the back on a couch listening to the random yelling and purposefully off key singing from Tyler as well as the off beat drumming from Josh when he called my name and I laugh to myself before getting up and coming up side stage, maybe he was just wondering where I was so I wait there until he nods his head for me to come on the stage and with a stick in each hand he pulls me to sit on his lap.

“How are you holding up back there?” His knee bounces with me on it as he sound checks the kick drum.

The vibrations and quick pulses move through my body and I shift on his lap with a smirk, “I’m holding up just fine, and you? Ready for the show tonight?” Despite him doing this almost every night for the past few months I knew his anxiety got to him before shows and if it wasn’t for Tyler most of the time he would be a wreck and the wreck is not pretty.

He nods with a smile, moving his leg faster and that irresistible smile creeps up on his face, the bouncing making me laugh a little and I shift to turn my legs in between his and put my hands on his shoulders to kiss his bottom lip.
The beat he was on falters and I laugh against his teeth before he stops completely. Tyler mentions something about getting a room and josh snaps with, “We have one, we share it with you.” He laughs and turns his attention back to me. I glance as Tyler shakes his head walking off the side of the stage, Josh always my main focus though. He takes his sticks and puts them in the cup with the rest that’s attached to his kit, his hands move to my waist and it’s and instant rush through my body. He moves one down my thigh, pulling it to the other side of his thigh. He bounces his leg again and I shake my head at him with a quiet laugh.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing?” I move my hand to the top of his thigh to lean back so there’s no pressure.

“Come on baby… ” His voice a low whisper and he bites his bottom lip showing the fangs of his teeth.

He pulls my hips forward and then pushes them back, my eyes darting to the sides of the stage but my mouth is already going dry. I look at him, his demeanor changing right before my eyes. “Josh…” I whisper out and let his hands take control.

He sees it and he slowly moves my hips back and drops his leg down, my fingers press into his shoulders and I let my head fall forward a little bit. We’ve done this once before but it was in the privacy of his place, not on the middle of a stage in an almost empty arena. I can’t stop him though and I don’t want to, with sharing a bus with Tyler it’s been difficult to do anything, much less make out with out a word from the peanuts gallery across from us. His strong hands grab onto my hips tight, working them slowly, the first contact with my clit through my jeans makes me gasp and he lets out a dark chuckle.

“Let me make you feel good baby.” He licks his lips and doesn’t look away from me, it has my heart hammering in my chest.

I lean on him, my arms wrap around his neck and I tuck my face into his neck, planting a few kisses and a heavy breath out against his skin. He keeps going, starting a pace and my pussy throbs and rocks with it, I can feel my arousal soaking through my jeans already and I whimper into his neck when he brushed over my clit again.
My cheeks are red hot from the thought of someone catching us, I would never live it down and I would hide in the bus for all eternity. My hips start to flinch on their own and his grip loosens up, he was waiting for me to take the reign on it and I get the hint. His breath hot against my shoulder as my hips start to grind, my clit making contact just as he bounces and I grip tighter onto him, I stifled groan into his neck follows the stuttered movement and I mumble his name against his neck.His hands start moving up my sides, his right fingertips against my skin gives me chills and another flood to my pussy, his gently works under my bra, his thumbs seeking out my hard nipples and moving circles over them just making them tighten which leans to another groan and a harder grind.

“Oh, fuck… Just like that baby… I want you to cum just like that.” His voice is quiet and directed straight to me.

He keeps one hand playing with my breast and the other he placed on the middle of my back, feeling it arch and curl with the movements of my hips. His words ring in my ears, I’m begging my body to cum quickly so I don’t have to worry about someone seeing us.
His fingers press into my back, his leg starts to move left and right when my hips come forward and his other hand moves to my other breast and he teases my nipples with his thumb, I’m biting my lip to be quiet but hips are starting to move more desperately.

“Josh…” I whine out, pulling his shoulders closer as my orgasm approaches.

He’s breathing hard against my shoulder, biting into it when I say his name and I let out more of a groan. I can’t pull him close enough, my clit aching and each time I hit over it I flinch from it being so sensitive against my jeans but it pulls a moan from me each time. My stomach goes tight and my legs squeeze around his, my pussy starts to spasm eighth before I cum and the first wave is intense. I pull his shoulders up to me, my legs spread out over his thigh to bare down on him and the flood of my orgasm hits hard, the rest of the waves sending a shiver down my spine.

“Scar… that was so hot…” he breathes out, reaching one of his hands between my legs to feel the soaked spot of my jeans and then rests them on my hips.

I stay buried in his neck, afraid someone is already looking in our direction by now wondering what was with the sounds, Josh’s hands move up my thighs and over my back to rub it reassuringly. I lift my head and kiss him, my lips around his bottom one and my hands pulling his neck to come closer, I breath him in and open my mouth to the kiss, his tongue flicking into my mouth before he sucks on my bottom lip and bites it before pulling away. His face close to mine and I memorize the dark brown color of his eyes while I have him like this, a smile coming across my flushed face.

“Do I have time to..” I run my hand over his hard dick, licking my bottom lip before biting it.

“No, he doesn’t. Josh, you know your set has a mic on it right?” Tyler chimes in side stage, a shit eating grin and a laugh following.

“Josh!” I hit his shoulder and go back into the crook of his neck with an embarrassed laugh.

“It’s not like I haven’t had to hear him and Jenna on occasion, happy wife - happy life, right? I mean, she’s not my wife but you get it.” He rubs my back and laughs, the sound of his laugh contagious and I hear Tyler laughing with him.

“Never on the stage though, you freaks.” He chuckle and walks past us, shuffling my hair on top of my head as I stay hidden.

“I can’t fucking believe you…” I whisper against his neck, shaking my head

He pulls me back and makes me look at him, his smile bright but I can tell he’s actually concerned, “Are you mad, really?” His thumbs move over my cheeks as his hands push into my hair.

I shake my head softly, smiling back and then kissing his nose, “I jut won’t ever show my face at one of your shows again but I’m not mad.” I laugh lightly and shrug my shoulders, “Kidding babe… I’ll get over it eventually but don’t expect me to trust you to bring me on the stage anytime soon.” I get up and kiss him once more.

I glance back at him when I walk off the stage, he’s still smiling and I roll my eyes at him but wait for him to adjust himself and his set back to how it was before he pops up and jogs over to me.
The rest of the time before the show is spent with them showering and changing, doing an interview with a local radio station and then back to the arena to change for the show, I get a quick kiss from Josh before he heads up there but he’s in his zone already, both of them are and it’s incredible to watch just two men on stage lead an entire crowd to their own songs.
It’s sold out, its loud and the atmosphere is amazing, I already know they will be hyped coming off the stage.
I snap a few pictures from the side but for the most part I keep way in the back mostly hearing the bass of each song or a melody of the slower ones, I don’t want to be seen by the fans that already suspect Josh is with someone, I’ve heard some can be ruthless from Jenna.
The show comes to a close, the boys running off the same side stage like they aren’t supposed to and both come into the room I’m waiting in that’s under the stage and I squeal when they pounce on me on the couch. They are a sweaty and smelly mess which only makes me laugh even more when Tyler starts to nuzzle against my arm and I try using my finger to push him off me.

“I feel like you’re doing this to push me out of the picture.” I laugh and wiggle my way out and end up on the floor with a thud.

“My plan is working then.” Tyler leans over on Josh’s sweaty shoulder and rubs his hand over his chest.

Josh shrugs his shoulder giving me a full smile and a laugh which becomes contagious and I end up laughing with him. I shake my head and push up off his knees to get up off the ground, it’s weird not having to get in the bus and go to a new location, instead I get to crash with Josh at his place for a week which has me nervous he’ll get sick of me without the escape of Tyler around 24/7 but I agreed to it and I didn’t want to back down from it now, it was something I was looking forward to.
Tyler’s phone goes off and he pushes himself over josh more and I roll my eyes, grabbing my jacket from the chair in the room. It’s Jenna and she’s here trying to find us and all he tells her is “Follow the sound of my voice, baby.” I yell out the room number in the background with a light laugh.
This was it for a few day, Jenna was here to take Tyler home and Josh and I were getting an uber back to his place.
Jenna shows up within minutes and Tyler can’t hold his act together, he’s up and has her in his arms. It’s a sweet reunion and they both give quick goodbyes. I took her place on this tour so I don’t blame them for wanting the time together while they have it, I give a weak smile to Josh once the door closes.

“Ready babe?” He stands with a hop up reaching for my hand, I take it his and let him pull me up, his arm moving over my shoulders.

“You did amazing Josh, proud of you.” I hug onto him, my hands on his hip.

He kisses the side of my head as a thanks but he’s too modest and too hard on himself to accept it anymore than that.
There’s a blacked out car outside the doors and I let out a small laugh, not used to the life they live off the tour bus which is pretty plain but the precautions of fans is always taken just to keep some privacy. We both climb into the backseat and he doesn’t even have to tell him where to go, Josh keeps his arm around me and even sweaty he smells good, I lean into him more.His hand moves up and down my arm but the ride is quiet, both of us letting the past few months wear down and for him I’m sure it’s such a relief that he gets his own bed tonight and be in his own home. We move like molasses getting the bags inside and he insists I just leave them at the front door, I don’t argue it. I follow him up the stairs, yawns and laughs exchanged.

“I’m going to shower, there’s another one down the hall if you want. Come back here when you’re done though.” He smiles at me before he disappears and I decide a shower is needed.

I take my time though, I’ve slept with him many times but that’s what we do is sleep. We haven’t had sex and I wanted to but I was incredibly nervous… we haven’t been together that long and he’s, well he’s Josh Dun and I’m not much compared to that.
My thoughts going haywire and I take longer in the shower just to come back on track, I braid my hair back and let out a sigh changing into a band shirt and shorts before I come back to his room and he’s laying back on his phone.
He puts it down when he sees me and smiles patting the bed, I come and sit on my knees next to him but it’s too inviting and I’m exhausted having a real shower and bed. I push the blankets back and curl up next to him.

“We have so much more room.” I whisper with a tired voice and laugh.

“Things you never thought you’d appreciate.” His arm pulls me closer and I reach for his hand holding it at my waist, nodding my head in response.

Silence passes and I’m sure he’s asleep because I’m almost there but he chimes in once more, “I want you to meet my parents.” His voice is raspy with sleep.

I sit up some and meet his eyes, making sure he’s aware of what he just said and I stare at him for a few seconds, keeping my negative thoughts at bay and nod my head. I kiss him softly and lay back down next to him. I do my best to not let it eat at me, this seems like a huge step and I don’t want to be negative about it yet, I just want to sleep on it for now and I figure I’ll talk to him more in the morning about it.


1600_DSC_7993 by Jonathan Lewis

Without an e

Who would of thought a vow'l short
Would may kit so much fun
To play around with words and such
And c what can b dun
It isn’t all that difficult , but
No mind to what I try
It’s plain to c , u couldn’t b without including ‘I’

Xenoblade Comicals MASTERPOST - COMPLETE

So here in this post I’ll be linking all of the comics in chronological order (or at least as best as I can). I’ll try to consistently update this too so every comic is on here. But yeah, it’ll be an easy place to read everything in order (hopefully, hahahah).

Also, from day to day I don’t necessarily post the comics in chronological order, so this post is the best resource if a clear timeline is what you’re looking for.

The links will be arranged in order of story locations (so say the comic was on Colony 9 sidequests later in the game, it’d be under “COLONY 9 REVISITED” rather than “COLONY 9″), so hopefully spoilers will be kept to a minimum (since locations aren’t too bad in terms of spoilers, imo)

If you’d like to read all of the comics in the order that they were posted, click here! If you’d like to find a certain comic, the links below (and other masterposts) may help!

THESE COMICS ARE COMPLETE!! I won’t be making any more of these! Thanks for enjoying them! :>

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Thin section of dunite under XPL. 

Dunite is a type of peridotite that contains over 90% olivine and may either be found in ophiolitic complexes or xenoliths in basalt lavas.

Note the ‘bubble’ texture of the vibrant birefringent olivine grains at the top and bottom of the image, and the serpentine (gray and white) and talc (high pastel birefringence) running through the center of the image.

Image by author, specimen from Lawrence University