dunhill tailors

Mr. Porter: Did you enjoy dressing like the Duke of Windsor?          

James D’Arcy:  A lot of the clothes in the film were made for me by Martin Nicholls, a tailor, for Dunhill. I had a lot of fittings for these suits and I’m left with far too much knowledge about how to make a great suit. I very much enjoyed the day I got to wear a kilt, but the plus fours I wasn’t fussed about. And there was a Prince of Wales check suit that was spectacular.      

Mr. Porter: What was your favourite outfit?          

James D’Arcy: The thing I most enjoyed wearing was a pair of midnight-blue tails. They made me stand differently, they made me feel very debonair; they were incredibly beautiful.                                              

Mr. Porter:  Did you get to keep the clothes?            

James D’Arcy: Dunhill paid for them, so it kept them. It’s not as if I’m fat now but I was incredibly thin when I made the film - I was under instruction because he [the Duke of Windsor] was really thin - so now I’d have to breathe in to put them on. I couldn’t do anything about my height [Mr Darcy is, at 6'2", more than half a foot taller than the duke] but I could make sure that on the day I wore the swimming trunks I didn’t bulge over the top of them. I’m not quite in that shape now.                                                  

Mr. Porter:  Did the film affect your personal style?        

James D’Arcy:  In some indirect way, because I got a very strong sense of how wearing great clothes alters your mood and makes you feel good about yourself, which I’d never really considered before. In terms of directly influencing what I wear, not at all.