dungeons and dragons tower of doom


Part 2 of character bios featuring the magic-oriented classes of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: SHADOW OVER MYSTARA, Capcom’s 1996 sequel for Tower of Doom. The alternate costumes for the spellcasters may have slightly different spells in their books unique to the character as discussed below.

  • The ELF (Lucia 1P, Kayla 2P) are immune to the sleep effects of the ghouls’ bite. Both elves have identical spellbooks (notably conjuring elementals of earth and wind), and an infinite stock of wooden arrows.
  • The CLERIC (Greldon 1P, Miles 2P) can banish the undead and bless or heal the party with support and buffing spells. A Cleric must be present to uncurse a dark sword into the Holy Avenger. Greldon has the Sticks to Snakes and Holy Word high-level spells, while Miles has the Insect Plague and Earth Quake high-level spells.
  • The MAGICUSER (Syous 1P, D’Raven 2P) is a complex character not to be used by beginners. He has poor physical power and defense, but there’s a small chance of using his poisoned dagger to inflict critical damage. He can also warp backwards to escape opponents. But his true strength lies on his battery of magic spells to rain destruction on his enemies. Syous has the Conjure Fire/Water Elemental and Meteor Swarm high-level spells, while D’Raven has the Cloud Kill and Power Word Kill high-level spells. A Magicuser is the only one who can wield the Staff of Wizardry, which in turn can be used for the ultimate magic, Final Strike.