dungeons and dragons

Protect the Chicken

I was at a convention playing Dungeon Crawl Classics (which is very similar to 1e DnD) and we were doing a game where you get four characters, randomly generated, who are just terrible characters. Very low stats for the most part, very mundane careers. The whole point is to weed out your bad characters (because they die) and at the end you get to play as the character who survived in the campaign!

But this was a con game, so none of that really mattered. We were just playing for the fun of it.

Well one of my characters had a chicken in her inventory. So I kept saying that she was nervously stroking her chicken, and how she loved her chicken. The DM was going with it, so that was really awesome.

The girl was a farmer. I had another character who was a more rouge-ish character and I got the idea in my head that he was in love with her and had been working for her father and only came on this mission to protect her.

Well somehow, the girl died. She was killed in a monster fight. The chicken, however, survived. The guy was heartbroken, so he attacked the monster that had killed her. As did the chicken.

I rolled to attack the monster and I got a critical fail. So the GM said, “You stab at the monster and you hit him, but the chicken got in your way. So you stab through the chicken to stab the monster, effectively killing both.”

I was heartbroken, as was everyone else at the table. The guy also made it through the mission, however, he was still upset that he couldn’t protect his love and her chicken.


“As he knelt patiently on the rooftops, Cyrus notched his glass-head arrow, waiting for his target to appear in his line of sight. He had received all of the information he needed for his Queen. Now, the only thing left to do, was kill the loose tie.

Inhale. Exhale.

With one swift movements,  Cyrus’s arrow had embedded itself into the mans neck. It shattered upon impact. Sending shards of glass in every direction. Cyrus grinned as he hid again behind a chimney for cover. The sound of guards scrambling for their fallen Lord and orders being yelled were the only things audible on top of the distant tavern bustling in the city below.

Cyrus slipped back into the shadows, and made his way back toward Evermeet. To Felharidul, in the castle of glass, where he would report his findings to Queen Maehdari.’’

Commission done! Cyrus Venlael, a high elf ranger trained in bow, blade, and espionage & his young dire wolf companion: Storm. Characters and lore belong to Diamond a.k.a Diamselves ;)

Meet Dhrakma Tavani: one eyed witch, official walking disaster and professional sleazy asshole.

I had no Photoshop nor a decent computer to do this drawing so every stage felt like hauling crap into a fiery dumpster, so I’m kinda glad I’m done? I’m not entirely happy with how the layout turned out, but MediBang Pro didnt give me a lot of options so whatever. (And in case anyone’s interested the letters behind her are from the Crone’s Book of Magical Words)