dungeon scenery

12 Random Statues

Roll 1d12 for a random statue:

  1. Statue made of expensive materials, with eyes made of gemstones
  2. Statue made of otherworldly material depicting a tentacled, beaked horror
  3. Statue created by primitive means, such as wicker, clay, or other dried material depicting a dark god
  4. Statue of a lanky humanoid, positioned almost in a fetal position so as to make it’s head at an average humanoid height
  5. An innocent looking guardian statue of a happy, nonmagical creature
  6. Ethereal statue that is clearly visible though translucent, and is completely incorporeal
  7. A mythical creature vandalized in a disturbing way, such as it’s eyes dug out and tongue chipped off
  8. A silly looking humanoid statue that seems to change what direction it’s pointing at unknown times
  9. A monstrous statue showing victory over a peaceful race
  10. Mummified corpses positioned as statues holding lit candles
  11. A beautiful ice sculpture that doesn’t melt
  12. An overgrown colossus towering several stories tall, creator and purpose unknown