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(Strix is the only one who sees the scary thing in the distance. Although Diath is suspicious.) (Dialogue from The Nightmare Before Christmas.)

Dungeons & Dragons: Satanic Panic | Retro Report | The New York Times
Dungeons & Dragons, introduced in 1974 attracted millions of players, along with accusations by some religious figures that the game fostered demon worship a...

I found this really interesting little documentary and had to share it!  It really shows how far D&D has come since it’s creation. I’m glad the stigma of D&D is starting to melt away and people can see the benefits.

rarelyrelevantramblings  asked:

What's your favourite RPG related memory?

After thinking it over for a bit, I’m going to have to go with the conversation that finally got me to try RPGs.  You see, I was raised in the midst of the anti-Dungeons & Dragons moral panic that spread “Dark Dungeons” and similar rhetoric like wildfire.  Growing up, I thought D&D had something to do with Satanic rituals and chicken sacrifices.

I remember once in high school desperately pleading with one of my friends for the sake of their soul to not get into D&D.  Yeah, that was me.  Sorry.

So fast forward a few years, and I’m in college trying to make friends.  I’ve found a group of Christians that are into the nerdier things in life, and we talk about comic books and heroclix and Star Wars.  One of them says he’s starting up a Star Wars “campaign,” and I ask what that means.  The other says, “Oh you know, a campaign.  as in, roleplaying campaigns…RPGs?  You know, like Dungeons and Dragons?”  Now THAT phrase I knew.  D&D means robed figures and blood-scented candles.  I asked, “Wait, you play D&D?”  They both smile real big and say, “Oh yeah!  it’s a lot of fun!”

Now, at this moment, we are still in the actual foyer of the church, having just finished a worship service.  One of these guys was actually a singer in the worship band, yet here they are, talking about their weekend seance plans like it’s no big deal.  They look at me waiting for some sort of response, but I’m just sort of dumbfounded trying to figure out what to say. Finally I stammer out…

“I… thought you said you loved Jesus?”

Now I will say up until now, this story is more about me being lame than it is a good RPG-related story. But what makes it my favorite story is what happened next. It would not have been entirely unfair if either of them had said something about lightening up and pulling the stick out of my @$$.  They would have even been well within their rights to reprimand me for being judgemental and condescending.  But they didn’t do either of those things.

They just looked at each other for a second, and then started laughing.

They laughed and laughed and laughed.  

The GM finally said, “Let me guess, you’re expecting pentagrams and hallucinogenic drugs?”  Realizing I was on the outside of some sort of in-joke, I just sort of grinned sheepishly.  They explained to me that RPGs were just a means of communal storytelling.  They said the rules and the stories weren’t any creepier or more evil than the people playing them.  And they invited me to just come watch them play.    I did, and I met some great guys who I played with and am still really good friends with to this day.  I also met some creepy guys that reinforced the fact that RPGs weren’t necessarily safe, but it taught me that it all depends on who you play with and what kind of game you want to play.  And that’s how I learned the truth about RPGs.

i don’t know that anyone else will find this story amusing, except maybe other Christians who had similar baggage about RPGs to unpack.  But it is a moment I am grateful for, as it greatly impacted the kind of player, and the kind of Christian, I’ve grown up to be.


The Dungeon Panic backer comic is almost finished! There are two pages left to go, and once it’s done we’ll have fulfilled almost all our Kickstarter reward obligations. After that, it’s just the game itself…

The end result is a 16-page Dungeon Panic original story, followed by a few pages of 4-panel Princess A comics.

Here is a 4-panel that we have decided to share with everyone.

Words: Josh Art: Severin


Believe it or not, concerned parents, pastors and advocacy groups believed the “Dungeons and Dragons” roleplaying game was a gateway to madness, occult violence and suicide. Let’s explore why…

A little fanart in progress of Josh Lesnick’s upcoming game project, Dungeon Panic. I just love the idea of this game and plus, I don’t want my super failure of Skullgirls fanart to happen again (I told Alex I was going to draw something for Skullgirls before it’s release and I failed… horribly…) so I pre-emptsketch this with the few characters revealed so far. Will add more as more characters are revealed and finish it up. Little… by… little… (of course, I could just draw whoever’s on that little video thumbnail they have on the page, but then, where’s the fun in that? Drawing as they are revealed just seems so much more interactive)

Also, click that link, it’s a Kickstarter… go and help em out, the more they get, the more ports they can do (a wee bit more til IOS port)

Hey, everyone! As Princess A and Ade mentioned, we’re working on a new game! We won’t be dropping Princess Panic, of course, but we decided that approaching a smaller game as our first release would be a good idea. By working on a smaller game, we can come to understand the full process of planning, producing, and finally releasing a game, all of which will benefit us as we continue on Princess Panic.

And so, I hereby announce our new project, Dungeon Panic! We’re saving full details for the upcoming Kickstarter (soon!), but rest assured that there WILL be dungeon crawling in it, as the name implies. Dungeon Panic will be set within the same world as Princess Panic, and may feature some of the same characters. Most importantly, though, Dungeon Panic will be produced with a budget and deadlines, guaranteeing that we’ll get it done in a timely manner. Expect to hear more about Dungeon Panic VERY soon!


Introducing Countess Croissant! Not too long ago, on the Dungeon Panic Kickstarter, we passed the $10,000 stretch goal (thank you for that!), which means that we intend to include some special quests and missions in the game! What kinds of quests? Quests involving Countess Croissant, for starters! 

Her Countessness is an ambitious lady with schemes to match. She seeks power, which doesn’t come easily in kingdom run by royalty. To fulfill her plans, she needs help from an adventurer who doesn’t ask too many questions. Do you choose to help her? 

External image

For one such mission, the Countess needs help sneaking some overdue books back into the library so she can avoid a fine. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Except she insists on entering the library through the sewer…

In the category of “pictures of things the backers are paying for”, I’m sure that screenshots and gameplay videos are at the top of the wanted list, but hopefully one of the sticker sheets will be okay, for the time being. I finished the art last night, and while there’s still a little bit of tinkering to do, but this is mostly how the Princess Panic fairy sheet will look.

Adelaide and Brittany are Princess A and Princess B’s companions, respectively. Both of them are discovered by the princesses trapped inside monsters, and neither of them remember how they got in there…. or, in fact, much of their previous lives at all.  They end up providing much help for the princesses in their quest to rescue each other - not only with their mysterious transformation powers, allowing them to become human sized warriors with various powers to kick monster hiney – but also as fine companions. Adelaide is a bit of a crass and foulmouthed gal whose personality grows on A almost immediately, while B’s inability to talk (per se) leads Britt to feel the need to help her out, causing her to deal with her own social phobias in ways she never could before.

While developing the story of Princess Panic, the fairies turned out to be pretty integral elements indeed. Alas, all that being said, since Dungeon Panic canonically takes place before PP, the fairies can’t really appear within the story, but I’d still like to non-canonically insert them in somehow, maybe as menu decorations, achievement icons, tutorial buddies… We’ll definitely think of something…

Dungeon Panic Kickstarter