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~Favorite Games Played in 2016~

World-building idea to steal:  An inverted ziggurat dungeon marketplace in a platform of rock floating above the city (Ad for “Game’s” store in Casus Belli 1, April 1980)  Game’s Paris location was in the Forum des Halles, the underground mall that inspired the illustration.

No, I’m not proud of you. You got the guy who successfully kept us all from murdering one another locked in a dungeon on Werewolf Demon Island, you almost started a civil war, and my favorite nephew is now calling me ‘Imperialist Bastard’ in all of his letters home.

- Maedhros, to Celegorm and Curufin, when asked his opinion of their Nargothrond exploits, the Silmarillion, Of Beren and Lúthien

One of the earliest items the player is given in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the Deku Leaf, which allows them to cross significant distances by floating on the wind. While in some ways this significantly expands the areas that the player can traverse, each island and dungeon is intelligently designed to only allow gliding in specific cases, thus maintaining each level’s structure while still allowing the Deku Leaf to be used at the player’s discretion.

This will be the final Island!Prianna update.

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The game came to a complete end.
After a TPK, the other players rage quit, called me some pretty awful names, and the DM is finally able to be at peace and not have to deal with these jerkoffs anymore. 
This summary is going to be a little different than the others. 

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Dungeons & Dragons Session of 2/10/17

“What? 6x2 isn’t 7!” “You may be right, but 6+2 is 7.”

“I’m thinking of hooman. Can I be hooman.”

“Only necromancers get the ability to SPOOKY.”


“Snake. You now my friend.”

“If you play a pugilist, you have to have a pet pug. It’s the rule.”

“We can be hermits together!”

“It’ll be like the magic snake bus.”

“That’s how it is works.”



“That’s a stupid place to put an island.”