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In fond Memory of...

✧˖° °˖✧ II Sinbad II ✧˖° °˖✧

King of Sindria, High King of the Seven Seas, King Vessel, Stupid King, Master of 7 Djinns, probably Father of countless Children throughout the World, Leader of the Sevens Seas Alliance, most handsome male in the Universe, Crotch Leaf Fashionista, Dungeon Capturer and Lady Killer of the Seven Seas.

Let’s all pray for his hopefully peaceful rest and/or possible return to us in a prequel.

(I was way too tempted to build this shrine as the stupid idea struck me. I’m not sorry… xD)

Day 6: Magnus + Power

Magnus’ eyes snapped open. The steady strum of energy settling into his bones, holding him in its vice as he felt the barely restrained panic.

He closed his eyes and cast his magic out, feeling and searching till he felt that harsh tug.

Help me.

He was out of the bed before the thought was completed, snapping himself into new clothes as fast as he could blink.

He threw open a portal and dashed through, following that trembling bright blue thread, ringing so loud, he could hear it in his ears, vibrating and filled with fear… so much fear… so much pain.

He was going to rip them apart, from limb to limb.

When he stepped out of the portal, it didn’t come as a surprise to find that he was in a warehouse filled with Circle members. What was surprising was the fact that this particular headquarters was so close to the Institute.

Magnus sneered.

Of course the idiots that were the Clave wouldn’t think to look right beneath their noses for the Circle members. He was sure if anyone had mentioned their suspicions about the Circle members being that close to the institute, the Clave would have thought it ridiculous.

“I told you it would work,” someone said, sounding so calm and confident, Magnus decided that he would remove the man’s head first.

He turned his head and saw a man with blond hair, grinning like he’d just hit the lottery.

Magnus allowed himself to smile, and the blonde’s steps faltered, fear flashing in his eyes for a brief moment, and Magnus wondered if he was going to bolt. But then the man visibly pulled himself together and resumed the cocky stroll.


“Of course it would work,” another voice said and Magnus’ eyes swept through the room, the darkness seeming like day to him as he narrowed in on the one man at the back. In his hands he held a warlock child.

Her hair had matted over, tear tracks streaked across her cheeks. She trembled in his hands. But the one thing that made Magnus himself begin to tremble was the cut on her cheek, a long slice that had clearly been made by a knife.

“Who did that,” his voice cracked like a whip, and he watched the men gathered flinch. Even the ones who had been at their different corners in the warehouse, gathering weapons in preparation to storm wherever it was that they planned on heading to, all stopped what they were doing.

No one answered so he repeated the question. “I said. Who did that?”

The one at the back with his hands on the child, spoke. “I did,” he said, sounding extremely proud that he’d tortured a child.

Magnus’s fingers moved, lethal fast and coiled like a whip.

The man’s hands dropped, severed off from his elbows.

He screamed.

Magnus grinned, his smile sharp and biting as he felt his magic slowly rise.

Not the calmer one that he used when he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

No. This power wanted to maim. Wanted to kill. Needed to destroy.

“Close your eyes,” he murmured to the child. She dropped to her knees, raised both hands to cover her ears and did just that.

Magnus took a step forward.

“M…m…mercy,” he heard a thin voice cry out.

He turned to look at the man, a Circle member shaking so hard, a lesser man would have felt sorry for him.

Magnus smirked, letting his powers slowly seep through, showing his marks as clear as day, the one part of him that showed that truly they’d been stupid to bait him.

“Mercy,” Magnus asked, and followed it with a laugh, as hard and dark as the magic that had started pulsing out of him, searching for an escape, looking for what it could singe and eviscerate. “My father is Asmodeus, you fool.” His voiced echoed in the warehouse. He took a step forward. “And there is only one rule in his kingdom. Repay evil, with even more evil.”

And with that, he let his power loose, watching it ripple through, spreading its dark energy all across the room, bleeding and maiming and cutting.

They screamed, hair raising scream that echoed in the room, their screams merging with the sound of cracking bone and the wet sound of flesh separating from flesh.

And then he called out to it. Destroy. Raze. Leave nothing standing.

His power morphed, ever willing to answer his call. The building burned. Fire rapidly spreading, dancing on the walls like his magic did.

Everything burned but Magnus. Magnus and the little warlock child who still had her ears covered and stayed cowering on the floor.

He reached her and reached out, hands enveloping her form as he pulled her to him.

She went willingly with a terrified cry, keeping her gaze averted.

Magnus couldn’t blame her.

“Let’s take you home,” he said and threw a portal open, pulling her along with him as he left the warehouse and the Circle members in it to burn.

Magi 338 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which I can’t sleep because headache, Baal explains a bit more about Judar’s actual answer, and we go to Valefor! 58.75% said that Hakuryuu would be the one to conquer it - will this be the case…?

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Love me like you do (Part 3)-Balem series

A/N: As promised, here is the next installment. ❤️ Feedback always welcomed! I’m not sure how long this will be….it came out to be six parts, but now I wanna extend it and make Balem suffer for some ass lmao



It took a moment for Mr. Night to leave, and you watched him carefully until the large doors closed. With the softest of footsteps you creeped over to the door, placing your ear to it. There was nothing but silence on the other side, and ignoring the voice nagging you to stay put, you tugged on the handles, furrowing your brow when they didn’t budge.

“No, no, no! Ugh! Come on!”

You kicked the doors in annoyance, running a hand through your hair as you whined loudly. There didn’t seem to be an escape route anywhere near you, and as you glanced around the room you felt your stress levels increase. No matter where you looked, nothing around you appeared to be familiar. The bed was large, gold and black sheets tucked neatly around it, and large silk curtains hung from the bed posts. A far cry from your simple twin bed back in your apartment, not to mention the large bath at the edge of the chambers, marbled, and of course lined with gold. It was almost too perfect in your opinion, and if you had to venture a guess, this room belonged to the only man who seemed worthy of it.

“Every woman’s dream bed.”

You muttered, running your fingers over the many pillows that laid against the headboard. You had to wonder how oddly that man slept in order to need so many pillows. Or was it meant for decoration? Either way, it seemed excessive, though you couldn’t deny how comfortable it looked. With a sigh, you turned towards the windows, at least you guessed that’s what they were. Long black curtains hung over the far side of the room, blocking one long wall, and you curiously walked over to them. You pulled the curtain back, eyes widening at the view before you.

“Dear god…”

There stood towers along the horizon, dark, smoky, and ominous as they clashed with the dusty orange color of the sky. Bright lights aligned the tips of them, some red, others yellow, and if you squinted you could make out a few people running along the ramps, and bridges. It looked like the oil refineries back on earth, and if you didn’t just witness the many odd creatures, and high tech weapons, you’d actually think you were back home.

“Where am I?”

You bit down on your lip in thought, worrying it between your teeth as you tried not to lose your mind. Crazy at seemed, the only realistic option was that this was an entirely different planet, and you were just kidnapped by some space overlord. You supposed, as far as fairy tales went, this could’ve gone a lot worse.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

With a start, you jumped back, hitting the large windows along the wall as your eyes met those of the man who had incapacitated you earlier. He was standing just before you, hands clasped together in front of him, looking as confident as ever. Green eyes trailed over your form, as if he was studying your every feature and logging it in his mind.

“W-Where did you…?”

You held a hand over your heart, clutching at it as if that would settle the rapid beat. It was almost unsettling how quiet he was, and you had to wonder how he even managed to sneak up on you. You didn’t recall the sound of doors opening or footsteps.

He scoffed, lips curling up into a smirk as he edged closer to you. With every inch of distance he closed, you stepped further back, trying to sink into the window like that would save you from his menacing presence. With a swift glance over your body, he moved his gaze to the outside view, a proud expression on his face.



His chest was mere centimeters from your own, and you were far too flustered by the proximity to process his words.

“Is that not what you earthlings call it?”

He seemed unimpressed with your silence, and he looked you over with a glint of annoyance in his eyes. For some reason, that alone was enough for you to find some courage and respond to him.

“You mean to tell me I’m on another planet….?”

You look back outside, an overwhelming feeling taking over as your gaze roamed along the refinery. How was any of this even possible? A day ago you were leaving your simple part time job at a coffee shop, and you wake up on Jupiter. How exactly does one explain that?

“That can’t be-”

“Have you lived your life believing your own kind to be all that exists?”

Balem leaned down, whispering softly as you trembled before him.

“It is better to accept this, than to pretend it isn’t true.”

He moved away from you, giving you a disgusted look before turning quickly on his heel. His cape created a soft breeze as he walked away, and you stood against the corner, gripping the glass as best you could in your moment of panic.

“Change your clothes, the ones you have on are hideous.”

You looked after him, scowling deeply at his insult.



His tone was even, finished, and before you could argue back you saw him lift a steady hand and click something behind his ear before he seemed to teleport away in a mass of blue and gray.

He left you there, even more confused than before. As if he simply told you the time of day and expected you to be okay with it. You walked towards the bed, touching the soft material of the outfit left behind for you. You weren’t sure what game this Balem, at least that’s what others seem to be calling him, was playing with you. However, you weren’t too keen on being part of whatever it was. He appeared to be far more intrigued by you than expected, and judging by the lizard creature from the dungeons that captured you, being able to keep your life seemed to be a rarity around a man like him.

You picked up the dress, raising an eyebrow in disapproval at it. It was long, black of course, and the bottom half was a coarse, transparent material that allowed anyone to see the bodysuit and your legs underneath. The top, though ornate, was far too revealing for your tastes, and the long sleeves were made up of designs of leaves and flowers. It was beautiful, that wasn’t debatable, but this was not something you were even close to use to wearing. The V neck didn’t leave much to the imagination, you had to guess, but after seeing the outfits he wore these people seemed to value their fashion far more than their hospitality.

“Definitely not.” You dropped the dress back on the bed, scoffing at it. You are quite content with your sweater and leggings at this point, and you had no interest in extending your stay here. Moreover, did he truly expect you to flaunt about in a revealing outfit? Not to mention it might be for his own sick pleasure.

“Oh my god, am I sex slave?”

You slapped your cheeks with your hands, pursing your lips in deep thought. He could’ve certainly taken advantage already if he truly wanted to. He was far stronger than you, and even possessed abilities beyond the scope of normal. So, if he intended to have you, he was certainly taking his time. You guessed that was at least a decent thing he could do.

The doors opened just then, and you looked up to see two women, clad in very loud outfits of you said so yourself, coming towards you.


“Lord Balem has asked that we make sure you clean yourself up.”

“Clean myself up? That jerk…”

You whispered the last part, not wanting anyone getting the word out that you had just insulted their king, or emperor, whatever he was to them.

“That’s not necessary.”

You tried waving them off, but they simply looked at one another with smiles before continuing their pace towards you. You quickly rose from the bed, debating whether running off was a good idea, but they instantly grabbed the dress and with some odd device waved it over you. You gasped when the leggings and sweater disappeared, leaving you naked before these two women like it was nothing.

You moved to cover yourself, but with another movement of the device the black dress was now so elegantly clung around your body.


One of the girls bowed to you, smiling and softly clapping her hands together as the other one nodded.

“Lord Balem will be pleased.”

“What is wrong with you-”

Before you could get your insults and annoyances out, they turned gracefully around and headed back outside, leaving you there tugging on the dress and attempting to get out of it.

You looked up to see them bowing to someone, and with your hands clutching the upper half of the outfit, you saw Balem enter the room again, this time screaming his head off at that mousey looking man.

“I did not ask for your opinion, Mr.Night! I-”

Balem’s gaze fell upon you, hiding behind one of his bed posts with a blush on your face. It was obvious you weren’t comfortable being so ‘on display’ for people, but as he turned more towards you, he could see the dress perfectly from his point of view.

The V neck dipped beautifully over your chest, revealing just enough to gain his complete attention, and the bottom revealed your long legs to his wandering eyes. It was a sight he wouldn’t soon forget, and with a single movement he pushed the clipboard into Mr.Night’s hands roughly, his dark, silky voice echoing in the room.

“Leave us.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Without hesitation, probably from being scolded earlier, Mr.Night scurried out of the chambers, giving his Lord one last nervous glance before shutting the doors, and bowing.



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Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers ( complete in this case) so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

By me, @maumauxmau​ and @sayakakat2012

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s scans and from Netabare’s texts ^^


Sinbad: I ask you. In this unreasonable world, what should we distrust? what should we believe in?

Hakuryuu: Believe in the existence of others beside youself. Because what you believe to be right will change many times throughout your life. That’s a difficult thing to admit…

Text in black: 

God has absolute confidence. The way to measure the question of the convictions of Falsehood and prestige is!?

NIGHT 340 “The see-through battle”

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Magi Questions
  • #1: How likely would it be for you to fall into depravity?
  • #2: Which Magi is most likely to choose you as a King Candidate? Based on your traits and qualities, not your favorite Magi.
  • #3: What would your Rukh affinity be?
  • #4: Would you most likely be a Dungeon Capturer, a Household Member, a Magician, a Djinn, or a Magi? Explain your reasoning.
  • #5: What is the ideal item to be your Metal or Household Vessel?
  • #6: What occupation could you see yourself taking in the world of Magi?
  • #7: Which country would you hail from? Based on your upbringing or personal values/morals, not your favorite country. You do not have to like this country.
  • #8: Which race would you most likely be?
  • #9: Would you stay in your country of origin, take up residency in another, or travel without settling?
  • #10: What is the ideal age to conquer a Dungeon, in your opinion?
  • #11: Would you attempt to conquer a Dungeon? By yourself?
  • #12: If you were a Household Member, would you be willing to assimilate with your Household Vessel?
  • #13: Would you be the guard or the one being guarded?
  • #14: Would you be the one fighting or the one being fought for?
  • #15: If you were a Djinn, what two qualities/feelings/etcetera would you represent (ex. Wrath and Heroes)?
  • #16: Would you be willing to be a priest/priestess? This does not mean you necessarily need to be a religious person, it could merely mean that you have a very high position within your country.
  • #17: If you were the ruler of your country, would you have your country join the Seven Seas Alliance? How would you go about joining? Would you allow the citizens of your country to vote regarding this decision?
  • #18: Would you accept an arranged marriage with a royal/noble from another country if it would positively benefit both countries? Even if it made your life unbearable but it kept the citizens of your country from starving?

The Kou Empire (煌帝国, Kō Teikoku) is a large military nation, considered one of the most powerful in the current era because of the number of Dungeon Capturers and armies it controls. The Ren household, which has ruled on the commoners for centuries, are the rulers of the Kou Empire.

MAGI 338 Full Translation

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers ( Complete in this case) so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: Pics from Tieba Baidu and  texts from Netabare ^^

By @maumauxmau and me ^^


*Inside the first dungeon “Baal” *

Manuscript: Judar defeated god’s belief! but…!?


Judal: It’s my victory Sinbad!

God’s trial was not a big deal!

Sinbad: Your answer was heard, Judar.

Judar: hm?

Text In black:

Young Sinbad stands out! However, you can’t conquer by just defeating him, pushing through a special dungeon!!

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iimuchakk asks - A scenario or headcannon for Aladdin, Alibaba, Hakuryuu and Morgiana all playing strip poker?


  • no one know who´s idea it was
  • but someone did shout it out loud and everyone else simply agreed, ´cause, y´know
  • boredom
  • Alibaba was eager to play the game and enthusiastically handed out the cards
  • the others were rather lost, except Morgiana
  • and that fact shocked the rest
  • “ Morg-san, you know how to play poker? That´s awesome!”
  • she just nods her head, saying that she learned by watching Jamil play with other owners
  • aaannnd sharing that piece of information made the others either furious or simply mad
  • trying to ease the tension, Aladdin asks how and when they´ll need to strip
  • and that makes Alibaba all giddy again
  • after the seemingly sparkling dungeon capturer was done with the explanation, they started
  • albeit hesitantly
  • to sum it up: Alibaba lost, having only his red rope tied around his neck left
  • Aladdin only lost his upper clothing- vest and bandages
  • Hakuryuu, well- was a blushing mess
  • he played good tho
  • he sat shirtless infront of Morgiana and couldn´t look anyone in the eyes
  • and Morg-chan sat there, wearing all of the losers clothes
  • she haven´t touched the pile of clothes at the beginning, however the shaking hand of Hakuryuu that tried to get his upper clothing back, made it look like a necessity for her to take them

Okay but honestly guys, let’s talk about this.

So like, everyone’s kinda been saying that Alimor getting engaged in front of Hakuryuu was heartless, and in some ways it absolutely was.

But like…the main 3 have never really been that good to Hakuryuu in the first place. Like honestly…he’s always been in that awkward in between of good friend and best friend which explains my life actually lmao and like while they are friends, he’s not really at the level of friendship with them that they are with each other.

But that’s okay, because he still has Judar!!

Okay but seriously, Judar has been a freaking amazing friend.

Like, all shipping and romance aside, Judar is freaking amazing.

He kind of just saw Hakuryuu all scarred and broody as a kid, and he was like “I’ve found my person. We’re going to be best friends now”

And he continues to bug Hakuryuu for years. And he’s always pestering him about capturing a dungeon, and encouraging him to reach his full potential.

Even when Hakuryuu is stubborn and distant, and claims Judar is the one person he can’t rely on, Judar is still there for him, just waiting for his stubbornness to wear out.

Later, after capturing Zagan, when he kills Madaura and the main three kind of freak out Not that I blame them, and when Morgiana rejects him Not that I blame her for that either, Judar is still there for him, still waiting for his friendship even when he has no good reason to.

Even when Hakuryuu fails, and Arba makes the mistake of letting him live, Judar jumps at the chance to rebel against everything he’s been taught his entire life, and risks further torturing at the hands of the organization, in order to help out Hakuryuu.

He then spends a considerable amount of time training with him in order to kill Gyokuen, then he helps him conquer the most effed up dungeon ever, and then when they actually fight Gyokuen, he risks his own life in order to save Hakuryuu.

This is Judar we’re talking about here. Him putting other’s before himself is a rare occurrence,and yet he does it constantly for Hakuryuu.

Then he DIES fighting for Hakuryuu. And what is his reaction?

He doesn’t blame Haku at all, or regret helping him for even a minute. Instead he’s like damn it, I miss my friend.

He then puts up with having to be stuck with who he considers to be the most annoying person ever, for TWO WHOLE YEARS, just so he can go see Hakuryuu again.

So I’m actually very happy that Hakuryuu has ditched the main three once again, so he can find the person who cares the most about him. If anyone deserves Hakuryuu’s friendship it’s Judar, not the main three.



“Kou Empire’s third Imperial Prince. He is a General of the Kou Empire’s Western Subjugation Army together with his brothers, Kouen and Koumei. Kouha is the owner of the Djinn Leraje. He is a Dungeon Capturer, capturing one Dungeon, and one of Judar’s King Vessels.”
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Ford is Really a Damsel in Distress

You know, for all of Ford’s awesomeness he actually hasn’t ever saved the day, not even once. Instead he usually gets himself captured or incapacitated, leaving someone else to bail him out. This is just a pattern we’ve noticed with Ford.

He got trapped in the portal, and even though he looked extremely epic coming out of the portal, 

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it never would have been possible without Stan. 

Even though Ford looked so cool in Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons

 he still gets captured by the game characters, and Stan has to save the day.

Stan yet again saves the day in The Stanchurian Candidate when all Ford did was fix a light bulb and give the kids a magic tie.

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(This was like the best gif of Stan’s heroism I could find, leave me alone)

In Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, Ford does all this awesome stuff like: 

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But in the end, he gets captured by alien drones and has to be saved by Dipper.

And the crowning moment of fail is in Weirdmegeddon Part 1.

There’s like no way he’ll be able to save himself, leaving the other characters to pick up the slack.

All in all, Ford looks capable and badasss, but he’s really just a damsel in distress.

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