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The Kou Empire (煌帝国, Kō Teikoku) is a large military nation, considered one of the most powerful in the current era because of the number of Dungeon Capturers and armies it controls. The Ren household, which has ruled on the commoners for centuries, are the rulers of the Kou Empire.

Okay but honestly guys, let’s talk about this.

So like, everyone’s kinda been saying that Alimor getting engaged in front of Hakuryuu was heartless, and in some ways it absolutely was.

But like…the main 3 have never really been that good to Hakuryuu in the first place. Like honestly…he’s always been in that awkward in between of good friend and best friend which explains my life actually lmao and like while they are friends, he’s not really at the level of friendship with them that they are with each other.

But that’s okay, because he still has Judar!!

Okay but seriously, Judar has been a freaking amazing friend.

Like, all shipping and romance aside, Judar is freaking amazing.

He kind of just saw Hakuryuu all scarred and broody as a kid, and he was like “I’ve found my person. We’re going to be best friends now”

And he continues to bug Hakuryuu for years. And he’s always pestering him about capturing a dungeon, and encouraging him to reach his full potential.

Even when Hakuryuu is stubborn and distant, and claims Judar is the one person he can’t rely on, Judar is still there for him, just waiting for his stubbornness to wear out.

Later, after capturing Zagan, when he kills Madaura and the main three kind of freak out Not that I blame them, and when Morgiana rejects him Not that I blame her for that either, Judar is still there for him, still waiting for his friendship even when he has no good reason to.

Even when Hakuryuu fails, and Arba makes the mistake of letting him live, Judar jumps at the chance to rebel against everything he’s been taught his entire life, and risks further torturing at the hands of the organization, in order to help out Hakuryuu.

He then spends a considerable amount of time training with him in order to kill Gyokuen, then he helps him conquer the most effed up dungeon ever, and then when they actually fight Gyokuen, he risks his own life in order to save Hakuryuu.

This is Judar we’re talking about here. Him putting other’s before himself is a rare occurrence,and yet he does it constantly for Hakuryuu.

Then he DIES fighting for Hakuryuu. And what is his reaction?

He doesn’t blame Haku at all, or regret helping him for even a minute. Instead he’s like damn it, I miss my friend.

He then puts up with having to be stuck with who he considers to be the most annoying person ever, for TWO WHOLE YEARS, just so he can go see Hakuryuu again.

So I’m actually very happy that Hakuryuu has ditched the main three once again, so he can find the person who cares the most about him. If anyone deserves Hakuryuu’s friendship it’s Judar, not the main three.

“I ain’t never seen a smithy this big in my life…and that’s comin’ from a guy whose weapon depends on it.”

All on its own, Sasan was a pretty dense place–isolated, of course, till he’d shown up. Compared to Heliohapt, it’s temperature’s were absurdly cold, forcing him to wear an extra layer of clothes that covered even his arms.

It sucked when feeling all the blissful freedom of sleeveless shirts dissipate with this lame shawl wrapped around him—but for the sake of repairing his vessel, Sharrkan stood against the stuffy climate within the room, and followed the knight who’d openely showed him around.

“You said your name was Spartos, right? Feel free to call me Sharr. How’s this whole place work, anyway?”


Ford is Really a Damsel in Distress

You know, for all of Ford’s awesomeness he actually hasn’t ever saved the day, not even once. Instead he usually gets himself captured or incapacitated, leaving someone else to bail him out. This is just a pattern we’ve noticed with Ford.

He got trapped in the portal, and even though he looked extremely epic coming out of the portal, 

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it never would have been possible without Stan. 

Even though Ford looked so cool in Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons

 he still gets captured by the game characters, and Stan has to save the day.

Stan yet again saves the day in The Stanchurian Candidate when all Ford did was fix a light bulb and give the kids a magic tie.

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(This was like the best gif of Stan’s heroism I could find, leave me alone)

In Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, Ford does all this awesome stuff like: 

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But in the end, he gets captured by alien drones and has to be saved by Dipper.

And the crowning moment of fail is in Weirdmegeddon Part 1.

There’s like no way he’ll be able to save himself, leaving the other characters to pick up the slack.

All in all, Ford looks capable and badasss, but he’s really just a damsel in distress.

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“Kou Empire’s third Imperial Prince. He is a General of the Kou Empire’s Western Subjugation Army together with his brothers, Kouen and Koumei. Kouha is the owner of the Djinn Leraje. He is a Dungeon Capturer, capturing one Dungeon, and one of Judar’s King Vessels.”
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Magi Questions
  • #1: How likely would it be for you to fall into depravity?
  • #2: Which Magi is most likely to choose you as a King Candidate? Based on your traits and qualities, not your favorite Magi.
  • #3: What would your Rukh affinity be?
  • #4: Would you most likely be a Dungeon Capturer, a Household Member, a Magician, a Djinn, or a Magi? Explain your reasoning.
  • #5: What is the ideal item to be your Metal or Household Vessel?
  • #6: What occupation could you see yourself taking in the world of Magi?
  • #7: Which country would you hail from? Based on your upbringing or personal values/morals, not your favorite country. You do not have to like this country.
  • #8: Which race would you most likely be?
  • #9: Would you stay in your country of origin, take up residency in another, or travel without settling?
  • #10: What is the ideal age to conquer a Dungeon, in your opinion?
  • #11: Would you attempt to conquer a Dungeon? By yourself?
  • #12: If you were a Household Member, would you be willing to assimilate with your Household Vessel?
  • #13: Would you be the guard or the one being guarded?
  • #14: Would you be the one fighting or the one being fought for?
  • #15: If you were a Djinn, what two qualities/feelings/etcetera would you represent (ex. Wrath and Heroes)?
  • #16: Would you be willing to be a priest/priestess? This does not mean you necessarily need to be a religious person, it could merely mean that you have a very high position within your country.
  • #17: If you were the ruler of your country, would you have your country join the Seven Seas Alliance? How would you go about joining? Would you allow the citizens of your country to vote regarding this decision?
  • #18: Would you accept an arranged marriage with a royal/noble from another country if it would positively benefit both countries? Even if it made your life unbearable but it kept the citizens of your country from starving?

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Sinbad, Kouen, and Muu discovering that their wealthy, powerful, dungeon capturer s/o was born in poverty and clawed their way to the top at a young age?


  • Sinbad’s curiosity is peaked. His s/o’s history is so similar to his own. He pours them both drinks as he asks them every detail, comparing their stories and experiences. They go on for hours, finishing several bottles and talking late into the night—he knows them so much more deeply now, he’s glad. 

Ren Kouen

  • Kouen looks contemplative, deep in thought. He already thought highly of his s/o, but this went beyond even that. This kind of resolve and resourcefulness made them a valuable asset to his plans to better this world and he would be sure to better utilize their strengths. 

Muu Alexius

  • Muu is awestricken by his s/o’s determination and tenacity. To think that they had achieved so much when they were so young, he’s filled with pride and can’t help but pull them into a huge, twirling hug, covering their face in kisses and praise.

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”

A'yi meets some of the Goldbrand Crew.  Kuro Solaire, Ayla Moenwyb, Sivir Azazel, and (potential recruit) Ayane Mayuzuma.  The crew travels the open seas to several small islands and follows treasure maps/sea charts, they also like to enter dungeons and capture and claim artifacts or jewels. Most treasures are fenced or sold at multiple cities like Uldah, Limsa and even Gridania some smaller places have been known to buy from the Goldbrand. They are relatively well known. However, A’yi learned early on the course is rarely smooth as the crew members navigate though the stormy seas of life and adventure.

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A Lion in a Bird Cage ||Closed||


Reim and Kou weren’t officially at war, but everyone knew that the they were close to it.

As one of the few dungeon capturers favored by Scheherazade, Muu was the one sent to Kou for negotiations. He was used to sticking out, given his coloring, but it was only more evident the further he went into Kou territory. Dark eyes and hair all around him, he could feel the stares.

Muu arrived at the palace, waiting for the first meeting to begin.

I am a bit sad that Magi will be entering its final arc soon but like eleore said that may be a very long arc. Not only that but two years will pass (Aladdin is going to be a foot taller holy fuck). I don’t really like the fact that the final arc is coming up for the sole purpose you could do so much with magi. It would be very hard to wrap it up in 18 or so chapters and Ohtaka would have so many unanswered questions so this may as well be a 100 chapter arc. I say that because we finally get our much needed time skip. We need to know what happened during said timeskip. What happens to Alibaba mad his physical form? Judal and his attitude? ALADDIN? and pretty much what is going on within every country? Sinbad and Arba? What is going on with David and Sinbad and how are they exactly connected? Any dungeons we may capture in the mean time? (which I doubt this will happen cause those are usually their own arcs so whatever everyone has with djinns is what they will have to the end? Is kougukou okay? How to remove Arba from Hakuei 101? WHAT IS ALADDIN UP TO IS HE OKAY I AM A CONCERNED PARENT? How is Titus doing!? Is magnostadt back on its feet again?

Like there are so many questions and we haven’t gotten into the political or spiritual part of it. Not only that but I figured that the Dark continent would be a great arc for the sole fact of exploration and Morgiana. This may also sound a little stupid but when Ohtaka says final arc I didn’t expect that until way later.

This is all based off the 1001 nights and I kind of thought that the series would go on until then. It feels rushed. Okay. I know it is probably going to be a very long arc but I don’t know there is so much you could do with this series and already announcing it’s final arc doesn’t seem right.

Though I must say it may be necessary because of how long this series could keep going. I personally could probably write another 500 pages off of it just as it is. Well anyways I am still excited and EXTREMELY WORRIED. So I am hoping that this will all work out in the end.
(this chapter is the cut off for season 3 if there is going to be one and rightfully so because of the alma torran arc and yup it left on a cliff hanger SO I GUYS WE JUST FINISHED SEASON 3 TIME TO CELEBRATE)