Are These the Sweetest Little Dung Eaters Ever?

Collembola (Springtails) are everywhere and in huge numbers, but most of us rarely ever see or think about them. Collemola are insect relatives - that is they have six legs but are not true insects - in contrast to insects they have internal mouthparts. Our unfamiliarity with them stems largely from their small size with relatively few species longer than a few millimetres, however, estimates of springtail abundance have indicated that in some ecosystems there may be over 100,000 individuals living per square metre - that is 1 billion per hectare. So, they are certainly small but they make up for their size with numbers.

Here two, possibly three, species were photographed on fresh kangaroo dung, a lovely luscious resource, for springtails at least and a wealth of other biodiversity from bacteria to fungi and beetles (more in another post).

Some of the Many Little Things that have crap diets!