dune: reboot


On the left: Yarichin Bitch Bu PIXIV VERSION

On the right: Yarichin Bitch Bu MANGA VERSION (the one we’re working on)

Both official work by Ogeretsu Tanaka. Look at them. Click them, make them bigger, compare them AND PLEASE TELL US AGAIN HOW COMPLETELY UNNECCESSARY AND USELESS IT IS TO WORK ON A REBOOT. Case closed. Thank you. 


(There is so much stuff that has been corrected, but I can’t upload more here ^^)


No one knows anything about the would-be reboot. If Keanu Reeves was in it, would it even be a remake or a sequel? Are they making Star Wars-like prequels? Remember that the Matrix trilogy was supposed to take place during just one iteration of the Matrix. Neo was never “The One” – he was just “That One.” This could be a story before Neo, or maybe long after, or maybe it’s the same thing told again, because remakes work. Not only do they make money, but they can also be good. Go watch Cronenberg’s The Fly. Or The Thing. The Departed. Scarface. True Grit. Cape Fear. Dracula. A Fistful Of Dollars. There’s a super long list of remakes that didn’t turn into soul-crushing Ninja Turtle franchises.

There are plenty of reasons to remake The Matrix based solely on the potential of the first film. It was super good. The sequels were super colon-twisters. So it wouldn’t hurt to go back to that universe and maybe try not sucking. Also, The Matrix has not aged well. The effects are great and the story is great, but there are a couple of hiccups in the ol’ presentation that could use some window dressing. First of all, that red pill issue. The Red Pill has been co-opted by the men’s rights movement as a representation of finally seeing the gynocracy of terrible feminism oppressing dudes who never skip leg day and just want to squeeze boobs without the hassle of acknowledging the personality attached, dammit! Or some shit, I don’t care. Point is, it has a whole lot of baggage these days. So a new Matrix would need to give us a cool new metaphor that distances itself from that. I suggest using kitties and puppies. Choose the kitty and return to your virtual world. Choose the puppy and live.

Actually, A Reboot Of ‘The Matrix’ Is A Pretty Great Idea

"Anne with an E" is the Gritty Reboot I Didn't Know I Needed

Also, Netflix can suck a bag of dicks because that trailer really did a disservice to this show making it seem like…well, not this.

Anyway, Anne of Green Gables is one of the dearest book series to me, and I’ve always loved the 1985 movie with Megan Follows, because obvious come on [/Archer reference]

But this actress playing Anne? Wow. She brings a range of emotion that, by the nature of the the 1985 film Follows didn’t get a chance to show off (and I’m trying not to give anything away because I want people to watch this).

And the other characters? Matthew is the one I’m still on the fence about four episodes in. He comes off a tad too gruff and not nearly as the socially awkward man who has a hard time speaking in the first episode. Marilla OTOH gets the funniest lines still. I this this actress was perfectly cast.

The storyline? That is going to be polarizing, but four episodes in, I find that exploring the often undiscussed backstory and the horrid stuff Anne has lived through and how it affected her is something that needs to be addressed.

Because think about it–is a girl who has been a designated caregiver by two families who didn’t care much for her beyond being their nanny going to be as well adjusted as the Anne in the books is? Would she, by virtue of the families she was around be a bit more worldly (albeit in a very Anne Shirley way, to the writers’ credit)? Absolutely? The show addresses both of these.

I do have to say that me using “gritty reboot” for this isn’t much of an exaggeration. Because the pain this girl goes through even after getting adopted….just! A quick glance online shows I’m probably in the minority of people who enjoy this show because there’s not a lot of the dreamer Anne Shirley we all know. But I will say that after the shit she goes through, it makes me more appreciate that she manages to find beauty in the world (of which I hope we’ll see more of in season two…because again, this is Anne Shirley we’re talking about. Save the over the top, unending painfests for the redheads of Riverdale, plz!)

But without spoiling anything for anyone who may be on the fence, this is definitely a very interesting take on the Anne lore that I recommend anyone who enjoyed the books at least give it a look. It’s only seven episodes, so you won’t be up binging all night like we know we all will next month for Orange is the New Black, hahaha 🤣