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At some point, Lord of the Flies was on everyone’s reading list in middle or high school. Many have even seen the 1963 film depicting a group of boys turning savage, however, two writers, David Siegel and Scott McGehee are rebooting the classic to star an all-female cast.

Instructed by Warner Brothers to take another classic and reboot, this time around William Golding’s 1954 novel has shown some concern, however, as long as Warner Bros. keeps to the essence of the story, this could be an interesting reversal role towards savagery.

Selma Blair has joined the cast for a television reboot of “Heathers”. Blair’s character will be the mother to Heather Duke played by Brendan Scannell.

Blair’s character is described as “a gold-digging stripper and menthol smoker waiting for her 82-year-old husband to bite the dust”.

Hopefully, this “Heathers” reboot will run smoothly without taking away the cult appeal of the actual story.

How to make a cartoon reboot or revival according to different companies
  • Nick: We are bringing back the same crew and cast so it well still fell like it is the exact same show,there are gonna be some changes so it can be relatable to the modern audience,but they wont interfere with the spirit of it.
  • Disney: We are gonna make a totally new show for a new audience,but we are keeping the spirit of the original and making references that the fans will be able to recognize
  • Hasbro: There are gonna be references to the original show,but it´s mostly a different show,we are trying to sell toys but also trying to make good cartoon anyone could enjoy,regardless of their enjoyment of the original
  • CN: Heyyy kids,you like cartoons,remnber that cartoon??? well,its back,I think,theres things you like on it,like jokes and characters,maybe,I dunno,lol buys some merchandise,only at toy r us.

Trying to figure out how the boys would react to Gladstone. Whould they agressively hate him like:

(You go outside, hideous monster, before I put this bin over your ears!!)

or actually pretty chilled like:

Maybe it is both, maybe one of the kids likes Gladdie (I vote for Louie) while the others can´t stand him… or maybe they are all neutral about him

Making a Successful Cartoon Reboot

The key difference between making a reboot and making an original cartoon, is that when making a reboot, you have to cater to TWO audiences rather than just one. You have the older audience (the people who were fans of the source material that the reboot is based upon) and the newer audience (the people that are less familiar with the original source but are watching due to personal interest). In order to make a successful cartoon reboot, the most important thing is to RESPECT BOTH AUDIENCES AND DO NOT FAVOR ONE OVER THE OTHER. If you choose to ignore the older audience and pamper to the new one, you are likely to tamper with what made the original source a classic in the first place, and you would be disrespecting the original story’s mythos, characters, and be insulting the people who were fond of the original when growing up. And if you believe your reboot can survive by the older audience’s nostalgia alone, you’d still be making a big mistake. If you don’t add anything new to your reboot, the new audience would likely be confused, and the older audience would be bored, because your not adding anything new to the table; you would just be copying the original source and than there would be no point in rebooting the original in the first place. The reboot should share the same “soul” as that of the original cartoon. That is, the creators of the reboot need to understand what made the original a beloved classic, and transfer those elements to the reboot. However, it’s ok to take risks, and make a few changes to the story and characters so that the reboot will still have a uniqueness to it that’s separate from the original. This is why understanding the needs of both the newer and older audiences is important and this is why successful reboots are very rare. It’s hard to satisfy two audiences. But when you do it right, you will make a work of art!

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