{worldly inspiration}

  • civ vi england x
  • civ vi china x
  • civ vi japan x
  • civ vi india x
  • civ vi russia x
  • civ vi france x
  • civ vi germany x
  • civ vi egypt x
  • civ vi arabia x
  • civ vi greece x
  • civ vi rome x
  • civ vi sumeria x
  • civ vi kongo x
  • civ vi spain x
  • civ vi brazil x
  • civ vi norway x
  • civ vi america x
  • civ vi poland x
  • civ vi aztec x
  • civ vi scythia x
  • japanese instrumental x
  • chinese instrumental x
  • korean playlist for studying x
  • jewish folk music x
  • french accordion x


  • animal crossing i x
  • animal crossing ii x
  • mozart lullaby for babies x
  • studio ghibli music collection i x
  • studio ghibli music collection ii x
  • studio ghibli bossa nova x
  • studio ghibli music box x
  • super mario galaxy x
  • calming nintendo music x
  • legend of zelda x
  • relaxing video game mix x
  • song of the sea ost x
  • kpop piano x
  • disney piano x
  • kingdom hearts x
  • music box i x
  • music box ii x
  • misc japanese bgm i x
  • misc japanese bgm ii x


  • chopin collection x
  • beethoven collection x
  • tchaikovsky collection x
  • mozart collection x
  • brahms collection x
  • schubert collection x
  • debussy collection x

{star wars}

  • episode i x
  • episode ii x
  • episode iii x
  • episode iv x
  • episode v x
  • episode vi x
  • episode vii x
  • rogue one x
  • dagobah yoda’s hut x
  • tatooine dune sea x
  • hoth i x
  • hoth ii x
  • coruscant apartment x
  • kashyyyk at night x
  • endor at night x

{harry potter}

  • the philosopher’s stone x
  • chamber of secrets x
  • prisoner of azkaban x
  • goblet of fire x
  • order of the phoenix x
  • half-blood prince x
  • deathly hallows part 1 x
  • deathly hallows part 2 x
  • hogwarts library x
  • diagon alley x
  • hogsmeade x
  • forbidden forest at night x
  • dumbledore’s office x
  • hogwarts great hall at christmas x
  • weasley house x
  • ravenclaw common room i x
  • ravenclaw common room ii x
  • gryffindor common room i x
  • gryffindor common room ii x
  • hufflepuff common room i x
  • hufflepuff common room ii x
  • slytherin common room i x
  • slytherin common room ii x


  • game of thrones x
  • amélie ost x
  • jurassic park ost x
  • pride & prejudice ost x
  • bossa nova cafe music x
  • sound of the shrine x

I feel this needs to be shared more because it’s Diego Luna’s birthday, and I’m pretty sure he’s still wishing for it. I don’t even tumbl and still made this tumblr account specifically to spread the magic. Here’s what I wrote on my instagram post when I first put it up a week ago. (I’ve seen Rogue One THREE times now.):

“Okay. Let me explain… Those who follow me on twitter are well aware my #StarWars high has been at lightspeed for the past while, because it’s almost all I talk about. I saw #RogueOne for the second time just last night (IT IS SO GOOD), and will be seeing it again this Friday. After viewing number two, I desperately wanted to #draw fanart. Some of my #drawing ideas walk a spoiler-y line, so I opted to do something slightly related, a little random and ridiculous, and still get my fix. Enter Diego Luna, and his wonderful life-long fascination with #JabbaTheHutt. In interviews for the Rogue One press tour, he often mentions how he’s always longed to touch Jabba, to see what the texture is like. (He also mentioned kissing, but I didn’t go there.) Instead of going to bed, I spent a few hours drawing this fantasy of his because why the hell not? My Christmas wish for Diego is that his dream of touching Jabba comes true some day. Until then, enjoy this absurd #fanart, Diego! You kicked ass as #CassianAndor! (Fun fact: I once shared a plane with Diego 5 years ago from SF to Toronto. I was returning home and he was heading to the #TIFF. I knew I recognised him, but couldn’t place where. The extent of my interaction with him was a polite nod as he squeezed his way down the aisle to pass me. After landing, my sisters greeted me with “DID YOU KNOW #DIEGOLUNA WAS ON YOUR FLIGHT?” I missed you too, girls. Haha)”


Good Morning from Scotland

Christmas Dawn by Derek Gray
Via Flickr:
Taken on Christmas morning Rattray Head.

The Clone Wars (2008) – Anakin vs. Dooku

So many things to love here: Anakin and Dooku dueling in the Dune Sea against the backdrop of starry desert sky, complete with Tatooine’s three moons. Dooku’s taunt about this being Anakin’s home world, and how he can sense his feelings of pain and loss. The anguished expression on Anakin’s face. The mini sandstorm he calls up via the Force in retaliation, which he sends hurtling toward the Sith Lord. (Of course, Dooku deflects it and sends it back tenfold, knocking him down, but the fact that Anakin actually uses sand as a weapon here is beyond perfection and tickles me to no end.)

This is also our first glimpse of angry!Anakin in this series, as Dooku informs him that his ‘insignificant little padawan’ is surely doomed. “She’s more skillful than you think,” Anakin replies, as my Snips and Skyguy feels explode. He speeds away toward Ahsoka, and Dooku watches him go, cackling gleefully. The fact that this is Sir Christopher Lee’s final performance in this role renders the entire scene infinitely more precious to me. The music here is also beautifully stirring, and solidifies this as one of my favourite moments of the animated movie.