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TransAm Tryst

Word Count: 770
Summary: The reader executes her plan for seducing Dean at the TransAm’s garage.
Warnings: Foreplay, implied smut.


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By the time Dean came back from his trip to the dunes, you were ready to jump his bones the second he walked through your door. Besides the three days he’d been gone, two very tiring days on the ambulance had kept the two of you from seeing each other until he got off work this particular day.

“I know you worked on cars all day, but maybe you want to meet me out at the TransAm?”

“That’d be great, actually. See you out there in thirty?”

“I’ll be there.”

You were already on your way, but you didn’t mind getting there ahead of Dean. You had a plan in mind and wanted to make sure you were all set to go before he arrived.


Dean saw your truck parked by the garage, and he heard the usual music the two of you had playing while you worked. He liked the idea of you getting started working on the car without him – he just had no idea how much he would love it today.

The shorts you had on gave him a good peek at your perfectly round ass as you bent over the hood of the TransAm. There were already smudges of grease over your legs, shirt, and neck. He could feel his jeans tighten immediately; when you turned around and he saw that your face was also a little grease-smudged, and you clearly had no bra on under that white tank top, his pants became uncomfortably tight.

“Y/N, what – what are you doing to me …” Dean stuttered out.

You smirked, tossing the wrench you’d been using to the side. “Just getting a head start till the expert got here. I missed you, Sparky.”

Dean grabbed your hips, pulling you against him and pressing his arousal against you. “I missed you more.”

He groaned into your mouth when you claimed his lips with your own. You nipped at his bottom lip, plunging your tongue into his mouth and wrestling for control all while his hands worked under your shirt and sprawled over the bare skin of your back.

“I want you in the backseat of the car,” you begged between kisses, guiding Dean’s hand to your right breast. “Please.”

“Whatever you want, pretty girl,” Dean said. He growled as his hands left your breast and back, picking you up bridal style to carry you to the backseat of the car.  After setting you down and ridding himself of his shirt, he smirked. “There’s a blanket back here.”

“I planned ahead,” you winked.

Dean shook his head as he moved into the backseat, hovering over your body. You toed your boots off as he kissed you again, deeply. His hand splayed over your abdomen before moving back up to cup your breast; his thumb flicked over your nipple. You hissed with pleasure, arching your back up towards him.

You peeled the tank top off, tossing it to the floor. Dean lowered his mouth to your collarbone, kissed down your sternum, before returning to your lips. His fingers teased at the waistband of those short little shorts; he liked what he found.

“No panties either, huh? Dirty girl.”

You giggled, but also beamed with pride. When you looked up at your boyfriend’s lust blown pupils, you knew you’d done something right that evening.

With one hand on either side of you, Dean leaned close to you for another kiss. You clasped your hands behind his neck, anxious to feel his bare skin against yours.

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“Wow,” Dean said, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. “And I thought the bathtub back in Florida was a wild ride.”

You smiled, kissing his shoulder. “It was pretty fun. We’ll have to do it again sometime.”

“I wouldn’t mind that at all. How long have you had this planned?” he chuckled.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “Since before we were doing any of this.”

Dean took in a deep, contented breath, and let it out. He rubbed his hand up and down your arm. “You sure are a girl after my own heart.”

“Think you’ll keep me around for a while?”

“Pretty girl, I’m never letting you go.”

“Good to know,” you said, kissing him sweetly. “How about I’ll put my clothes back on – with undergarments this time – and we can actually do some work on this car while we’re out here?”

Dean nodded, helping you sit up. “That sounds good to me. But I can’t promise that the bra and panties will stop me from wanting you again before we leave here tonight.”

You grinned. “I’m all yours, Sparky.”

Is This Real Life


Terror of the Wastes [Moxxie Stormviolet] – Aislynn goes on a visit to a nearby desert, hoping to explore some of the arid wasteland. What she finds instead is an enormous tank among the sand dunes, battle ready and highly intimidating. Good thing it’s on the Exile’s side!