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Fictional women that I look up to (kinda long, kinda spoiler-y)
  • Tessa Gray Herondale Carstairs: she transformed into a freaking angel, literally.
  • Catarina Loss: even Magnus Bane looks up to her. Raised a Herondale baby by herself as her own, knowing the grave punishment of her actions.
  • Emma Carstairs: so smol in cohf, now deadly as fuck. Lost both parents, GOT WHIPPED BY A BUNCH OF FAIRIES BUT IS STILL STANDING STRONG.
  • Clary Fairchild: can draw new Runes and make drawings come to life. Also, she's one of the very few people who can manage Jace. How's that for bad-ass points?
  • Cecily Herondale: miniature Will. Slew her future father-in-law's demonic worm form.
  • Cristina Mendoza-Rosales: Emma's POC partner in crime who's dealt with two horrible boys(lol). Brilliant shadowhunter, and we have yet to see what else her bad-assery can do.
  • Charlotte Branwell: proved to all the men in the Clave that she is strong and absolutely fitting to head the London Institute. Became The FIRST female Consul.
  • Isabelle Lightwood: whip-carrying slay all day vibe 24/7. Supported Alec in his struggle to come out of the closet.
  • Helen Blackthorn: is being treated unfairly because of her faerie blood. Still compassionate and kind as ever.
  • Aline Penhallow: stood by her girlfriend's side, even during her exile to Wrangel Island. Married her, even. Suck on that, Clave.
  • Lily Chen: Head of the New York vampire clan. Fiercely loyal to her friends.
  • Maia Roberts: victim of racism, abused by her brother, lost her boyfriend, nearly her entire wolf pack. Came back like a bad-ass and is now the leader of the New York werewolf pack.
  • Ruby Daly: her transition from fearing her abilities to controlling them is empowering. Got hurt WAY TOO MANY TIMES MAN.
  • Vida Connor: "a charming young woman with a mouth that could give a sailor a heart attack."
  • June Iparis: the prodigy babe of the Republic. Graduated college at fifteen. Headstrong and selfless as fuck. Taught fighting tactics even when she was sick.
  • Kaede: skiz fight & flying queen. HIJACKED A COLONIES PLANE LIKE U GO GIRL.
  • Penelope Bunce: fought side by side with Simon in all of his missions. SHE WAS ABLE TO STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION WITH BAZ THE FIRST TIME BC OF HER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT POLITICS AND STUFF.

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11 or 1 for Day and June

1. “Come over here and make me”

11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba - gaddammit!”

Imma try and combine them let’s see how this goes

It was early January when the first thick snowflakes started to cover the city. By the next morning, Denver was covered in a layer of white. Plows had cleared the roads in the early hours of the morning, leaving the curbs dusted in brown from the dirt and exhaust from the patrol vehicles. Even after a storm, the city never stopped chugging along. June knew this all too well. 

In two days’ time, she need to present a report about the troops in Los Angeles to Anden and his senators, and she’d been up all night working on it. June had listened to the plows rumbble along on the streets below her temporary apartment. The snow didn’t stop until after June finally got into bed beside Day.

Now, she huffed along the busy Denver roads, her breath visible when she exhaled. Jogging along the snowy sidewalks was far from the warm, humid track she was used to in Los Angeles, but it served its purpose. Besides, not all terrains were the same. June needed to be able to maneuver through any condition. Every few moments, she checked her watch. 09:31. June huffed and pushed herself further. She was getting slower, although her time could be blamed on the snow and people crowding streets, but slower all the same. 

Ten minutes later, June circled the block back to her temporary apartment. She smiled. Day was in the park just beside the building, hands in his pockets, gazing at the city. A few mothers with small children were playing the newly fallen snow. When June got closer, she saw Day bend down and collect a ball of snow in his hands. Her eyes widened. She knew what he was doing. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-” she started and back up a few paces, but it was too late. “Goddammit!” Day laughed as the snow hit her shoulder and neck, melting against her clothing. 

Day threw another snowball, but this time she was ready. June blocked the snow with her fist and threw whatever snow remained back at him. As she gathered more snow, another soft pile hit her ponytail. Little flecks of snow managed to slide down the collar of her shirt. June stood and threw the snow ball directly and Day’s shoulder, hitting it square on. “You better be able to make this up to me!” June laughed and she started to aim again. Day’s lips curved into a playful smirk. “Come over here and make me,” he challenged. 

June raised an eyebrow and closed the distance between them. Without hesitation, she pressed her lips against his, and when Day let his guard down, she pressed the snowball in her hand against Day’s cheek.