dune iparwing

November 30:
Metias died

December 1: 12:01am
June finds out about Metias

December 2: 1:30am
clearance to search the Internet

December 3: 7:30am
creates plan to track Day to commander Jameson

December 3: 3:30pm
Commander Jameson approved it

December 3: 5:30pm
June sends scouts to the sectors to tell about the ten second place

December 3: 6:30pm:
Metias’ funeral

December 5: 11:30pm
June is dressing up to go give Day the cures

December 6: 12:07am
June and Day talk

December 7: 6:25am
June is in Lake sector and is trying to look inconspicuous

December 11: 2:30pm
The Skiz fight

December 11: 4:30pm
Tess helps June bandage her wounds

December 12:
June stalks Day and Tess around Los Angeles

December 12: 6-6:30pm
June thinks Day might kiss her (Day almost kisses June)

December 13: 8:00pm

December 13: 8:05pm
June realises who Day is

December 13: 9:45pm
Day goes to visit John

December 14: 8:30am
The police are coming for Day.

December 14: 8:40am.
Day realises that June is with the Republic.

December 14: 8:41am.
Day’s mom (Grace Wing) dies.

December 21: 8:36am
Day wakes up. June interrogates him.

December 21: 6pm
The dance with Thomas

December 21: 6:30pm
June meets the Elector and Anden.

December 22: 1:00am
June rejects Thomas because Thomas is a traitor and i hate/love him idk

December 22: 12:30am
June goes thru Day’s bio.

December 22: 2:30am
Finds out Day got 1500

December 22: 9:00am
Day finds out that they are going to kill him 6pm on the 27th

December 22: 4:00pm
June tells Day about his score

December 23:
Thomas helps kill the protesters at Batalla Hall

December 24: 3am:
June realises it was Thomas who killed Metias.

December 24: 4pm
June gives Day the pendant back and tells him that he’s right.

December 24: 7:12pm:
June has dinner with Thomas.

December 25: 5am :
June finds Metias’ blog

December 25: 10:00am
“…the voice of my brother’s murderer fills my living room. Thomas, the soldier who would happily carry out any order from Commander Jameson, even if it’s to kill a childhood friend.” JUNE. JUNE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

December 25: 4:30pm
June shatters the shining glass

December 25: 8:30pm
Day tries to break out. June tells him she’ll help him.

December 26: 12:30am:
June goes to get help from Kaede.

December 26: 8:00am:
June finds out that she only has 9 hours to save Day

December 26: 4:45pm
Day goes to talk to his brother

December 26: 4:50pm
Thomas tries to interrogate June (about the missing dust bomb)

December 26: 5:01pm
John sacrifices himself for Day

December 29: 11:40pm
Day and June are running away.

January 4: 4:30pm
Day and June are wandering around Vegas.

January 4: 4:35pm
The Elector is dead. Long live the Elector.

January 4: 5:30pm
Day and Tess are reunited.