dune iparwing

November 30:
Metias died

December 1: 12:01am
June finds out about Metias

December 2: 1:30am
clearance to search the Internet

December 3: 7:30am
creates plan to track Day to commander Jameson

December 3: 3:30pm
Commander Jameson approved it

December 3: 5:30pm
June sends scouts to the sectors to tell about the ten second place

December 3: 6:30pm:
Metias’ funeral

December 5: 11:30pm
June is dressing up to go give Day the cures

December 6: 12:07am
June and Day talk

December 7: 6:25am
June is in Lake sector and is trying to look inconspicuous

December 11: 2:30pm
The Skiz fight

December 11: 4:30pm
Tess helps June bandage her wounds

December 12:
June stalks Day and Tess around Los Angeles

December 12: 6-6:30pm
June thinks Day might kiss her (Day almost kisses June)

December 13: 8:00pm

December 13: 8:05pm
June realises who Day is

December 13: 9:45pm
Day goes to visit John

December 14: 8:30am
The police are coming for Day.

December 14: 8:40am.
Day realises that June is with the Republic.

December 14: 8:41am.
Day’s mom (Grace Wing) dies.

December 21: 8:36am
Day wakes up. June interrogates him.

December 21: 6pm
The dance with Thomas

December 21: 6:30pm
June meets the Elector and Anden.

December 22: 1:00am
June rejects Thomas because Thomas is a traitor and i hate/love him idk

December 22: 12:30am
June goes thru Day’s bio.

December 22: 2:30am
Finds out Day got 1500

December 22: 9:00am
Day finds out that they are going to kill him 6pm on the 27th

December 22: 4:00pm
June tells Day about his score

December 23:
Thomas helps kill the protesters at Batalla Hall

December 24: 3am:
June realises it was Thomas who killed Metias.

December 24: 4pm
June gives Day the pendant back and tells him that he’s right.

December 24: 7:12pm:
June has dinner with Thomas.

December 25: 5am :
June finds Metias’ blog

December 25: 10:00am
“…the voice of my brother’s murderer fills my living room. Thomas, the soldier who would happily carry out any order from Commander Jameson, even if it’s to kill a childhood friend.” JUNE. JUNE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

December 25: 4:30pm
June shatters the shining glass

December 25: 8:30pm
Day tries to break out. June tells him she’ll help him.

December 26: 12:30am:
June goes to get help from Kaede.

December 26: 8:00am:
June finds out that she only has 9 hours to save Day

December 26: 4:45pm
Day goes to talk to his brother

December 26: 4:50pm
Thomas tries to interrogate June (about the missing dust bomb)

December 26: 5:01pm
John sacrifices himself for Day

December 29: 11:40pm
Day and June are running away.

January 4: 4:30pm
Day and June are wandering around Vegas.

January 4: 4:35pm
The Elector is dead. Long live the Elector.

January 4: 5:30pm
Day and Tess are reunited.


OMG I just thought of something

You know how Day and June are on the train at the end of legend and it’s all cute and hopeful and them there’s the quote “then we’re both fools”. June and Day are fools? Well… Isn’t there April fools day? The “official” legend holiday should be “June Fools Day”.

Haha kinda random and irrelevant, but I thought it was funny…