dune field


2017.02.21 Okayama IMAGE setlist

01 destrudo
02 anima
03 黝ヒステリア / aoguroi hysteria
04 vandal
05 hidden one
06 nine melted fiction
(followed by Yuchi bass solo)
07 scars like velvet
08 mama
09 耳ゾゾ / mimizozo
10 new song 1
11 new song 2
12 in all weathers
13 elisabeth addict
14 aftermath
15 dunes
16 leather field
17 zephyr
18 new song 3 (愛した)

Setlist was exactly the same as in Akasaka.
(I forgot about hidden one before)

Few more bits after listening to them again.
New song 1 starts with a simple beat, bass joining, great drums. It has some heavy bits. Slower melody, Kyo has some high bits. Ends with piano.
New song 2 starts with acoustic guitar, medium tempo. Rain on a cold day.
Yuchi has a new piece of equipment for them, part of electronic sound is thanks to that I think. And Takumi’s keyboard (not piano).
session has a really dark atmosphere, slow tempo.
New song 3 is medium tempo. Chorus slows down a bit and was sang higher. There’s a really nice part with guitars in the end.


Explore the mountains, valleys, Rocks, Fields, flowers, and sky of Kazakhstan

You Find Yourself In A Serene Dune Field. Wind Howls Around You

The Sun Is Setting

For Miles There Is Nothing But Dunes And The Cool Air

You Are Not Hungry Or Thirsty. You Feel No Pain

The Wind Is Pleasant On Your Face

You Could Happily Remain Here Forever.


sukekiyo 2017.02.16 赤坂BLITZ - setlist

01 destrudo
02 anima
03 黝いヒステリア / aoguroi hysteria
04 vandal
05 nine melted fiction
(followed by Yuchi’s bass solo)
06 scars like velvet
07 mama
08 耳ゾゾ / mimizozo
09 new song1 (electronic)
10 new song2 (space mood)
11 in all weathers
12 elisabeth addict
13 aftermath
14 白露 / hakuro ~instumental
15 leather field
16 dunes
17 zephyr
18 new song3 (愛した/orchestra)

en19 anima - sang together with fans

When most of band came back on stage when fans didn’t stop clapping, Kyo took the mic again and said:

’…well… what to say… sukekiyo doesn’t do encore usually… but let’s sing one more song together.
…Takumi is still changing, though.’

and then Takumi rushed on stage nodding to fans and Kyo ;)

Fans were bit shy at first singing, but picked up pretty quickly. But the last part - それでも私 側に居ていいですか? - Kyo sang by himself.

When they finished main set, Kyo left with おやすみ / oyasumi, but after anima he finished with ありがとう / arigatou.


Overflight of an erg in the Arabian Desert - watch for a road in the second half of the clip to give it some scale. Check out how the crests of the dunes and their directions change - an indication of inconsistent wind directions across this dune field.


#75: Sanddünenfelder östlich von Sauðárkrókur mit Blick auf die Insel Lundey im Skagafjörður im Nordisland.

#75: Sand dune fields east of Sauðárkrókur overlooking the island Lundey in Skagafjörður in the north of Iceland.

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