Duncombe, Iowa
Population: 410

“WHEREAS, An all wise Providence has suffered to remove from among us Hon. John F. Duncombe of Webster county, Iowa, an honored member of the General Assembly of the State of Iowa, in the years 1860, 1864, 1872 and 1880, who took a prominent part in the Revision of the Code of 1860, was a regent of the State University from the year 1872 until the year 1890, and was for many years a law lecturer therein; and who was a man of commanding ability and held in high esteem by all his associates without regard to party affiliations—a grand and noble man who lent his aid to every good work—a true patriot and a model citizen, widely known and universally respected and honored. Although when he died he had reached the allotted span of human life, we could have wished that his life might have been prolonged for the sake of those who were near and dear to him and for our own profit and pleasure. We, however, realize that our loss is his gain; therefore be it.” - About Senator John F. Duncombe, the town’s namesake.

Name: The Woman’s Triple Shift

Year: 1976

Artist: Duff & Maria

Value: $901,283,912,321

Rarity: Universal

Description & History:

The domestic labour that women provide is essential for men do perform their job effectively. The role of the housewife was socially constructed after industrialization as women were excluded from the ‘dangerous’ workplace, in order to look after the children, who were also excluded at the same time. Even though women are more likely to work in contemporary society, they are still expected to perform the domestic labour duties. This is supported by Ann Oakley (1976) who claimed that women have a ‘dual burden’ of employment and domestic labour when they come home. Duncombe & Marsden (1995) go further by stating that women now perform a ‘triple shift’ as they also have to perform emotional labour as well as employment and domestic chores. Fran Ansley (1976) would support this claim as women are expected to soak up the frustration of the man’s working day in order for them to return to work in a productive mindset. All domestic and emotional labour is done for free and therefore benefits the ruling class without costing them any money.

Trivia: This portrait is one of the leading examples of why we need feminism.

Jeryl Prescott as Desdemona Lark in West Of Hell (2017)

Synopsis: A gunslinger, a vengeful ex-slave, and a runaway board a midnight train to Atlanta. They discover that the train is haunted by a sinister force, and must fight to survive the night.

Written by Yousef Abu-Taleb, Gabi Chennisi Duncombe, Bubba Fish, Michael Steves

Directed by Michael Steves



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The royal collection FINALLY heard my prayers!

This is Lady Helen Vincent, neé Helen Venetia Duncombe, better known as the Viscountess d´Abernon. She was the “face” of the “spanish grand duchess”, a fanfic i wrote about a “What if” grand duke George Alexandrovich had lived , married and had kids…lots of kids 

She was so gorgeous!