duncans face what

when a shem show up and tells you the only way to cure your illness is to join his stupid shem club and leave your clan forever

(pt. 2)


Dougal will never allow anything to happen to me - to us. He made me a promise. The man loves me to death.

DunKim: What do i do? Chapter 1: To much to take

Yeah, it was funny, locking her in her tower. Well, it was funny until he got to his office, and actually thought about whats going to happen.
“;Shit!” Duncan says. “;What do i do? This has never happened before.” He paces his office, talking to himself so he doesn’t have to hear Kim’s shouts to get out. “This is my fault, just like everything else!” He says as he punches his fish tank, which then breaks and the water pours out onto the floor, his fish gasping, not being able to breath. “WHY!!!!!” He falls to his knees and starts to cry. “If i wasn’t so stupid, if i just wasn’t playing with my guns, she wouldn’t have backed into the sphere!” Still he hears her cries, screaming for Duncan to let her out. “What happens if i do? What happens if i let her out? What happens if she doesn’t last till morning? What have i done!?!?!?” He shouts at himself, why does this always happen to him? What has he ever done wrong? “Stupid fucking MAGIC!!!! I will never understand you, you curse me, then do that to Kim? Why? I don’t want to understand you! I don’t want to be a mage!!!!”He sobs, but then realises what he just said. “Mage!!! Thats it, maybe i don’t understand whats going on, but i know someone who might!!!”; He searches through his brain, looking for a clue to where he might be. “;Somewhere far away. Urghh! I’lljust go look for him!”He says, then leaves his office and flies upwards. “Well then, Rythian, lets find out where your hiding”


5 days, he’s been looking for 5 days and he still can’t find Rythian, or Zoey, or any sign of them at all! Not even a footprint, or a piece of cloth, or anything! Why did Rythian have to be so paranoid! He needed to find him, and soon, Kim could be doubled over on her floor at the moment dying because of the stupid flux. Duncan landed in a desert, finally giving up. He ran into the water so that it would hide his tears. Kim would die, because he was stupid. Maybe, if he would drown in this pool, all his mistakes would just, disappear. Yes, Kim was just some girl he just happened to take on as an apprentice, and yes, maybe he grew to have feelings for her, more than friends feelings, but maybe it would just be forgotten if he died? Maybe he and Kim could live in the afterlife? If there was one? Well, in any case, if he dies now, not many people will feel sorrow. Yes, death is the answer. Duncan walks into the river until the water reaches his neck. One more step, one more step and his pain would be gone. One more step, and he would be dead, and so many others would be happy. One more step, and he would be happy. He takes the step.


The water swallows up Duncan, no breath taken, no last wish, no last words. He goes. But under the water, he hears a girl shout his name from above. Was it Kim? Did it take so short of a time to die? He feels arms wrap around his waist and he was, slowly, pulled out the water. The girl shouts again, but not to him. “Teep! Help me! Yes i know its Duncan, just help! Well if your not going to help get Rythian! JUST DO IT!” It wasn’t Kim, but he couldn’t open his eyes, couldn’t open his mouth to speak. But he realises one thing. ‘Im not dead’ He hears more footsteps and feels a hand on his neck, he then hears a new voice “theres still a pulse, he’;s alive.” Duncan then realises who it is, who is next to him. He was also, finally able to speak. “Rythian…” He says, his eyes still closed. He feels the endermages eyes on his face. “Duncan, what the hell were you thinking?” Rythian says, he mask muffling it a bit, of course he was still wearing the mask. “The pain… Everything…. It was just too hard… It hurt to much…” He replied to Rythian, talking the only thing he was able to do. Then a new voice spoke up “Wait up. You tried to kill yourself?” A certain red head spoke. The silence was his answer. Someone, probably Rythian, stood up and shouted. “Tee! Get over here and help me pick up Duncan!” Duncan heard the shuffle of sand as Tee ran over to his side. He was picked up, claws digging into his back as tee and Rythian lifted him up and carried him over to their base. Then, he passed out.


Duncan awoke, coughing. Coughing a lot of water up. But if you try and drown, or nearly drown (you might not be actually trying to) thats what happens. To much water can cause migraines, nausea and light headedness, so his body right now is ok, just usual post-trying-to-drown stuff. When he finally stops coughing he looks around a see’s Zoey and Rythian at the entrance to the room, wait tent, he’s in. He looks at Rythian, and one word springs to his mind. Magic. That springs another word to mind. Kim. “Kim!” He shouts and tries to get out of bed, but is stopped by and frantic red head pushing him back down. Rythian, looked utterly confused. “What about Kim?” He said, and took a bite out of a biscuit he had in his hand. Duncan just looked at Rythian, his mind in pain and sorrow. “What about Kim?” Rythian said, walking towards him. This time, his face was full of worry. “She the whole reason i came looking for you…” Duncan said, trying to hide the fact that he couldn’t find them so he decided to end his suffering. “She fell into a…” He continued, remembering her face as she fell into the sphere. “She fell into what Duncan?” Zoey said, looking at Duncans face. “She fell into a massive sphere of flux. A node of 1100 at least.” Duncan replied. Rythians face went white, and he turned and ran out of the tent. Zoey, on the other hand, looked completly confused. “Whats flux?” She asked. He couldn’t tell her, he didn’t exactly know himself. So he just lay back down, waiting for something. He didn’t know what, but he knew it was coming. It turned out to be Rythian. Rythian returned with a book. A big dusty book that looked older than anything he ever found. The dust made Zoey sneeze, a very loud sneeze that would have brought a smile to his face if the situation wasn’t so dire. Rythian flipped through the pages, worry never leaving his face. Zoey was still looking at Duncan, waiting for an answer. “Duncan. Whats Flux?” She asks again. “Magic. Its Magic” he replies. “Whats bad about that? And how can you fall into magic?” She asks. Again, Duncan didn’t really know the answer. He just knew that it was there, and he could use it. He didn’t have to answer anyway, because Rythian spoke up. “Flux is very different from the old magic. This is the older magic. Remember the thaumanmicon?” She gave a little nod. “Well, its from that. The node Duncan had that Kim fell into is part of the bad magic. You have to have a balance of good magic and bad magic to work it. Duncan, where do you keep that node?” He turns as he says it, and looks at Duncan. “In my sphere. The one where i used to have my nuclear reactor.” He replies. “What has come from having such a high node?” Rythian asks. Duncan wonders why Rythian is asking all these questions, when they should be back at the castle seeing if Kim was dead. But he answers anyway. “A load of wisps. Oh, and a few storms.” Rythian nods and looks back down at his book. He skims through each page before going onto the next one. Finally, he stops, looks up at Duncan and says. “She won’t die, but to be utterly sure of what will happen to her, i have to see for my self.” Duncan nearly screamed out in joy, but kept it in. “Well come on! Theres no time to waste!”

Authors note:

this was gunna be in one post, the whole story, but then i was like, it would be easier like this so HAVE HALF!! second half out soon