Kiss Me/Ladies and their Sensitivities
  • Kiss Me/Ladies and their Sensitivities
  • Nadim Naaman, Zoe Doano, Duncan Smith and Ian Mowat
  • 31st March 2015

Kiss Me/Ladies and their Sensitivities - 31st March 2015, Harrington’s Pie Shop Production, London

Nadim Naaman as Anthony, Zoe Doano as Johanna, Duncan Smith as Judge Turpin and Ian Mowat as Beadle Bamford

Please do not share outside of Tumblr (and enjoy trying to hear Sondheim laughing)



Skai Jackson, 14 / Riele Downs, 14 / Eden Duncan-Smith, 16 / Coco Jones, 18

In case y’all haven’t heard, Marvel comics just debuted a replacement for Tony Stark’s Iron Man - a dark-skinned 15 year old Black girl, Riri Williams (I’m crine!). NATURALLY, Entertainment Weekly took it upon themselves to speculate which light-skinned biracial grown woman should be playing this dark-skinned black teenager in a movie, which ya know, ugh.

In *ahem* “LIGHT” of Entertainment Weekly’s atrocious Riri Williams fancasting, I decided to do my own.


I am so excited for the rerelease of the magid series. I previously thought combining Michel Ocelot’s style of cinematography would be perfect for the works of Diana Wynne Jones and here it is!

“A fantasy adventure about saving the universe one world at a time from Diana Wynne Jones. The companion novel to the bestselling The Merlin Conspiracy. It was great to have the opportunity to illustrate some more covers for the DWJ series. A set of three; Deep Secret, The Merlin Conspiracy and Dark Lord of Derkholm: a work in progress. I worked with the very talented designer James Fraser who was great fun to collaborate with. Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books - 25 April 2013” - Duncan Smith

IDS avoids the real problem

British workers have no skills and a bad attitude: Employers hit back at IDS claims that they hire too many migrants

So employers should take on more british youngsters says Iain Duncan Smith. I think he should look at the cause of the problem & address that instead. Why should any Company voluntarily handicap itself by having a less able workforce when you can employ better workers for the same money or less ?

I feel sure that IDS is well aware of the real problem - which is the absolute joke of the Government controlled educational system in this Country. It churns out generations of politically correct kids, all of whom have learned how be 'offended’ should their homosexual mate not have his 'rights’ respected properly..& they know just who to complain to if the correct amount of disabled toilets aren’t installed in a building.

A few skills & abilities which might just earn them a living though ?….nope, those seem to be sadly lacking.

The unemployment figures among Britains young don’t necessitate a message from the Government to the employers. What,instead, they do give us, is a loud & clear message from the employers to the Government, & that message is: ’ Get the fuck out of education & take your legions of politically correct kids with you’.