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What Could Have Been

Imagine a DA:O where Duncan survives the battle of Ostagar, grieves for Cailan, and tells you stories of the man Loghain once was, his eyes darkening as he thinks of how far the Teyrn has fallen. 

Imagine him biting his tongue as Goldanna demands sovereigns from her “half brother,” knowing all the while that this woman holds no relation to Alistair, but still thinks they should help for the sake of her impoverished children.

Imagine getting to know more about him during fireside talks. He becomes a father to you, just as he has to Alistair. He tells you how sorry he is for conscripting you at the worst possible time, but eventually admits that he doesn’t know how he and Alistair could have done it without you. 

He still accompanies you and your ragtag gang of heroes on your adventures, but hangs back like an advisor, too wounded by the battle to run around like everyone else. Still, he waits at camp and weighs in on your decisions until he’s finally healed enough to attend the Landsmeet and face the Archdemon.

Instead, Morrigan offers no dark ritual this time. The Archdemon is nearly slain, and now you face a decision: either you, Alistair, or Duncan will have to make the final sacrifice.

And as you turn to Alistair with tears in your eyes to decide which one of you it will be, a fierce battlecry rings out above the chaos. 

He did it for you, his pride and legacy. For Alistair, the boy he once cradled in his arms. Duncan saves you both, saves Ferelden, and dies doing what he set out to do. 

In death, sacrifice.


“Hello, wife.”

“Hello, husband.”

I had an urge to draw Cullen and Tessa’s daughter and Alistair and Eryn’s son together all of a sudden because babies are precious. And I had people asking about Sophie’s SO so I decided to draw him. 

Number 36 in a series

Others in this series: Basil Rathbone (Fox), Martin Freeman,  Jude Law,  Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams,  Jonny Lee Miller, Vinette Robinson, Jeremy Brett, David Burke, Andrew Scott, Nigel Bruce (Fox), Robert Downey, Jr., Jon Michael Hill, Two Violets, Mark Gatiss, Basil Rathbone (Universal), Nigel Bruce (Universal), Rupert Graves, Evelyn Ankers, Louise Brealey, Lucy Liu, Edward Hardwicke, Christopher Plummer, James Mason, Una Stubbs, Gayle Hunnicut, Hugh Laurie. Robert Sean Leonard, Yasmine Akram, Ronald Howard, Martin Freeman (TAB), Benedict Cumberbatch (TAB), Howard Marion-Crawford, Archie Duncan/Richard Larke, Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock


What is vore (story gift)

Ed had drunk a glass with his friend Jacques at a pub, where he had a very strange conversation with Jacques about vore. After Jacques’s explanation, he had not understood anything about it. After having drunk enough, Ed went back to his apartment, that he rented with his friend Duncan.

“Hey Duncan, Jacques and I just had the strangest conversation about vore or something, and I still understand nothing about it”

“Do you want me to explain it to you with a demonstration?”

“Yes please that would be nice”

Then Duncan came closer and closer to Ed, until Ed was stuck in a corner. Quite rude Duncan grab Ed with his arms and lift him up. Ed start to struggle, but it was no use, Duncan grip was lock tight.

“I guarantee you Ed that after this demonstration you will know what vore is”

Duncan licks his lips as he lifts Ed up to his height. As Ed look him in the eyes, he slowly opens his mouth, already salivating heavily in preparation for his meal.

“You are going to taste so good…” he manages to get out before sending his big tongue out of his mouth.

“Duncan, what are you doing, stop”.

It licks one huge slurp across Ed’s face and retreats back into its fleshy, moist cave.

“Mmm…” he moans.

Duncan continues to taste Ed, rubbing his tongue across Ed’s face and upper chest, thoroughly bathing Ed in slobber. After about 2 minutes, though, Duncan’s stomach groans become too loud and frequent to bear. he slowly inches Ed’s face into his wide-open mouth, licking it all over.

“You taste so good Ed…” he moans.

Duncan slowly continues to insert Ed into his mouth, pushing Ed farther and farther past his gleaming teeth into the hot cave. Soon Ed arrives at the end of the trail, right before his throat. Duncan keeps Ed at the back of his mouth for some time, enjoying Ed’s taste some more, but soon he lets go of Ed’s body, and suddenly lets out a huge


that sucks half of Ed’s body into his throat. His tongue, still coating Ed in sticky saliva to help lubricate Ed’s trip to his stomach, pushes Ed forward as he slowly continues to gulp Ed’s body down. Soon Ed’s head is starting to peek into his stomach valve. Ed could feel Duncan’s tongue tickling the back of his feet as one final gulp completely locks Ed out of the outside world.

Ed squeezes into Duncan’s stomach. The stomach acids are already rising, and the smell is unbearable. As Ed struggles, Duncan lets out a huge “BRRAAAAPP!” exhaling all the air in his stomach. The stomach is stretched, yet there is still some room to move around in, Duncan’s belly relatively taut. Already Ed is bathed in the disgusting mix of stomach acids and unrecognizable slush as Duncan drops himself in the seat, jiggling Ed constantly.

Ed look at Stomach walls. Duncan’s stomach walls. They are incredibly slimy and give Ed no traction whatsoever. Then Ed decided to pound against Stomach walls, Duncan seems to shift a bit but isn’t too affected. he lets out a belch that Ed can barely hear, he pushes down on where Ed tried to punch out.

“Quite struggling…” Duncan moans out. he rubs his belly slightly and lets out a huge belch.

“Please, Duncan let me out, it’s not funny anymore”

Duncan’s stomach starts to gurgle hard now, the digestive fluids swamping around Ed and slowly drowning him out. Ed begins to feel a slight tingling all through his body, but before he can feel any real pain, he feels his consciousness starting to fade. The lack of air in the stomach was really getting to him, and Ed wondered how long he’d have left in here…

“Wake up it is time…”

Ed woke up in his bed, surprised that he was still alive

“I think you have understood what vore means know”

“Yes, I understood, but could you not explain it differently?”

“Maybe, but this was the fun way”

“And … where are my clothes Duncan”

“I’ve left you in my stomach for too long … they’ve been digested”

“Damn it… you’re kidding me”

“Oh, stop complaining Ed, I’m sure you enjoyed it

"Dunc …”

“Be honest Ed”

"Honestly … yes, it was pretty cool, I liked how you swallowed me up, and I hope we might can do this again tomorrow”

“That is what I like to hear”

And Duncan gave Ed a little lick.

Duncan Keith’s parents always knew he was highly motivated, but there is this indelible snapshot that stands out from his childhood.

“We looked out at our backyard one day, and Duncan had two or three tires strapped to his waist, climbing uphill,” his mother, Jean, said. “And he was only about 15. He had this bent for fitness and nutrition.”

“In Grade 4, he had a teacher, Mr. Ron Grabowski,” his father, Dave, said. “Duncan wanted to become a hockey player, and Mr. Grabowski talked to Duncan about what he would do if that didn’t happen. You know, did Duncan have a plan B? Well, Duncan was devastated. Cried for two days because he thought Mr. Grabowski meant he wasn’t going to be a hockey player. Mr. Grabowski was just doing his job, but Duncan didn’t want to hear it. I once suggested he find a summer job. He informed me that would interfere with his training. Duncan was driven.”

Selected by the Chicago Blackhawks in the second round (No. 54) of the 2002 NHL draft, Duncan Keith joined them in 2005 and never looked back. The franchise was struggling then, but Keith matured into a fixture on defense with a young roster that forged a modern dynasty, winning the Stanley Cup in 2010, 2013 and 2015. Along the way, Keith earned the Norris Trophy in 2010 and 2014, plus the Conn Smythe Trophy as most valuable player in the 2015 playoffs.

When he wasn’t the quarterback on Chicago’s blue line, Keith’s two-way excellence and zeal for a heavy workload served his country well. He won a gold medal with Canada at both the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the 2014 Sochi Olympics. But only those who surmised that Keith was too small to realize his dream were surprised. He decided when he was 8 or 9 where he was headed. Take the piece of paper Dave and Jean discovered one day, a fearless forecast their son authored in a felt-tip pen: “Duncan Keith will make it to the NHL.”

Among the early believers, count Rob McLaughlin, who was coaching bantams in Penticton, British Columbia, when the Keith family moved there from Fort Frances, Ontario.

“We heard about this big new defenseman coming to town,” McLaughlin said. “Then this tiny kid shows up. He was 5-foot-4, 117 pounds. Skinny, short. Then, I watched him play and was blown away. A fabulous skater with a tremendous hockey IQ. Duncan not only controlled the game, but his work ethic rubbed off on other kids. He was a quiet leader. [When] practice or the game ended, he would be out shooting pucks like crazy. He had been told he was too small. And he was going to prove everybody wrong.”

Keith attended Michigan State University, then as a sophomore switched to Kelowna of the Western Hockey League. Upon signing with the Blackhawks, he played two seasons with their American Hockey League farm club, Norfolk, from 2003-05. There, Keith credited coach Trent Yawney, a former NHL defenseman, with mentoring him on the ways of a professional. Yawney fantasized that, one day, Keith might actually want to play an entire game, 60 minutes. When Keith showed up at Chicago’s training camp in 2005, a year after his trajectory was delayed by a canceled NHL season, hockey’s profile in one of its Original Six cities had dipped precipitously.

“The team was down and so were the crowds,” Keith said. “If I wasn’t dressed for an exhibition game, I could sit in the stands and have a whole area to myself. It’s great to see how things changed.”

Indeed, the revival of the Blackhawks was seismic. Although still in his mid-20s, Keith soon stood as a tenured leader beside such prodigies as Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. Keith and his customary partner, Brent Seabrook, emerged as one of the league’s most effective and durable tandems. Keith in particular thrived under coach Joel Quenneville, who took over early in the 2008-09 season and espoused an upbeat, puck-possession style. Keith finished the season with 44 points and a plus-33 rating.

The Blackhawks were poised to take the next step. It has been posited that had Keith been a mailman, he’s the one who would have taken a walk on his day off. When he’s on the treadmill, it’s the treadmill that wears out first; on the grueling VO2 max test, Keith scores off the charts. But besides his superior conditioning, there is passion and grit.

In Game 4 of the 2010 Western Conference Final, a puck careened off the stick of San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau. Keith took the brunt of the blow in the mouth, losing seven teeth – three on the top, four on the bottom. He adjourned for repairs and returned to play 12 minutes in the third period and a game-high 29:02. He blocked five shots, and the Blackhawks swept the series and went on to win the Cup for the first time since 1961. Keith capped his season by becoming the fourth Blackhawks player to win the Norris as the League’s best defenseman (Pierre Pilote 1963-65; Doug Wilson 1982; Chris Chelios 1993, ‘96). Keith won the Norris Trophy for the second time in 2014.

Keith starred on all three of his championship teams with the Blackhawks, but his performance throughout the 23-game postseason run in 2015 stood apart. He averaged 31:07 of ice time per game during a two-month marathon that included five overtime games. One of them – Game 2 of the Western Conference Final against the Anaheim Ducks, a 3-2 Chicago victory – became the longest in franchise history at 116:12, of which Keith played 49:51.

In that year’s playoff opener on the road against the Nashville Predators, Keith scored the winning goal in a 4-3 double-overtime victory after the Blackhawks had fallen behind 3-0 in the first period. Then in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, Keith fired a drive on Ben Bishop, the towering goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Bishop shunted it with his pad, but because he is forever in motion, Keith followed his shot, gathered the rebound and deposited the puck into the net, breaking a 0-0 tie. That goal was the winner in a 2-0 victory that brought the Blackhawks their third Stanley Cup championship in six seasons. It was Keith’s third goal of that postseason, all of them game-winners.

“You want to keep being a part of these things, because they never get old,” Keith said upon receiving the Conn Smythe Trophy. “You don’t get awards like this without being on great teams with great players.”

Well after Keith’s bravura postseason performance, it was revealed that he had played with a torn meniscus in his right knee. Keith said that he sustained the injury during the Final against Tampa Bay – he wasn’t certain whether it was in Game 3 or 4, but who was counting? One thing was for sure: Keith would not seek a doctor’s note or sympathy until he finished his hockey business. He had all summer to heal.

As it turned out, Keith still ailed when the 2015-16 season began. At first, he ascribed the problem to the usual “nicks and bruises and pains” one incurs during a career. When the knee still bothered him in training camp, he took a few weeks off starting in October, and would have surgery that month. By then, Keith had received yet more championship jewelry. Quenneville said he was unaware of Keith’s wound. Is there any wonder why Quenneville, and many of Keith’s teammates, often and fondly refer to the defenseman as a freak?

Keith, a humble man who speaks up sparingly but effectively, established Keith Relief, a charitable foundation assisting families and individuals encountering medical crises. Every year, Keith oversees a benefit concert in Chicago, where he evolved into one of the city’s most admired athletes. As Dave Keith said, his son once had other plans about where to settle down.

“Way back when we were still living in Fort Frances, we went to Minneapolis for a squirt tournament,” Dave Keith said. “Kids from all over the world, including Russia. Ilya Kovalchuk played for the Moscow Selects and scored four goals. Duncan’s team lost 7-3, and he was crushed. So he said to me, ‘We have to move to Russia, so I can get better.’ I told him, 'Son, we are not moving to Russia.’

“It all worked out, didn’t it?”

—  Duncan Keith: 100 Greatest NHL Players
(Workhorse defenseman has won Stanley Cup three times, Norris Trophy twice, Conn Smythe Trophy with Blackhawks)
MTVS Epic Rewatch #137

VM 2x20 Look Who’s Stalking

Stray thoughts

1) The episode opens with Veronica at the doctor’s finding out she’s got chlamydia. We now know Veronica didn’t get it from Duncan, but…

VERONICA: We were, you know, safe and the guy…there’s no way he–
DOCTOR: You think that but you never know.

A) I think it’s odd that Veronica refers to Duncan as “the guy” instead of “my boyfriend”. He was her steady boyfriend at the time, after all. But calling him “the guy” makes it sound as if they were only sexual partners and nothing more. B) I love the doctor’s blunt observation because he’s so right, and it nails exactly some of the problems Veronica had when it came to Duncan. She always thought she had him all figured out, he was the Nice Guy, he would never cheat on her. And yet there are a lot of things a truly nice guy would never do that Duncan had actually done and Veronica had always glossed over because he always pegged him as the righteous, decent boy in her life. Which he was not. 

2) And I love this line…

So my Grandma Reynolds was always saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I wish she was still alive because I’d really like to ask what she suggests for when life gives you chlamydia.

make chlamydade? 

3) Veronica wasn’t sorry at all about selling Mac out to Vincent, though. She was having way too much fun for her to feel sorry about it.

and I love Mac’s reaction when Clemmons announces the Prom is cancelled…



Why would Keith help Woody out, though? WHY? Why would Keith help him cover this up? I know Keith was probably concerned about the girl’s health, and he wanted to make sure she made it to the hospital. But this had shady written all over it, and there were other ways he could’ve made sure she was taken care of without getting himself involved in this and giving Woody an out. Why would you trust someone who had gotten himself into this kind of situation? You’re smarter than that, Keith. This had red flags all over it…


KENDALL: Your dad and I were just dealing with a little trouble.
VERONICA: Like Trouble, with a capital T that rhymes with C that stands for…
KEITH: Veronica!
VERONICA: I was gonna say cute.

So we all agree that Veronica’s choice of word to describe Kendall had everything to do with the fact she had been sleeping with Logan, right? I mean, Veronica never believed Kendall had slept with Duncan, so what other hang-up could she have with Kendall if it wasn’t her relationship with Logan? 


GIA: Leonardo D'Amato? God, what kind of loser is that?

Originally posted by mariefil

THIS LOSER. (sorry I couldn’t help myself, I only see Schmidt every time Leo shows up…)


LOGAN: Ah, you have that “I’d rather be making out with a broken bottle” look. Which if history serves, means you’re about to say something awkward.
VERONICA: This? This is my “I’d rather be spelunking” look. It’s like you don’t know me at all.

(she’d be rather making out with you, you idiot.)

8) Okay, this is gonna be long because I’ve gotten to the part where Logan is basicallly asking Veronica to the Prom and I’m going to do a play-by-play commentary on this scene because it’s too precious, yes? 

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I love Merrill so much

I love how, when Tamlen’s missing, she’s the only one who’s willing to admit to themselves that he’s probably dead. I love that she has that awkward moment of insensitivity but you can tell she doesn’t really mean anything nasty by it.

I love that, even though the mirror was destroyed, Merrill still took a piece along because up yours Duncan, you can’t tell me what to do with an artifact of my people.

I love that she’s genuinely sad when Mahariel leaves despite appearing somewhat cold before. It reminds me so much of a person who cares deeply but isn’t sure how to express themselves.

I love how she willingly alienates herself from her clan because she believes restoring the Eluvian will help her people and she won’t even let those closest to her stop her from pursuing her own path in life.

I love that she doesn’t think blood magic is evil despite her own Keeper seeming to think so. That she has enough faith in herself to know her boundaries with regards to spirits.

I love that she literally builds an entire freaking Eluvian with one shard. Someone get this nerd a medal!

I love that she’s cute and cuddly and lethal at the same time. Talking about baby griffins named Feathers at one point and destroying criminals’ asses the next.

I love that she can talk smack despite seeming like an innocent snowflake. “Oh but there’s not really a fire is there?” and then the next she’s telling people to fuck off when they try to lecture her. Good for you Merrill!

“Ma vhenan! Thank the Creators! How did you escape? Was it exciting? Did you shank someone? *Fist pump*

Gets excited about fighting and party crashing and Isabela’s pirate stories.

Tells Hawke their mother might be with her own Gods despite Hawke and Leandra being human.

Her asking Anders about books to spice up her sexy times with Hawke because if you thought she was some meek virgin, you’re probably wrong.

Zevran flirting with Hawke and Merrill just softly, casually going “I think we’ve heard enough from you.” Like damn that sounded icy and awesome.

Just ughhh get me more of this awkward, cute, bad ass nerd. I don’t want her story to be over yet. I want her involved in the Solas arc so badly, just imagine how much she’d shine there.