duncan was dead first

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I don't know if this has been asked before, but what do you think will happen if Egg's marriage plans for his children had worked? As in Duncan marrying Lady Baratheon, Jaehaerys with Celia, Shaera with Luthor, and Daeron to Olenna? And probably Rhaelle with an Arryn/Stark/Lannister/Martell instead of Lyonel. For one I think the whole Summerhal tragedy might be avoidable since Egg would have enough political alliances to make his reforms somehow work, instead of trying to do it via dragons.

Well, I wrote this about it, but here are some other ideas:


Father is such  a clever man.

Rhaelle has always known this - Duncan and Jaehaerys would deny it, bitter as they are, and Shaera and Daeron might be rueful, or reluctant, but Rhaelle knows. It was she, after all, who sat on Mother’s knee and listened as her lord father explain why House Baratheon, why House Tully, why not House Lannister. 

Mother once told Rhaelle that Father was too good for the throne, but Rhaelle sometimes thinks that the throne is not good enough for Father, which is something else altogether.

She tells Rickard this, as she urges him to use the influence he has with his father and their bannermen to push forward Father’s reforms - he is intelligent, her stoic husband, but naive in a way that she finds utterly charming, finds a refreshing change from all the men who came courting at court. He does not understand that Father’s reforms, though unpopular, will benefit them all.

Rhaelle knows, though. She has dreamed it, and her dreams come true.

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