duncan trussell

Love is a word that’s been hijacked by greeting card companies, cult leaders, sentimentalists, pop singers, false prophets, romcoms, McDonald’s and a million other unsavory types, who transform the most beautiful thing a human can experience into an inflatable gaudy imitation of itself that they use for their selfish desires and nefarious marketing campaigns. These bastards have made the highest and most intense experience accessible to humans almost impossible to talk about without feeling embarrassed.
—  Duncan Trussell
The universe loves you, you’re completely embraced by the entire universe, you’re an incremental part of the functioning of the cosmos, and you’re an incredible, wonderful, perfect f**kin thing. And when you get a glimpse of that it’s the greatest feeling ever, because you’re healed. Because that’s what truly healing is…true healing is realizing you were never sick in the first place.
When you’re born, you’re ejected out of a vagina, hurtling through the universe towards death at the speed of time…the vagina is the portal from which all human life emerges, the source of life, yet nobody wants to talk about it. You come out of a vagina, and as soon as you’re out you’re told not to talk about where you came from.
—  Duncan Trussell

I really don’t think that you can become a fully developed human being unless you have some series of events in your life - more than one - that break down your vision of the world and provide you with deeper insight.

It doesn’t have to be psychedelics - it can be all sorts of different life experiences. It could be traveling, it could be meditation, it could be deep consideration for the world. A constant overview and a constant audit of your thoughts and the way you interact with people and your happiness and where it comes from. I think all of those are possibilities.

There are different ways to achieve the same effect. But unless you do have those things, you’re going to be a child.

—  Joe Rogan 
There’s this idea. Here’s the idea: you go to school in one place, you learn a trade or you go to college, then you get a house, then you get a wife, then you hatch some babies, raise the babies, put the babies into the system, then the babies bury you. That’s the mode of Western life. It’s a cult.
—  Duncan Trussell