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It’s a beautiful idea, that heartbreak is actually your ego cracking. The moment that cracks, you’re in the experience of truth; and when you’re in the experience of truth, that’s when you can really become who you are. But to get to who you are, it’s like when a bone heals the wrong way, that’s what a lot of people’s entire personality is! It’s like a bone that grew the wrong way. And it needs a fuckin’, a snap! A crack! You need that! That initial fucking thing, and it hurts. We’re pain avoiding creatures, so we think that–We’re always running from this pain, but the problem is, as we’re running away from pain, we’re still exactly in pain.
—  Duncan Trussell, on pain and heartbreak.
Love is a word that’s been hijacked by greeting card companies, cult leaders, sentimentalists, pop singers, false prophets, romcoms, McDonald’s and a million other unsavory types, who transform the most beautiful thing a human can experience into an inflatable gaudy imitation of itself that they use for their selfish desires and nefarious marketing campaigns. These bastards have made the highest and most intense experience accessible to humans almost impossible to talk about without feeling embarrassed.
—  Duncan Trussell
The Joe Rogan Experience #279
  • Joe: Fix the world, Duncan. You’re the king, how do you fix the world?
  • Duncan: Obviously, you start off by paying teachers the amount that we pay doctors. Pay teachers a shitload of money. Pay them what you pay actors. Have like the academy awards for the best teachers. Make it the most competitive industry to get into so that only those really brilliant people can become teachers. They can teach the kdis how incredible and beautiful the universe is. Teach them all about Feynman. Start with the kids, get them educated, get them excited about life, get them to understand that we exist in a beautiful, juicy, vibrant world and that your brain is a laboratory which can produce thoughts, and if you put those thoughts into action, they can transform your entire planet. They can transform the planet in the same way that the invention of electricity or the variants of technology that have come from the mind have shifted our planet completely, and perhaps, perpetually. You teach kids that. The mind is a laboratory from which every single innovation that has affected our species come. Teach them that it is a computer and that there are different operating systems for it that they can decide on. Bring them into a visceral experience of the beauty of life, instead of putting them in little boxes and making them sit on uncomfortable seats and listen to underpaid angry people. Some teachers are great, but some teachers are not treated with any respect so they are phoning it in. And that's what makes kids, when they think about reading or books or math, have the same reaction you have when you’ve gotten a tequila hangover and someone offers you tequila.
Get out of the shrieking, howling, confusing, endless download of the mind and into the heart… there are moments where it feels as though I have been living in this mansion or temple or house, which is my body and there is this whole other part of the house. It’s almost as though I have been living on the porch, that’s the way to put it, if you’ve been living in your head it’s like you’ve been living on the porch with the barking dogs. It’s like you’ve been living on the porch in front of a mansion with a bunch of yapping dogs and suddenly you realize that the door is unlocked and you can walk into the spacious, expansive, beautiful place that has a feeling of familiarity to you because when you were a kid that’s where you lived. That’s the place where you hung out all the time, but at some point you decided that you’d rather go sit on the porch with barking dogs that yap and howl and endlessly bark about taxes and money and things you should’ve done and things you didn’t do. It’s a noisy porch up there in the brain, but the heart (another overused term) it’s another place altogether and when you go into that place suddenly you get out of the mind, get out of the endless yapping of the brain and you get into this still place where suddenly there isn’t as much to say because you’re just experiencing what is… Just being here now. Be here now.
—  Duncan Trussell
Fuck this shit universe filled with festering blackness, and swarming with shallow, single-minded humans focused on crystallizing aspects of the material universe and putting it into their bank accounts, transmuting real experience into imaginary numbers, which then they ascribe to how good they’re doing, like some evil satanic score.
—  Duncan Trussell

A lot of people are really hard on themselves and they say really shitty things to themselves all day long. Or you think really bad things about yourself.

The next time you’re really being hard on yourself imagine someone else coming up to you and saying that to you. You’d punch them in the face, like, that would be your enemy. Yet that person exists inside of you and somehow you just accept that mode of internal dialog as being normal.

You’d be in an abusive relationship if I said the stuff you say to yourself, to you.

—  Duncan Trussell, Lavender Hour 39 01:06:54
There’s this idea. Here’s the idea: you go to school in one place, you learn a trade or you go to college, then you get a house, then you get a wife, then you hatch some babies, raise the babies, put the babies into the system, then the babies bury you. That’s the mode of Western life. It’s a cult.
—  Duncan Trussell
Keep the truth on your side… Because, in this world you’re going to end up in so many conversations where you have no idea whether you’re full of shit or not… So the fallback has to be that you tend your own garden, speak from experience, and be honest about how you really feel -including, not being afraid to not know how you feel about the 8 billion things you do not know how to feel about…
—  Dan Harmon on The Duncan Trussell Family hour; Nov. 11 2013; 01:08:00
If you can forgive yourself then you will no longer see the reflection of your own internal judgement in the faces of the people around you. And if you can do that then suddenly you’ll be in a whole different universe because the universe we all exist in is the one where we’re all so terrified of the judgement of our peers.
—  Duncan Trussell - The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast - 9/17/2014