duncan lalna

Parallels in the Flux Buddies saga and Blackrock.

Zoey: apprentice, kinda hyper, hears things from strange entities like barry.

Kim: apprentice, kinda hyper, hears things from strange entities like mother.

Rhythian: really powerful in MAGIC, mysterious history.

Duncan: really powerful in SCIENCE, mysterious history.

Ending of Blackrock: Castle explodes due to big bomb.

Ending of Flux Buddies 2.0: Evil lair explodes due to big bomb.

Also Flux Baddies Ending: Castle explodes due to big bombs.

What about Flux Baddies?

Specimen Five: apprentice/assistant/whatever, kinda hyper.

Lalnable: Powerful in both (blood) magic and SCIENCE, mysterious history.

I like how all the stories are kind of similar, especially with Blackrock and Duncan’s Castle, powerful guy lives alone, random girl falls from sky, best friends forever, base explodes/goes to the shitter after a while.

Blackrock thoughts

So 2 days ago I stayed up till 2 in the morning watching Blackrock Rebirth, which I never watched. Holy damn. It’s so interesting to a Flux Buddies scrub to see Duncan as a bad guy/asshole. And I’m not sure what my opinion on Rising is though.

I mean Zoey getting nuked and dying, as depressing as it is, is a fitting ending for a series about a guy who is filled with hate and never serious, until a friend falls from the sky. Rythian is back to being alone, and probably would kill Duncan if Zoey didn’t return. It’s very fitting for Rythian’s character.

But Zoey returning is what everyone really wanted, but the lack of any real consequences for Zoey exploding was kinda annoying IMO, she got a perfectly functional robot arm and had no lasting effects; no radiation damage, no scars physically or mentally (well, not very bad scars) and no brain damage. It would have been much more interesting if Rising was about a revenge-mad Rythian taking care of a radiation-insane Zoey who can barely function and was crippled by the blast, with Rythian so hell-bent on ending Duncan’s life that he ends up becoming more and more disconnected from Zoey.

But in the end this doesn’t matter because Rising ended 10 episodes in really abruptly, which sucked. Hopefully Rythian will return to Blackrock one day.

MAYBE, he will play a part in the next Flux Buddies? I mean, Rythian hates Duncan, and Lalnable wants Duncan dead, but Lalnable is evil, so would Rythian side with Duncan or Lalnable? Or would he be the third party and try to destroy both?


If Flux buddies ends

So we all know the news by now, so I’m just gonna say this. If, by any chance Flux Buddies 4 is cancelled (which dear God I hope it’s not), I (and hopefully others in the fandom) will create a fan series and create an ending for it. Because this series deserves an ending, and I refuse to let it end up like SoI or Blackrock and have it be an unfinished story. Whether they do it, or we do. Now we don’t know for certain yet, but just in case I’m starting up a bit of a plan, but I would love for others to help out in it, if Kim and Duncan decide not to do it. But until then, all we can do is wait and hope for the best.