duncan hannah art

Part 1 of a Yogscast lineup I decided to do in order to de-stress from exam prep. I drew each person on a different day (I started this months ago) so there’s slight differences in art styles in each of them.



So heres one of the secret santas i did, and i decided to post it here as well. Honestly im hella proud of it 1. because its has the fucking most detailed background i’ve ever done 2. it turned out reasonable considering all the characters and lack of time 3. a few new techniques were experimented with. 

Heres multiple versions of the background especially since i wanted to show it off a bit. :)

The Yogscast; professional gamers getting hopelessly lost since 2008

and finally it is complete! A poster design of some of greatest YouTubers known to mankind, finding themselves lost in a cave (like you do). I’m so happy with how this turned out, I may print it out and put it on my wall at some point.