duncan and wynchel

Hello Wreck-it Ralph fans! Welcome to night twenty-nine, the last night of this year’s Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month!!!

This year’s Pin Post Month concludes with the limited edition DSSH DSF/GSF Character Block Wreck-it Ralph Jumbo pin LE400.

This year I wanted to end Pin Post Month with something that included many of our favorite characters from the Wreck-it Ralph movie, and what do you know, I had the perfect pin for the task. Fun fact, this was actually the first Wreck-it Ralph pin to be released this year, back in January; and you can probably bet that by the end of the month I’d struck a deal with someone and got my hands on this pin. I still remember just how excited I was when I first heard of this pin, to see everyone of these characters all together in a single pin just amazing to find. 

Now that this year’s Pin Post Month is coming to an end, I wanted to share this pin that shows all of our favorite main characters from the movie, together. 

With that, I will see you all next November for the third annual Wreck-it Ralph Pin Post Month! Have a wonderful night everybody!

I don’t agree with the popular headcanon in the WIR fandom that King Candy often threw fancy parties in the castle (parties that Vanellope was never invited to, of course). 

I don’t think he let anyone in the castle if he could help it. Only the guards, Sour Bill, Duncan and Wynchel, and prisoners. He wouldn’t risk having large, uncontrollable crowds in the castle, for events during which he couldn’t keep track of every person’s whereabouts. Someone could easily wander off and find the code room or some other clue that he wasn’t supposed to be in there. Even Ralph noticed right away that there was something off about the living arrangements when he made that salmon comment. 

It’s more likely that he saved the castle as his retreating place and closed it off from the public. There he could let his guard down a bit (just a little bit) and enjoy his stolen luxuries without having to put on an act for the people. No parties, no balls, no gatherings in the throne room. Just him and minimal staff.