dunbun  asked:

♒ dont sugarcoat it for me baby i wana Kno

the salty af munday meme

♒ Thoughts on the fandom you’re currently rping in?

I answered this but if you are not satiated and for some God forsaken reason would like to listen to me rant about this for 37 minutes then feel free to click this link.

Ii’m not even sure what that numbnut was even laughing about, what is so funny in my blog description?

I think it’s very cute that they can find humour in places where there is none, they must spend their life skipping and chuckling along on their own terms.

People look on and constantly question what they’re laughing about, but they don’t matter. they’re not important because Tumblr user Dunbun is in their own world of happiness.

I’m glad for them.