things you didn’t know about the Bye Bye Man that make it sound even more like a fake movie than it already does:

  • the bye bye man has an animal sidekick. it looks like it’s a dog made of raw ground beef. 
  • a real and actual power that the bye bye man has is the ability to cause erectile dysfunction
  • when the bye bye man shows up, you hear the toot toot of a train. no reason is given for this. toot toot.
  • there are college students who own a house phone
  • faye dunaway is there
  • there is a character named Mr. Daisy. he uses the phrase “handsome boys.”
  • the bye bye man is shown in the library. he’s not cast in shadow or anything. he’s just there. he has some books. i can’t remember if we hear a toot toot when it cuts to him, but i like to think we did.
  • the bye bye man has long long touchin fingers
  • can you imagine hooking up with someone and the bye bye man broke your genitals. you would have to say “i am sorry i cannot get aroused the booboo man did a witchcraft on my peepee”
  • toot toot
Breakdown of the Oscar Envelope Mistake 2017

Warren Beatty was handed the wrong envelope.

When he opened it and it read Emma Stone - La La Land, he was noticeably confused (although it came across as having a goof with the audience).

Instead of saying he was given the wrong card this is for Best Actress again, he showed the card to Faye Dunaway. Most likely to confirm what he was reading.

Faye skimmed the card, eyes finding the movie title listed, and spoke that into the microphone.

And thus the news that has finally gotten Steve Harvey out of the clear is here and we will hear nothing but this for weeks, and then again during award season next year.


Top 10 Best Female Villains in Cinema

  • 1) Catherine Tramell (Basic Instinct)
  • 2) Alex Forrest (Fatal Attraction)
  • 3) Annie Wilkes (Misery)
  • 4) Eve Harrington (All About Eve)
  • 5) Phyllis Dietrichson (Double Indemnity)
  • 6) Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  • 7) Catwoman (Batman Returns)
  • 8) Baby Jane Hudson (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?)
  • 9) Joan Crawford (Mommie Dearest)
  • 10) Mrs. Danvers (Rebecca)

Dunaway Home by Jimmy Emerson, DVM
Via Flickr:
Orrville, Alabama Constructed in 1895, the Victorian home was designed by George F Barber for John & Pink Dunaway. It is listed on the AL Register of Historic Places.