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Drabble 14 - Liam Dunbar
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You paced nervously up and down in Scott’s living room debating whether or not to actually go through with telling them that you’re in fact a witch. “(Y/N) stop pacing your making me feel sick” Stiles complained and you smiled “Sorry, I’m just nervous” you mumbled “I know, I can smell it” Malia said. You glared playfully as Liam entered the room.

“Right, we’re all here (Y/N). What is it you want to tell us?” Scott asked concerned. “Well, I- uhm don’t exactly know how to tell you this…so I think it’s better if I show you” you said and looked around the room. “Liam could you go get me some water please?” you asked politely. Liam nodded and rushed into the kitchen retutrning with a glass of water.

“Ok" you breathed and threw the water in the air. Everyone flinched expecting it to land on them but you was controlling it. They all looked at you open mouthed.
You made a ball of water in my hands and smiled awkwardly ”I may or may not be a Witch“ you confessed and dropped the ball of water back into the glass.

"That is awesome” Liam grinned and high-fived me. “Thanks Liam" you giggled, blushing slightly. ‘My crush just said I’m awesome' you thought happily. "How comes you never told us sooner?” Kira asked me “Well…I didn’t know until a few months ago and I wasn’t sure how you’d all react so I kinda chickened out each time I was going to tell you all" you admitted and looked shyly at the floor. "Well I think she’s gonna be a perfect addition to the pack” Liam winked.

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