If you live in New York City then you may already know about this gem in Brooklyn: Dun-well Donuts

An entirely Vegan dessert shop serving Donuts, Coffee, Ice cream, Milkshakes, Brooklyn Egg Cremes and even Donut Sundaes!

I have tried the Original Glaze, Pecan, Cinnamon Sugar, Toasted Coconut, and Lemon Poppy Seed. Every single flavor was to die for, but my favorite was the melt-in-your-mouth Lemon Poppy Seed.

Definitely check it out if you get the chance. It is VERY worth it.

Vegan adventures in NYC

        So very excited for all the vegan places that I went in the city. Although the only places I visited this time were for dessert it was still very exciting. Reviews of the places I went:

Vegan Places:

Dun Well Donuts: 222 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn

Delicious donuts! These donuts were absolutely amazing, they had me wishing I had always ate vegan donuts. I got a coconut covered donut and it had the best texture and flavor of any donut that I’ve ever had (no really). They had about 12 different kinds of donuts, they all looked amazingly fresh and delicious. I wish that I lived closer and could try them all! The coffee on the other hand needed some serious work, I’m a bit of a coffee snob though. The flavor was good if you like light light coffees, I however prefer a bit a bold blend.

Babycakes Bakery: 248 Broome St. Lower East Side.

This tiny space has lots of delicious vegan goodies! I had no idea what I wanted, and there was such a huge selection that it took me a while to decide. I finally landed on a biscuit with jam and frosting. That was incredible! I probably ate it in less then 4 minutes. It just tasted so good! The other thing I got was a frozen thin mint, I ate that a day later and just wasn’t as impressed. Considering I spent 2.50 on a cookie, I should be impressed. I’ll be back though, because I’m sure there are other delicious treats that I should have gotten. It’s also very close to Mooshoes, and Kaight two vegan stores that have been recommended to me to check out, so I need to do that as well. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes: Upper East Side

Not a vegan cupcake place. But, you can ask for a vegan red velvet cake cupcake. Omg, this is hands down the best cupcake I’ve had in my entire life. It’s better than any non-vegan or vegan cupcake. They NAILED the flavors. It had the best texture, so perfectly moist, and the frosting was incredible.  I’d be alright with life if this is the only cupcake that I’ll ever be able to eat. I wish that sprinkles did more vegan cupcakes because they really pulled this one off! 

        I didn’t go to any vegan restaurants for my meals, we did easily vegan meals though. We did mexican one night and sushi the other. Both of those options are usually a safe bet with lots of vegan options. Everywhere I went in the city people seemed very accommodating as far as me preferring not to have any meat or dairy in any of my food. Thats probably the best part about cities is that theres so many different people there really isn’t an issue when it comes to making special requests, everybody is already use to it. I’ll be posted more vegan restaurant's in the city later since my friend just moved down there we have decided to do a person vegan tour of the city! Yum!