dun nun dun nun nun dun nun dun nun nun


1. @boy-with-the-gluten-free-bread
2. My friend’s house is amazing!
3. The bed I’m staying in is the most comfy thing on earth
4. I made a kickass travel playlist
5. My flight left at 6:20am meaning that when we broke through the clouds over Minneapolis I got to see the sunrise and I was listening to Pärt Uulberg’s “Muusika” and I cried a little
6. And then the orchestral “Lisztomania” came on because my playlist was amazing
7. Deeeelicious BBQ & greens
8. So many good conversations I’ve been missing for so long!
9. I’m still excited about my play so I even worked on it at the Charlotte airport! (I’m notorious for being like “if the time and place aren’t perfect I can’t work” because I never want to write)